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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naitik who is there. She sees a man in black coat and hood, with a knife. She gets asthma attack and says Naitik…. Driver comes and asks what happened, come and sit in car. Two girls help her and make her sit in the car. Akshara calls our Naitik. Driver takes her. Naman comes there…..


Kartik makes coffee and wishes the coffee date is good. Naira talks to Bhabhimaa and says I m coming. He asks are you going. Naira says yes, I will not waste your efforts and takes the cup. He says if I knew she will go so soon, I would have made hot coffee that did not cool till morning. She sees the cup. He says its Kuhu’s cup. She says Mishti also has one like this. He asks her to be careful, coffee is hot. She sees the paper and thinks if he sees

this paper, he will doubt. She makes coffee fall over her hand. He cares for her and puts water on her hand.

He blows and asks are you feeling better. She signs. He asks her to say, why were you in hurry, you would have told me, you burnt your hand. She says better, get me a wet towel. He goes. She takes the paper. He says sorry, I shouted on you. She says its okay, I was in hurry, I will leave now, I got late. He asks her to apply ointment. She goes. He says its my mistake to get hot coffee for long wait, if more coffee fell, what would have happened.

Dadi calls Naitik. Vishwamber stops her. She says I have to talk to Naitik. He says no need, I mean, not now, have food and medicines, mobile phone is not good, it affects health. She says I want to talk to Naitik, I will never call Naitik and Akshara as Ram and Sita, their vanvaas and separation, its happening with Akshara and Naitik, I can’t see Akshara sad.

Naksh and Gayu make Akshara sit. Everyone ask what happened to Akshara. Naira comes home and asks what happened. Naksh says don’t know, driver called and said mumma got unwell and got her home. Naira asks Mishti to get Akshara’s inhaler. Akshara sees the temple diya flickering and says that diya should not blow off, I have light that diya for Naitik. She prays for Naitik and holds the diya. They all ask her to leave diya, her hand will burn. Naira asks her to take inhaler. Gayu covers diya with the glass. Naksh says it won’t blow off now. Gayu asks why is she so worried. Bhabhimaa says Akshara is worried for Naitik.

Naman comes home in bad state. Everyone ask him what happened. Clerk tells about Naman feeling unwell and I came home to drop him. Naman thinks don’t know what happened there, gun man did not confirm anything. Akshara says I m worried for Naitik, and Naman got unwell here. Naira says you spoke to Papa, he is fine, and Naman has low BP, everything is fine, Ganpati is at our house, can anything wrong happen, don’t think so. Naira thinks if Papa really in trouble, mumma’s intuition is never wrong about him, shall I talk to Naksh. Naksh is worried and talks to someone. Naira comes there and asks what happened, all well. He says no, there are many problems, I can’t tell this to Papa and mumma. She thinks Naksh is already worried, I will handle this myself, Naman can help me. He says sorry, you tell me did you have any work. She says no, I just came, you tell me if you want help. He says nothing. She says I will do oil massage, its cure of many problems. He says no. She makes him sit and massages his head.

Akshara gets Naitik’s message. He writes sorry, network was bad, so I could not talk, take care. Naman talks to the man and says you will get money, don’t call me, no one should doubt. He takes medicines and says I have to pass some days here, then I will see, I need Naitik till my work is done.

A very sweet moment of Kartik and Naira is shown. She looks gorgeous as Cinderella. He walks to her. Yeh rishta kya…..plays…………….. He holds her hand and gets away. She gets sad. He opens arms for her. She smiles and runs to him. They hug. Her shoe drops. He looks on and signs her to wait. He gets her shoe and makes her wear it. He pulls her close. She cleans his hands and they smile seeing each other. He hugs her. He takes her and they see a little frog. She laughs seeing the frog. Kartik goes there and sits like the frog. He keeps a female frog there and signs her. They laugh and sit there jumping like frogs. They dance and have an eyelock. Naira’s dream breaks.

She says whats happening to me, Kartik is cheating me and everyone, I have to bring his truth out, no Kartik is not bad, he can’t do this…. She cries and says I don’t think he can do this, but I can’t come in his trap, he is playing with Papa’s business and also family’s emotions, I can’t believe him, I have to teach him a lesson now, yes….. I will teach him a lesson. The alarm clock rings. She switches it off.

Akshara, Naira and Gayu on Pinga song…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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