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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ishita seeing Ruhi leaving with Shagun. She thinks where is Ruhi going and tries calling. She worries. Mani asks his worker to work in this factory and end project before deadline, I promise to give you bonus. Union leader comes and asks them to stop it. Mani says they are my workers, you can’t stop them. Union leader says we will not let them work in Bhallas factory. Mani says get out, my factory has no union. Union leader says maybe you are new to business, every worker has a union, I will decide when will they work and not, I know you are supporting Bhallas, I declare strike in your factory as well. He sends the workers. Mani says what nonsense, where are they going. Mani and Adi worry.


Shagun tells Ruhi that Niddhi stays here, meet her, I will end my

work and meet you. Niddhi gets surprised seeing Ruhi, and says Ruhaan, Ruhi how did you come here. Ruhi recalls how Niddhi used to beat her and gets tensed. Niddhi asks her to come, and not be afraid. Niddhi says Shagun told me you wanted to meet me, I m shocked you came to meet me alone, did you not get scared, I miss you, we have stayed for 7 years together, you went to your parents and will not miss me now, tell me what work do you have, do you want my help.

Ruhi says I came to request you. Niddhi says request….. interesting word from you, tell me. Ruhi says I wanted you to talk to Singhal, he placed some conditions and work is not starting in Romi’s factory, he will agree if you say. Niddhi asks why do you think I will agree. Ruhi says maybe … I thought… Niddhi holds her and asks did you get scared, I will do your work, I have a condition, if you agree, I will do your work, give and take, do you agree. Ruhi asks what condition.

Niddhi asks are you sure you want to hear that condition. Ruhi asks her to say. Niddhi asks her to wait and goes. She gets the whip and calls her Ruhaan. She says you forgot me, but not this, I wanted to teach you discipline, I got to know how much you misbehave and ruin other’s plans, anyways I know to make you disciplined, I know the way, you love Ishi Maa, that you forgot your real mother, who gave you birth, you will remember everything. She beats Ruhi. Ishita comes there and holds Ruhi. Niddhi gets shocked.

Ruhi cries and tells Ishita that Niddhi has beaten me a lot. Ishita asks till when will I save you, its too much now, I m very sorry, I can’t save you, you have to deal with this woman, why do women think someone will come and save them, we tie rakhi to brother and hope he will protect us, what women do who don’t have brother, women are not weak, they have strength, Niddhi has beaten you as you allowed her, did I teach you to bear torture, bearing it is bigger crime, you should have raised voice and not wait for your mum, if you think she did right, get beaten up, else show her she did wrong, sorry I m not helping you now, help yourself.

Ruhi looks at Niddhi. Niddhi asks are you mad, will you beat me. Ruhi holds the whip and recalls what all Niddhi did. Ruhi beats Niddhi. Niddhi falls. Ruhi throws the stick. Ishita says the whip marks will make Niddhi realize her mistake, I m proud of you Ruhi, come. They leave.

Shagun comes there to pick Ruhi. Shagun says Ishita you here… Ishita says you felt I won’t come to protect Ruhi. Shagun says what, Ruhi wanted to come here, I will take her anywhere I want. Ishita says stop it, else I will do same what I did with your friend, Ruhi is my daughter, if you do anything, I will not talk next time, but kill you.

Shagun meets Niddhi and asks what happened. Niddhi lies that she slipped in bathroom. Shagun says Ishita was saying nonsense, tell me what happened. She gets Mani’s call and asks how did this happen. Shagun tells Niddhi that Mani is dumb, he was helping Ishita and now union initiated strike in our factory too. Niddhi says you wanted an opportunity to take revenge from Ishita, this is right time, I will explain.

Raman says how did Niddhi beat Ruhi, I will not leave her. Ishita says I could have beaten Niddhi, but I wanted Ruhi’s fear to end, and that happened. Raman looks for medicines to give Ruhi and cries for her pain. He says Niddhi has beaten her since 7 years, I could not save her, but not now. Ishita says Ruhi is strong, she has answered Niddhi, come. Pihu applies ointment to Ruhi’s wounds. Raman and Ishita see this and smile. Ishita says Pihu is taking care of Ruhi. Raman asks Ishita to come. She asks him to go. He goes to Ruhi and asks is it aching a lot. Ruhi hugs him. He sees her wounds and cries. He applies ointment. Ruhi smiles seeing Pihu.

Adi says I will not let Aaliya live peacefully, how could she reject me. Ishita says no one falls in love by thinking, you can’t force her to love you, maybe she is not meant for you. Adi says enough, I don’t want to hear your lecture, she has to say yes to me.

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  1. Ruhi did that today which she should have done before i enjoy today’s episode lot more and i think everyone enjoy after nidhi getting her own treatment

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