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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rajshri and Vishwamber coming to Singhania house. Mishti asks for Kartik. Vishwamber says he is coming on his bike. Gayu smiles. Naksh asks whats this kachoris smell. Rajshri says we made this for Naitik, we won’t give this to anyone. Rajshri congratulates Karishma for Naman’s return and asks her not to let Naman go anywhere now. She asks where is Akshara. Akshara comes. Everyone smile. Kartik comes and greets everyone. Gayu signs him and asks how is she looking. Kartik shows thumbs up. Gayu dances and says I m practicing dance steps as Naira taught, Naitik is coming and we are very happy. Kartik gets message and says Gayu congrats, its confirmation for participating in swiss designer exhibition. Gayu gets glad. Everyone congratulate Gayu and Kartik. Kartik


says I have just done paper work, Gayu did all work and Akshara guided her. He thinks where is Naira.

Mishti says she will come, Naitik is coming so she is busy. Kartik says I know she will get ready once her Papa comes. Mishti jokes and goes. He checks his face features and says I really match with Naira, thanks Lord. Mishti gets chains to tie Naitik and Naman, as they always go away. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa see Mishti. Devyaani asks do you miss Naman so much. Mishti says I miss even Naitik, I like when everyone is together. Bhabhimaa says yes, when our family gets together, I will tell them not to do anywhere, else I will go away. Mishti hugs them. Akshara says flight would have landed by now, I told him I will send driver, and he said not to send anyone, as there is puja at home.

Rajshri and Vishwamber ask her not to worry and hide anything, no makeup can hide sorrow, its big festival of Ganpati, Naitik is coming and you are sad, tell us whats going on in your heart. Akshara says my heart is much scared, I feel like something is going to happen. Rajshri smiles and says you are like small girl to tell you story, you have to explain heart, the thoughts maybe intuition. Vishwamber says yes, when something is going to happen, Lord gives us many signs and our heart catches those signs which connects to our heart and mind. Rajshri says when husband and wife love each other a lot, they sense problems, but you can fight with all problems. Vishwamber says fear wins over us when we get scared. Rajshri says Naitik is coming, no one can come between you.

Naira prays and tells her wishes list. She says when my Papa and mumma meet, they should not get separated again. She tells all her wishes around her family. Kartik hears her and asks her to ask something for herself too. She sees him behind idol and ask him is he not ashamed to hear anyone. He says will I dream, that you will come here to pray and I will hide here, I m joining electric lines. She asks can’t you tell me. He says I told you, you were talking in high volume, I did not disturb you. He says her lines. She says I m glad that my Papa is coming, I won’t do anything. She says I don’t want anything between me and my Lord. He prays to Lord to fulfill Naira’s all wishes and you know my single wish.

Naitik’s flight lands. Everyone stand together. Naksh and everyone say Ganpati Bappa Morya. Akshara starts doing aarti. Jai dev……plays………….Kartik smiles seeing Naira. Naitik/Naman gets taxi and reaches home. Everyone turn to see if he has come, and wait for him. Akshara closes eyes and prays.

Someone/Naman steps inside the house…… and stands over the Rangoli. The aarti ends. Mishti says they have come. Everyone happily smile and see ……. Akshara does not turn, and asks Naman where is Naitik. Naman looks on. She asks him again. Naira hugs Naman and asks him about Papa. Naman says Naitik did not come, he had urgent work and left from airport. They all get shocked. Akshara cries. Mishti asks did Tau ji not come. They all get sad. Naira angrily spoils rangoli and throws things. She asks why did Papa not come………

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