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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik thanking Lord to give such good chance to help Naitik. He praises Naitik. Naira says I will not leave Kartik, why shall I wait. Naman says we have to be careful, he has cheated Naitik, we have to wait so that he does not do anything to Naitik. She agrees. He says you are his friend, you are right person who can help me in saving Naitik.

Naksh asks Gopal to manage work and gets angry. Devyaani comes and asks him why is he upset, go to Krishna. He says I don’t want to. She says Akshara is more upset, but she is doing his duties, how did you lose to do your duties, some things are done for need, not to please heart, courage increases on own. Naksh calls Gopal and says sorry to be rude, I m coming in some time.

Kaki talks to someone and

says yes, it will be big help. Rajshri asks her where is she doing. Kaki says I m going to market. Rajshri says tell me what you want, I will get it, you won’t go anywhere, you feel I will come in your words, you can’t make Nannu fine like this. Kaki says I m not kid to listen to your scolding and sit at home, I will go. Rajshri shouts go to your room, don’t find ways to get Nannu out, it can’t happen till doctors say, we all want Nannu’s betterment, so you can’t take any decision for him alone, Akshara said sometimes we have to go against loved ones for their good, I m doing that.

Karishma cries. Akshara consoles her. Karishma asks why is Naman doing this, am I not good wife, I m scared, does he have an affair. Akshara says no, don’t get such bad thoughts. Karishma says whats Mishti’s mistake, why is she avoided. Akshara says don’t know whats happening, Naitik and Naman are worried for business, but business is not imp than family, I will talk to Naman to give you time, if he does not agree, he has to sit at home. Akshara goes. Karishma thinks Naman is mad to lose family for money, they cared for us a lot, how can Naman think to cheat them. Akshara asks what are you thinking… Devyaani and Bhabhimaa say they are backbiting about us. Akshara asks them to go and backbite about others. Bhabhimaa asks shall we backbite about bahus. Akshara says yes. Devyaani says no, we will join our bahus and have tea and samosas, that’s better. She gets tea and samosas. Akshara thinks to do something for Naman and Karishma.

Naira recalls Naman’s words and is angry. She sees Kartik. Kartik also sees her and thanks Lord. He greets Naira and asks her where is she going alone. She says you left me alone Jai for office work. He says yes, I had work at office. She asks how did he come here. He says I came for office work, now its over, we can have food. Naitik calls him. He answers call. Naitik asks him to re send the fax, it was not received well, there is problem of fax machine. Kartik says okay Sir and ends call. He tells Naira that he got work call and has to leave.

Gayu calls Naira and asks her to come. Naira says I met Rishikesh people and was talking, go home, I will go to Nani’s house. Gayu says we will come and I will take Kartik’s help. Naira asks why are you dependent on Kartik. Gayu asks did you fight with him again. Naira says no, you can take mumma’s help, he is stranger and we should not trust him. Gayu reminds what Kartik did for them, he is special for family, he is not just an employee, you are saying anything in anger.

Naman comes home and sees decorations in lawn. He asks whats this. Naksh says you did this. Akshara says for Karishma, even Mishti is upset, I m your Bhabhi and can stop your work totally, you have to spend time with family. Naman says I want to spend time with family. Akshara says stop lying, I know you, Naitik has gone to help people, but for you money is imp, relations are more imp. She gives him gifts and asks him not to lose relations, I will send Karishma and Mishti. She goes.

Naman says she gives so much lectures, I will hear it till work is done, I know what to do at what time. Karishma and Mishti get surprised seeing gifts and all. Naman asks them to come. Naksh tells Akshara to call Naira and Gayu, we will go out for dinner. Naira calls Akshara. Akshara says Naira is going to Maa’s house, she will stay there, its fine she will not miss Naitik.

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