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Yeh Vaada Raha 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Old shed
An overwhelmed survi hugs kartik and when he gets weak, she makes him sit down. the aunt is delighted to see this. survi tells everything that happened. kartik says that the biggest mistake of his life was to forgive tai, as he never thought that she could stoop down lower. he says that they should go home and expose tai in front of everyone, and this time, he wouldnt spare her at all. she denies that they wont do anything like that. he gets frustrated and asks if they would just stand mute, while posing their entire family at the danger of tai. Meanwhile, kishore comes to find out about survi, and instead finds kartik and emotionally hugs him. kartik asks about home, and kishore tells about the mixing of the papers, and that everything is in the name of

tai. they are distraught. kartik says that he has had enough and he wont spare tai, and before anything else, they have to inform the police, and then get tai and krishna arrested. but survi asks him to think with a cool mind, that as long as they dont know he is alive, they wont pose any danger to the family. he asks boggled. she tells him everything, and he is enraged and fumes about khushi being alone with him. she explains that she is with her, and he neednt bother, and asks him to go to their bandra flat, with kishore, and stay low for sometime.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Khushi along with bindu, watches the promo of latest serial, Mehak, and discuss about it. Later, she finds krishna totally lost in playing video games, and asks him if there is anything that he has done wrong, or else the police wouldnt have come baselessly. krishna eyes her tensedly and then gets back to playing the game, and gets frustrated when he loses, and reprimands her to go and study. she says that she already did, and asks if there is a lookalike. he snaps at her, for being so talkative. tai comes and finds him reprimanding her like this, and asks him to stop. but he goes on a rant. tai calls her saying that her father seems tensed. Khushi says that she doesnt wish to play or talk to her, as she tried to kill her and her father too. krishna gets enraged and asks her to apologise, and slaps her tight. this shocks everyone. hema comes rushing to console her. Hema reprimands him, and he snaps back at her too. tai thinks that he has gone mad and shall ruin them. he asks her to apologise. she complies. tai asks her not to, and tries to distract her, but he says that he wont bear anything at all, and that her mother has pampered them all, and from now on, what he wants shall happen.

In their room, tai reprimands him for being so callous, as what he is doing is very different from what kartik did. she asks him to emulate kartik, while he gets angry and draws a pocket knife at her. tai fumes, and shoves the knife away. he says that he needs to settle vikram first. she asks whats the matter. he says that vikram is one of the issues of the past. she asks him to be cautious, and behave like Kartik. krishna gets frustrated, and snaps back. pyare and kalindi eye tensedly.

When survi and kishore arrive back home. hema narrates everything. survi asks her not to be worried, as kartik has been through a lot. she asks about khushi, and when she asks her, as khushi is in tears, she apologises on behalf of her father. but khushi sides with kartik, and says that she shouldnt have talked like that with tai. survi complies and asks her to rest, as she needs to be fresh for the Visarjan tomorrow. as she complies, survi is apalled.

Lata enters her room, and then opens a box, getting all emotional. she then dials a number, and asks the driver to come, as they need to leave immediately. later, survi comes and reprimands krishna, as he eats, for hitting khushi so hard. he is callous, but she badgers on. he gets angry at her too. they both start a verbal duel, and the entire family gathers. when he continues his anger,. she asks what would he do now, hit her. she says that this is what is left, and dares him to never do it again. she asks him to go and apologise right now. he is about to take the knife out, when tai hits him hard on the face. tai asks him not to give it all away and points out that he is wrong. he hastily leaves from there.

Later, survi talks to kartik in the night, on the phone, who is enraged hearing that krishna slapped her, but survi assures him that its only a day and asks him to remember what he has to do tomorrow. after bidding goodnight, survi looks up. Lata faces her and survi is tensed. she says that she wants to go to some place immediately, and survi gets tensed hearing the time, and how its Visarjan tomorrow. she asks survi not to ask any questions and leaves. Then she goes to lata’s room but doesnt find her there and wonders what was the emergency. there, she spots the same box, lata was eyeing earlier. she looks into it and is boggled. she decides to find out. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vikram and the real kartik both make their way inside the house, disguised in red colour, as a part of the team for visarjan. Meanwhile, lata talks to someone, while survi and kalindi overhear from different ends, as she speaks emotionally, about how both of her twins are alive. survi is shocked to know and deduces that krishna and kartik are twin brothers.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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