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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ishita insisting Shagun to get tooth pain treated and dragging her. She checks Shagun’s teeth and tells Pihu that mumma’s teeth are bad, she does not brush, now problem is big so she will need big injection. Shagun says I don’t have any pain. Ishita says it means you will get ache at night. Ishita shows the big injection. Raman looks on and smiles thinking today Ishita will have fun and teach Shagun a lesson. Pihu asks Shagun to take injection.


Ishita gives injection to Shagun. Shagun screams. She says I don’t have any pain. Ishita says now pain is gone, great. She asks Pihu to take care of Shagun, she won’t be able to talk. She goes out. Raman asks if anything happens to Shagun then.. Ishita says nothing will happen, its just anesthesia.


is already angry and Mihika comes to him. She asks him about Sanchi. He says you introduced her to me. She asks about his affair with Sanchi. He asks her to stop it. She asks why is society saying that you are her fiancé. He says yes, I said that to help her as her landlord was asking her to leave that house. She asks don’t you get pity seeing my face, you think I m stupid to believe this. He says I won’t give explanation, I can’t talk to cheap doubting wife like you. She says you have to say truth. He goes. She says I won’t let you do this.

Pihu asks Shagun to go and rest, I will go home from here. Shagun sees Adi and Aaliya working in the lawn. adi picks her earring which falls there. She goes to them. Adi asks where is Pihu. Shagun says we had icecream and I dropped her. Aaliya asks why are you covering your mouth. Shagun says nothing. Adi talks to Aaliya about the work. Aaliya says I have done that. Shagun asks Adi do you want Aaliya to stay here. Adi says no, I will manage. Shagun asks Aaliya about her earring. Aaliya says oh I lost it, it was my fav earring. She goes. Shagun sees Adi smiling and seeing Aaliya’s earring. Shagun worries and thinks Adi loves Aaliya, but she is attracted to Mihir.

Shagun talks to Niddhi about Adi’s feelings for Aaliya and Aaliya liking Mihir. Niddhi says Ashok told me they are working together on project and going out, we have to stop Adi to confirm his feelings, Aaliya will tell everything to Ishita, Adi will also tell this to Ishita, Ishita will have Agni pariksha, whom will she support, Adi or Aaliya. Shagun says you are amazing, I did not think this. Niddhi asks how will we stop Adi from going on trip. Shagun says its Raman and Pihu’s cooking competition, I will ask Pihu to insist Adi and make him stay back, you make sure Mihika leaves today with Aaliya alone.

Ishita guides Raman for cooking. Raman cooks his own way and says this is Punjabi Chole. He asks her to go and cooks alone. yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…….. She goes away and looks at him. She says what is he doing, everything will get burnt. Mrs. Bhalla says he is spoiling the dish. Raman smells the dish and coughs. They laugh seeing him.

Raman says if its smelling so bad, how will be the taste. He hides the kadai. Mrs. Bhalla says how will he win in competition, Pihu will get sad, go and help him.

Mihir calls Adi and asks where are you. Adi says Pihu called me at her school, she said Raman is feeling nervous, so we all came here. Mihir says new client was coming, so I thought you will get experience. Adi says I will come. Mihir says you be there with Raman, I will manage. Aaliya tells Mihir that she will come along. Mihir asks her to come, it will be new exposure for her.

Raman gets nervous as the competition starts. Bhalla family attends the event to support Raman. The lady declares the rules and asks anyone to quit now itself if they want to. Pihu smiles seeing Shagun. Raman sees Shagun and signs Ishita to see. Raman starts cooking. Aaliya calls Shagun and tells her that she is going out of Delhi with Mihir for work meeting. Shagun asks about Adi. Aaliya says he is not coming along, if I get late, don’t worry. Shagun ends call and says perfect.

Raman’s hand gets burnt and he screams. Everyone get worries seeing him. Adi and Pihu rush to Raman. Ishita thinks how to go to Raman infront of Pihu. Pihu asks Ishita to help Raman, as she is a doctor. She takes Ishita with her. yeh hai mohabbatein…….plays…….

Ishita checks Raman’s burn wound and asks the lady to get first aid box. The lady says someone got hurt so competition stopped. Pihu says this happened because of me. Adi says no, and pacifies her. Ishita tells Raman that he is careless. Raman smiles. She asks him not to become superhero, why are you smiling. He says Pihu chose you to help me and got you to me, it means we succeeded in our aim. Ishita says even I felt glad when she held my hand and took me to you, I felt like she accepted me. Raman says I can see that on your face, no need to say. They smile.


Goons stab Mihir. Aaliya hits the goon with a stone. Shagun says Pihu will realize I should have participated with her.

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