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Yeh Vaada Raha 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Hema gets up with lata to prepare for the puja. the lawyer comes and survi and kishore welcome him in. tai and pyare get tensed. In the room, krishna dresses up as


kartik, and then is disgusted at the way kartik used to dress up. survi hollers from down to come, and he readily complie. kishore whispers, that he wouldnt comply so

easily, and would definitely do something. tai waits for his response, as he makes his entry on the stairs. krishna goes one step after the other, while tai and pyare

wait for him to fall on every step. but to their amazement, he reaches almost the bottom of the stairs, and heads straight to the temple. he folds his hands in

gratitude, while lata blesses him, and then does the tilak,

and tells him that its a good decision on his part to name everything to survi. he complies and gets down.

kalindi is boggled too. krishna meets the lawyer, who gives him the papers to surf through. tai wonders why didnt he fall, as he would have to sign now, and wonders

whats going on. as krishna inspects one paper after the other, survi waits for his response tensedly. then he says that he doesnt whether he should get the credit or

not, but he doesnt remember when should he decide that he give everything to survi, and then explains how the aftershock of the incident changed him completely. he

says that even if he doesnt remember clearly, he has no qualms about survi taking over everything. he says that before the accident, he wanted to be with survi, and

might have said this, which he doesnt remember. he talks indirectly, about all of survi’s doubtsm and continuously clarifies them one by one. about the woman in the

video, he says that he mustnt have been in the right frame of mind, and got the wrong sketch made, and maybe the police too would call to confirm the same. pyare

wonders whats he upto, and whats he doing, as he is ruining their plan. he calls khushi then, to show the signatures. he gets to signing the papers, while kalindi, tai

and pyare are aghast. survi is boggled and tensed, as he signs off all the papers. khushi likes it. then he turns to survi, and asks the lawyer to get the registry

done. tai and kalindi fume. krishna also tells survi that its a good thing he did this. he expresses the desire to go to the office, and leaves, saying that he would

be back in the evening. he blows kisses to khushi and kalindi who is teaching her.

In their room, survi is tensed. Kishore tells survi that their doubts were baselss, and that kartik wasnt wrong, and if he hadnt been his kartik, he wouldnt have

handed it to her so easily, and maybe she is overthinking. but she is adamant that this person isnt kartik, as the heart says, and she can prove it too, as an

assurance, and decides to implement their next plan, and explains it all to him. he resignedly leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
the lawyer gets stuck with traffic on the road, as a person with a hand held rickshaw, gets into the road. The lawyer drives on the road, with the papers, when he

spots a traffic jam, and a mother, with an infant child. alt hough of the allergies, As the lawyer steps out, krishna gets in the car and misplaces the actual papers

with the fake ones, and then disappears.tai, at home, is thoroughly shocked as to how he would ruin their plans now, having signed the papers. meanwhile, tai gets a

call, telling her about meeting someone who fell down the cliff. she is shocked. tai puts it on speaker. the man tells him and then asks who is she. tai wonders how he

got saved, and says that its her son, and asks for the address.

Meanwhile, as krishna goes on his way, he collides into someone, seeing whom he is shocked, as they both bend down to pick up the property papers. the person

identifies him, as krishna makes a mad dash. he runs after him. wile running, krishna escapes into a warehouse, while the man loses sight of him. the man says that he

is in the same city, but wont be able to save himself now. he leaves.

Meanwhile, in the shed, as the lady prays to the lord, that either he should regain consciousness, or be dead, as she cant see him in anymore pain like this.

Later, tai and pyare hurriedly arrive there, and find someone else lying there. tai asks who is this. the man says that its her son, about whom he called her. tai is

frustrated that it was a waste of time, and leave. then, kishore and survi come out, and then pay the fellow. they come out, to find tai and pyare talking, about what

a waste of time this is. As kishore and survi hear from hiding, they hear tai talking about how its impossible, for kartik to be alive, from the gerat height, they

threw him down from. pyare asks her not to be tensed, as they have misplaced his lookalike, in place of kartik, and till the time, kartik doesnt come on his feet back,

to tell anyone the truth, noone shall know. they both happily leave. survi and kishore are aghast. Kishore comments that survi’s doubts were right. survi says that she

knows and knew that nothing shall happen to kartik. she says that they have to find him anyhow, and save tai from doing anything further. she complies and also decides

that they cant let tai know at all about it.

Scene 3:
Locration: Kartik’s residence
Krishna arrives back home. he walks in dishevelled and distraught, through the window, and kalindi asks whats he upto. he talks about being spotted by CBI officer,

Vikram Khurana, and is petrified thinking avbout what he gets trapped once. she is shocked, and assures that nothing shall happen, as this is Mumbai, jostling with

people. she asks him not to tell anyone, that the CBI is after him, as she says that would keep him in jail for all eternity. tai comes in just then, aking what they

are whispering about. then pyare steps in too, and krishna shows them all the property papers that he flinched. he says that he wants half the property, and if they

act smart, then he can go against them, that he was threatened by them to do so, and then they can rot in jail. she comments on herself that she is greedy and wants

survi’s life in hell now. she starts by burning off the papers, as all smirks. the screen freezes on tai’s face.

Precap: survi burns her hand, as she alights a diya in her hand at the temple. the same lady, treating kartik, makes her realise that her hand is burnt. she takes her

back, to attend to her hand. survi is totally purple as she comes back with her, and then is asked to move on afresh. survi says that there isnt any sympathy for

anyone, except for kartik in her life. The cbi officer arrives at the house, The officer gives a clue to check out, that krishna has six fingers, unlike kartik, who

has only five. he is tensed now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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