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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Adi telling Ishita and Ruhi that he does not remember anything. Ishita says we all want to help me, just you can help yourself, just recall. Adi says I don’t remember anything, even about that bottle, I was much angry and drunk, I did this. Ishita asks are you mad, I know you can’t hurt anyone. Raman looks on and cries. Ishita asks Adi to believe her, he did not do this. Raman leaves. She says I trust you, you did not do this. Adi says I don’t know. Ruhi says we all are with you. Ishita hugs Adi. Adi cries.


Ishita goes to Raman, and says its good Abhishek is handling this case, he will investigate case. He says you are saying this, you fight for justice. She says yes, Adi is right, I know him. He reminds her of Adi’s anger management issues, he can do this. She says no, its not hit and run Adi now, he has changed and got so mature. He says I m same father, if Adi is culprit, I will give him to police like I did in his childhood, I will not spare him. She says that won’t be needed. He says I hope so.

Adi hears them and goes. He says how should I say sorry to them, main problem is don’t remember did I do this with Aaliya or not. He sees Pihu and says where is Pihu going, maybe to Papa’s room to hear bedtime stories, but Ishi Maa is there in Papa’s room, I have to stop her. He stops Pihu and says even I m not getting sleep, I will get icecream for you. He says icecream is not there, we will have mango juice. He gives her a glass of mango juice.

Ishita comes there and looks on. Pihu recalls the people telling about Adi. She gets scared. He asks her to drink. She takes the glass and worries. She throws the glass away and cries. Adi and Ishita get shocked. Pihu asks him about throwing acid on his friend. She runs. Adi shockingly goes to his room and cries. Raman comes and asks what happened.

Ishita asks him to see Pihu and rushes to Adi. Adi shuts the door. Pihu asks Raman about Adi throwing acid on his friend Aaliya. Ruhi says its all wrong, I will tell you princess story and make you sleep. Raman worries and goes out to Ishita. Ishita shows Shagun and her lawyer. Shagun says I have come to get Puhu’s custody, Adi got in news and its affecting Pihu. Raman says Adi is your son too, how can you do this. She says how convenient, now Adi has become my son, I have come to take Pihu. He asks her to get lost. Pihu comes and asks him not to talk to Shagun like this.

She hugs Shagun and says I called her, I feel scared staying here, my friends don’t talk to me and Dadu and I got insulted because of Adi, you lied to me about this aunty, why did she come back, I don’t want to stay here. Ishita says I came here for Adi. Pihu says don’t talk to me, I want to stay with mumma. Raman tries to explain. Shagun says stop it, Pihu said she wants to stay with me, this time I will win custody, my husband Mani will support me. Raman says Pihu won’t go anywhere. Shagun stops him. Raman sends Pihu to room with Mihika and Ruhi. Pihu calls Shagun and cries. Raman asks Shagun to get out. Shagun asks lawyer to say something. Lawyer says I can’t do anything, decision will be made in court. Raman asks lawyer to explain her client not to create issue at a noble man’s house, and about Shagun…

He drags Shagun out and says you won’t get Pihu. Shagun says this time it won’t be easy, I will take Pihu from this house. He shuts door on her face. Raman cries and sees Ishita. Pihu throws things and says I don’t want to stay here. Ruhi says we all love you and don’t want to lose you. Pihu says I don’t want to stay with Adi, I m scared of him. Ruhi says he did not do anything, enough Pihu, stop this drama, if you listen to me, I will take you to meet Shagun, now you will sleep without drama, don’t throw things, go. Pihu goes to sleep.

Raman talks to lawyer and says I have all papers ready, I have to win this custody case. Ishita tells Raman that Shagun said this time it won’t be easy, if Pihu wants to stay with Shagun and tells judge, what will we do, Ruhi’s case was different, she wanted to stay with us, Pihu is also hurt, will she get snatched from us. He reminds Shagun just gave birth to Pihu, but she has their blood, don’t worry. She goes.

Ruhi asks Pihu to finish milk. Pihu says no, leave me, I have to go. Raman says enough, go to your room silently. Pihu says I have to go to my mumma. Ishita asks Raman not to scold Pihu. Pihu says you go from here, don’t interfere. She tells Raman that she hates Adi, Raman and Ruhi too. She says I m leaving from here. Raman raises hand on her and stops. Everyone worry.

Shagun comes with judge and asks Raman to stop it. Pihu hugs Shagun and says I don’t want to stay here. Shagun says its good you came here and have seen how they treat my Pihu, how he aggressive he has become, Adi learnt all this because of Raman, just in case if Adi is culprit, how will it affect Pihu, I m scared for her, its not good for her to stay here, I want to get her custody. Raman asks judge not to listen to Shagun. Judge falls in Shagun’s words and says you are a good lady, I m glad to come and see this, I will send Pihu where she is happy and safe. Judge says Raman can’t raise hand if he is father, next time he will get punished and Pihu will be kept in court custody. They all get worried.

Shagun tells Mani that Ishita has come to influence Aaliya about giving statement in favor of Adi. Ishita defends and says I did not talk to Aaliya about Adi. Mani argues with Ishita and says we are good friends, I understand you, but I can just think of Aaliya right now, nothing else.

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