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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik washing his face. Naira asks him what did he tell Chandu that he is bearing boss’ daughter, he is fed up of her. He thinks thank God she did not hear what Chandu said. He says you are sweet, darling and the best. They argue. He says you also think bad of me and call me frog. She says frog, you are best friend, you are my BFF too, along Mishti’s, always keep friendship and don’t cheat. Kartik promises her and thinks I m too slow to become BFF till now, when will I become BF.


Rama asks Gayu about Vivaan. Gayu thinks to talk to Kartik and goes. Rama says Vivaan messaged me that Gayu expressed feelings a bit, its fine. Naira and Kartik are on the way. He sees her smiling and wishes she is always smiling. She has Chandu’s phone and he takes

it saying I will keep it. He asks her to wait, he will get flowers. She says no need to have formalities. He says not for you, for Mishti. She says you sit here and park bike, I will get flowers. He asks her to get flowers as pretty as his BFF. She smiles and goes. He thinks to delete video before giving phone. He sees video and says why is video not getting deleted. He gets shocked seeing his love confession to Naira. He says thank God we were drunk else she would have known my feelings. Naira comes and shouts Kartik.

She asks how dare you….. what were you doing. Kartik says I was just….. She says you were seeing our madness videos alone, show me what did I do. He says yes, we will go home and see, its late. They leave. Rajshri and Varsha tell Dadi that they will make special things to welcome Sunaina. Kuhu says I will also do something special. Nannu hears them and says mom and Dadi are coming here, what will happen, how will I take drugs. Someone holds him.

Rama confirms to Vivaan from Gayu’s side. She says Akshara is right, but I m also not wrong, Gayu may lose good proposal, I have to take alliance ahead before Akshara comes. Naira says what is Rama planning, there is something wrong. Kartik gives flowers to Mishti and apologizes to her in sweet way. She forgives him. He says I will always be your BFF, thanks. She says I m sorry for not understanding you, I thought you and Naira are together. He stops her and says I understood, no need to explain again. Naira comes and says I need to talk something imp. He asks did Chandu do anything. She says no, something else. He does shayari. She says don’t joke, Rama is….. Gayu thinks what is Vivaan thinking, I have to clear his doubt and calls him.

Naira and Kartik looks on. Naira says Gayu does not love Vivaan, we have to help her. Kartik agrees. Rama tells Gayu that Vivaan is not well and tells Gayu. Kartik says there will be ILU there. She asks what. He says you don’t know ILU, I love you. She asks him to say full form, why is he saying short form. He says I said it, I love you…. Music plays…… She says understood, come with me, we will follow them. He asks are you hindi film vamp to follow them. She says stop tar tar frog, come. He agrees and takes her. She says mumma’s phone is not connecting.

Varsha talks to Nannu and asks him to clean his room, he has to share room with Kartik. He asks why, I won’t share room with anyone, ask Kartik to vacate his room. Varsha says no rooms are free, your Dadi is coming. He says I won’t share room with anyone, and goes. She says don’t know what does he think.

Gayu goes to see Vivaan and gets surprised seeing the decorations, flowers, Sameer and Rashmi’s pic and candles. Vivaan comes and she looks at him.

Rama says Vivaan is ready, once Gayu gives her nod, I will see her marriage. She leaves. Kartik and Naira reach there. Kartik says there is no one here. Naira says Rama got Gayu here without saying anyone, its something fishy. Rama tells Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Bau ji about Gayu and Vivaan’s relation. Bhabhimaa asks did you ask Gayu. Rama says whats there to ask, you all know Vivaan, whats wrong in him. Bau ji says he is a nice guy, but we should ask Gayu. Rama says Gayu also thinks same.

Devyaani says no, we should wait for Akshara and Naitik, Rama says I broke relation with my son to keep relation with Gayu. Karishma says I have seen you forcing Gayu, I don’t think Gayu loves Vivaan, she can say yes in your pressure and regret. Rama says I m sure Gayu will be happy, I m her Dadi, I have right to think of her life. She goes. They all decide to ask Gayu about her choice and decision once.

Vivaan gives a rose to Gayu. She says I want to tell you something. He says no, I want to tell you something today, its imp, I worked hard in doing these arrangements, let me say. The curtain burns by the candle and fire spreads. Vivaan sits on his knees and says all I want to say is…. They hear the blast sound and get shocked seeing fire. Kartik and Naira hear Gayu’s scream.

Naira, Vivaan and Gayu ask Kartik to come. Kartik rushes back and gets the gas cylinders.

Update Credit to: Amena

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