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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Raman giving speech to thank everyone for supporting him. He thanks the women for making him a good mum. Everyone clap. Ishita smiles. Aaliya calls Ishita and says he is bleeding, come fast. Ishita goes out to talk and asks what are you saying. Aaliya says Mihir, someone goons attacked on Mihir, please come here fast, his state is not good. Ishita gets shocked. Adi and Ruhi hug Pihu. Pihu shows her trophy. Mrs. Bhalla congratulates her. Raman thanks the lady for giving her place to Ishita. The lady says you and Ishita support each other, you worked hard to win this competition, I helped a bit. He says it was great help, thanks. The ladies praise him and take a selfie with him.


Ishita says Aaliya’s phone is not connecting, don’t know how is Mihir. Shagun sees mum-daughter getting pics clicked and says I will take pic with Pihu. Raman and Ishita are not here, I should go. Ruhi stops Shagun and taunts her. She asks Shagun to be genuine sometimes, you were going to get pic clicked, go.

Ishita calls Aaliya and asks where are you, is Mihir fine. Aaliya says come fast, I need your help. Ishita says you have to support Mihir, tell me location. Aaliya says we are 20kms away from Delhi. Ishita says I got location, there is hospital nearby, I will call and send ambulance, stop his bleeding by your dupatta or his coat. Aaliya asks Mihir not to close his eyes, I won’t let anything happen to you, you can’t leave me like this. Ishita calls hospital. Aaliya says I can’t wait for ambulance and gets a moving stall. She takes Mihir on it. Everyone plan to have Chinese and ask Raman to take them. Ishita tries to tell him, and says they are happy, I can’t spoil their plan, I will tell them later. Ruhi stops her. Ishita says Mihir is in problem, I m going to him, tell Raman and everyone that I m at clinic, manage here. She leaves.

Ishita shouts for doctor and tells nurse to attend wounded Mihir. Nurse asks her to leave Mihir’s hand. Aaliya says I will not leave him alone. Nurse asks how will we treat him, he had much blood loss. Aaliya says take him and do treatment well. She cries. Vandu tells Mihika that she refused to go out with Bhallas. Mihika says yes, we will make something simple at home. Vandu says Ishita is feeling low, we will cheer her up, what about your friend, you said her husband is behaving weird, is she okay now. Romi comes and Vandu teases him.

Romi says I came to give toothbrush. Vandu asks seriously, you both could romance. Mihika says romance and Romi, it would be good if we don’t talk about romance. Vandu asks why, what happened, you dated for 7 years and got recently married, Romi convince your beautiful wife. Mihika says ask him does he like me or not, I got old now. She goes. Vandu asks Romi did you guys had a fight. He says no, she got annoyed for a little thing. He leaves. Vandu says something happened between them.

Aaliya asks why surgery. Doctor says his stomach was stabbed and his blood vessels got ruptured, we have to do surgery, deposit the fees and inform his family, fill the form. Nurse asks Aaliya to fill form. Shagun comes home. Mani asks her to come for dinner, where is Aaliya. She says I will freshen up and come, Aaliya went for meeting client, she called and said she will be late.

Ishita reaches hospital and sees Aaliya. She hugs Aaliya and asks where is Mihir. Aaliya says Mihir’s surgery is happening, do something, a goon stabbed his stomach, you talk to doctor. Ishita says operation is happening, nothing will happen. Aaliya says I m scared, something will happen to Mihir. She cries a lot. Ishita consoles her and says Mihir will get fine.

Shagun calls Niddhi and says Ruhi has become my enemy. Niddhi says yes, she has forgot fear of the whip. Shagun asks what is it. Niddhi says its between me and Ruhi, I will meet Ruhi so that she does not interfere in your plans, I think its time to change Ruhi. Shagun says Ishita controlled Adi and Ruhi.

Adi tells Raman that he needs to talk to him. Raman asks what happened, is everything fine. Adi shows gift. Raman says so sweet, you got gift for me. Adi says have patience, and shows gift for Aaliya. Raman says you are my son, your choice can’t be wrong. Adi says I will propose her soon. Raman says why don’t you call her now, don’t take a chance in such things.

Aaliya argues with the nurse. Nurse says your blood group is different, you can’t donate blood, you are strong girl and got him here, nothing will happen to him, you are losing courage, your mum is arranging blood. Aaliya says I can’t calm down. Ishita comes and says blood is arranged, operation will take 4 hours, you come with me, have coffee. Aaliya says Mihir’s operation is going on, he is serious, you go and have coffee, how can you ask me, I love him, don’t you get it, leave me alone. Ishita gets shocked. Aaliya cries and says Mihir I love you, don’t leave me, come back.

Mani says why is Aaliya’s phone not connecting. Shagun asks him to relax, Mihir is with her, maybe they stopped for dinner. He says she should inform, its late. She says you should be happy, Aaliya is mature, so relax. She thinks Aaliya fell in love with Mihir, this will be beneficial for me. Adi says why is Aaliya not answering. Ruhi says she won’t answer, she is in problem, Ishita told me about some accident or something. Adi says tell Papa I m leaving. He leaves. Ishita asks Aaliya what are you saying, do you know what you are saying. Aaliya says yes, I love Mihir, I can’t leave him.

Ruhi tells Raman that Ishita left as Aaliya was in problem, she did not want Pihu’s mood to get spoiled, it was some emergency, I feel its some accident. Raman says tell Pihu that I went to attend office meeting and leaves. Adi consoles Aaliya and says nothing will happen to Mihir. Ishita sees them and worries.

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  1. Wht if their hotel plan is more important thn mihir’s life…. selfish ishita..but poor mihir always gave his unconditionl love for bhalla family… today wht ishitha doing s not ryt….

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