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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Mihir asking Ishita what is she saying. Ishita says Aaliya may have a crush, she is young, she does not know all this, if you be rude to her, she may get hurt. He says I work with Aaliya, I just like her, I never thought of this, I still love Rinki, I don’t even think of Mihika this way, how can Aaliya think so, does Adi know this, that’s why he is behaving this way, its his first love and its painful for him to know Aaliya loves his Mamu, why did you let me go to Shagun’s house, you know Aaliya is there.


She says Shagun does not want to see us happy, she is using Aaliya to ruin our happiness. He says I can’t believe this, how can she use her children, she has hurt you a lot, I m always with you, she turned bad again, I will make sure she does not hurt Adi and Aaliya. She asks him to take care of himself. He says I m fine, I will solve this, I will make sure Shagun does not get storm in your life, you have to deal with serious problem at office, take care of Adi. She says I will. He says I will deal with Shagun and Aaliya, I m sorry. He leaves. Ishita prays that everything gets sort out, both are my children and I can’t see them sad.

Shagun goes to Aaliya and asks why are you sitting in darkness, what happened. Aaliya says I have worn Rinki’s saree to impress Mihir, he did not like it and scolded me. Shagun says don’t worry, I m with you, Mihir also needs you, he just has to realize this, you have patience, take Mihir out and spend some time with him. Aaliya asks will he agree to come. Shagun says try, I will also tell him if he does not agree. Aaliya thanks her. Shagun asks her not to cry and smile. Aaliya goes.

Mrs. Bhalla chooses a tie and cufflinks. She tells the man that she will send money to his shop. The man leaves. Ruhi likes her choice and asks for whom is this. Mrs. Bhalla says for your Dadu. Ruhi says why, its not his birthday and your anniversary. Mrs. Bhalla says its big thing, its our first meet anniversary, we have seen each other for the first time, and then you all came in our life. She says 45 years ago, I went to stay in my Bua’s house during holidays, I was drying my hair and my towel fell on his face, as he was passing by. He looked upwards and then kept seeing me, I was very beautiful that time, my hair were very long, he got mad seeing me, he used to come everyday and see me, I also liked him, he was handsome, then his Bebe got his proposal to my Bua’s place. Ruhi hugs her and says I did not know you guys are romantic, I will gift wrap this. Adi comes and Ruhi shows the cute gifts. She asks Adi did he not like this. Adi asks them not to trouble him. Vandu comes and tells Adi that she has made his fav Dahiwade. Adi refuses to have it and goes. Mrs. Bhalla says I think he had breakup with someone, leave it, I will have this. Ruhi thinks did Adi really have a breakup and worries.

Raman throws things. Ishita comes to him. He says I tried everything and nothing is happening. She says we should talk to someone who can help us, I told Mihir about Aaliya, he was much upset and said he will talk to her. Raman says I m also feeling bad for Mihir and Adi, where is Adi. She says Adi is at home, its better for him, I feel I m responsible for all this, it would be better If I did not come office. He asks her not to feel guilty, they both can solve this problem together, manage office, I will manage Adi. Mihir comes home. Shagun talks to him, and he avoids her. She says why is his mood upset, its good chance to send Aaliya to him.

Mihir gets his college clothes on his bed. Aaliya comes and asks is he feeling better, I kept these clothes for you, we are going in my friend’s birthday party, we want you to come. Mihir thinks of Ishita’s words and says I m tired, I won’t come. Aaliya says you will feel better, please come, I know you love your wife, she is not in this world, I can help you in coming out of this trauma. He scolds her and asks you want me to party, my company is facing crisis, doctor asked me to rest, my wife is my lifeline, her memories are alive for me, try to understand, there is much age difference between us, go and party, I can’t come, I beg you, leave me alone. She cries and leaves. Shagun heard them and says why is Mihir being so tough.

Adi cries in his room and recalls Aaliya’s words. His friend calls him and asks him to come in party, it will be great fun. Adi refuses and says I have work. His friend asks him to come, and get Aaliya along. Adi reacts angrily and scolds him. He ends call and cries.

Ishita and Raman reach home. She talks about work. He says we can’t stop work, we have to do something to end this strike. Ishita sees Neelu standing outside the house and asks the reason.

Neelu says Raman forgot to complete Pihu’s project, it has to be submitted tomorrow. Raman says I forgot. Neelu says Pihu did not allow Ruhi to help her, and said if her mumma was there, this would have not happened. Raman says Shagun again…. He asks Ishita to do office work, he will make project. They both get to do respective work. He gets a message to goes to meet Ishita. She shows coffee cups and asks did Pihu sleep. He says yes, she won’t wake up, come. She sees the project and asks how are you able to manage. He says Lord managed to make our pairing, everything will get managed. She says our Jodi is perfect. He says its more than perfect, see my state. She laughs. They have coffee. Yeh hai mohabbatein………plays………..

Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla cut cake and celebrate. Everyone smile. Raman gets a call and asks what, I told you this strike news should not reach media. Romi and everyone look on. He tells Mr. Bhalla about strike and how will the project get completed.

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