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Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : sanskar got promotion from sanskar sir to sanskar



Sanskar was sleeping peacefully and swara was just changing sides in nervousness… Sanskar’s phone beeps
It was a message.. after thinking alot she checked his phone.. it was a message notification from result site..

She opened that message and her heart skips a beat “MBA finance results declared”

Her hands starts to Shiver.. she shakes sanskar..”sanskar sir.. wake up!!!”

No response

“Sanskar uthoo naaa”

“Kya hai swara .. m tired please lemme sleep”he said in sleepy tone

“My result is declared.. please check them na!!!” She said

“Swara u can check urself.. my laptop is in my bag n password is *I Love Shona* ” he said

A smile appeared on her face listening to his password.. but the worry for results overcome her smile

“Please Na… Check it.. u also know that I will flunk that’s why u r Not checking my result na”she said in choking voice

Hearing her choked tone he immediately got up “aww mera Bachha. Why you start crying everytime.. stop crying come.. let’s see your results”he said n wipes her tears

“I won’t flunk na”she said with tears

“No you won’t..”he said

He brink out the laptop and starts checking results..

“Vese swara.. why ur results came at 3 in night” he ask

“Actually sir everytime the university declares results earlier than the decided time”she said while biting nails

“Your roll number”he ask

“17078.. nahi nahi.. 17608.. nahi nahi..17…”She fumbles due to tension

“Swara… Relax.. it’s just a result.. I know you will pass this .. stop being impatient..” he said n encircle his hand around her shoulders

She took a deep breath and told her roll number.. sanskar checked her result with an expressionless face.. and Swara was seeing his face with full concentration.. sanskar shifts his gaze from laptop screen towards her face.. and said in serious tone
“Swara.. Tum..(long pause)…Tum …”he stops

“Mai kyaa bolo?”she ask

“Tum pass ho gai.!!!”he said in serious

She starts crying..”I knew it.. esa he Hoga.. I didn’t get proper time to write my last exam.. it should have happen”

Sanskar Hits his head with hand and shakes her “Tum pass ho gayiiii swaraaa!!!!”

“Ha I know this..(realised what he said) what? Pass?? Sachhhhh!!!!( He nods) yippppppppeeeeeeee !!!!!! ” She jumps in happiness and kissed sanskar on cheek in excitement

Sanskar got shocked.. and she blushes

“I knew it.. U can’t flunk” he Said n kissed her forehead

“U know m soo happy!!! I should call ma.. give me ur phone na” She said

“Swara.. it’s 3:30 everyone must be sleeping right now.. so please u too slepp m let me sleep.. u can call ma tmrw”he said

She nods n sanskar immediately landed on bed


Swara woke up and found the room fully decorated with balloons and flowers…

Sanskar entered the room with tea

“Good morning Mrs maheshwari”he said

“Good morning.. and ye sab.. you did this?”she ask

He nods. And put the tray on side table.. she jump onto him ..

“Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you soooo much!!!”she said

“Tum ek he din me zada open nhi ho gayi.. “she said with naughty smile

She gets shy and hide herself in his embrace..

“Aww.. my shy shy baby”he said and tightens his grip

She gets ready and come downstairs.. there sumi along with shlok Trisha and swati were waiting for her..

“Ma u know I have passed the exam”she said in happiness

“I know beta sanskar had already told us about this.. and that’s why I have made this special kheer for you”sumi said and blessed her

“Thank-you ma.. ma u know I missed you sooooooooooooooo much”she said

“Haan.. now who will miss me.. let’s go Trisha.. “shlok shows fake anger

“Nhi nhi bhai.. I missed you also.. sachhi” she said…

“If you all are done with your talks then can we have this kheer..” laksh said with watery expression

Everyone laughs suddenly Sanskar got call and he left..

“Ummm you all enjoy I will catch you all soon.. I have important work at office”he said

“Beta please.. atleast spend sometime here.. u got married only 2 days back and you are going office.. it’s not good” ap said

“Sorry mom but it’s important..”he said and left

Swara gets a bit upset but she knew work is important…


It was nearly night and sanskar didn’t come back.. here she got a call on landline..

On call

“Hello whoz this”

“Hello mam.. m saumaya. Sanskar sir’s company’s auditor actually I want to ask that if sir could come office tmrw.. actually I need some signature”

“What!! Sanskar didn’t go to office”

“Yes mam.. he took leave for the marriage but why are you shocked ”

“Umm nothing.. will tell sanskar”

Call ends..

“If he didn’t go to office where he went.. and most importantly why”she thought

Then only Sanskar enters “aahh swara please bring tea for me..”

“Hwz office”she frowned

“Hell tiring swara.. u know Sara time bas files padh ke sign krta Raha” he said

“Why he is lieing to me” she thought



Sanskar was sleeping.. swara was thinking why he lied to everyone … Suddenly she saw someone’s shadow passing from corridor

“May be m hallucinating”she thought

She again felt someone in the corridor..as this time she can hear foot steps..

She unbolt the door and went outside.. she switch on the lights but it doesn’t work..

“What happened to bulb? “She thought

She came back and took phone to use flashlight..She came downstairs and saw someone near kitchen..

She saw someone standing there in black clothes.. she gulps in fear she was about to put hand on his shoulder but before that the person turns.. she moved back in fear seeing that person..

she is that masked girl with a knife in hand.. she moved back abruptly and bump with furniture

“That day swyam saved you.. now who will save you..”she said and moved towards swara.

She wants to shout but her voice stopped due to fear..

That girl gripped Swara’s hand and pushed her on sofa.. and put a knife on her throat

“Don’t worry.. I won’t kill you so easily”she said

“What I did to you.. why are you back of me”swara ask

“I won’t tell you that either”she said and press knife on her throat..

“Aahhh!!!” Swara winced in pain..

She removed the knife.. swara pushed her and ran.. but she dashed into another person.. this time she gathered courage and shouts..

Hearing her screem everyone came out and in the mean time both the person left..

“What happened swara?why are you shouting?”sanskar ask

Swara saw him n hugged him tightly and cried

“Vo… V-vo… I came here.. lights..were off. And.. she..s-s.h.e” saying this she fainted in his arms..

He noticed her wound.. he has realised that swara has fainted but still he kept on hugging her

“Umm I think she have seen any bad dream..U all go I will take care”he said

“Beta take care of her..okay”dp said

Everyone left and sanskar took her to room..

He placed her on bed gently and wipes her sweat.. he then apply ointment on her wound..
He covered her properly and kissed her forehead.. he sleeps while pating her head..


Both the people were laughing..girl then removed her Mask n she was nimisha.. sanskar’s PA..

“Did u see her face.. how scared she was” nimisha laughs..

“Yeah baby.. it was so much fun” other person said and he was Ashish..

**Ashish who had insulted swara in the restaurant**

” I will make her life hell.. vo apni parchhayi(shadow) se bhi daregi” nimisha said

“Don’t worry baby.. vo bhi Hoga..and when will you tell me about sanskar’s project”Ashish ask

“Look Ashish.. we are together but I have no problem with sanskar and over that Meri swara ke lye nafrat ek tarf or job ek tarf “she said

To be continued…

Precept: SwaSan argument

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