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yeh chahte ho tum hum se o.s

hey guys teja is back with her he khurafati mind Time is taking turn laksh is faking his love to ragini just to get his property back and divorce
In night ( when laksh and ragini is geting intimate)
Laksh hold ragini hand and pull her towards him
Laksh- today i will not leave you I will make u mine at any cost
Ragini- laksh u r not in ur senses plzz leave me
Laksh come and bite ragini neck ragini mourn in pain laksh then kiss her wound he start undressing himself and herself ragini is restrictingbut his touch his making her weak as sthi is happen what she want she want her laksh love which she is geting now ..
Laksh take ragini in his arms and make her lie on bed and press his body on her tighlty
Ragini- laksh auuchhhhhh….

Laksh caving more he start undressing her uppr garments when he is done he started to taste ragini body and lips when laksh make rginicome top of her she being shy bcz she is without clothes she calming make her come down from laksh
Laksh is laksh he start making love wih her love ( undefined) he entered into her she scream in.pain he make her all down by kissing her on lips he is continuously doing g it as rough he couldbczz this the only thing which will happen between them at last when they r done laksh make ragini sleep with him in his emrace …
In morning laksh wake up and see ragini is sleeping and a love bite is shown on her neck he smile and think last time I Became wild ..
Days pass like this this is day when laksh marying ragini but it didnt happen bcz laksh dumb ragini for tanya
Ragini run to her room and try to suicide all the family members run to save her swara is sitting beside her shekhar call doctor to come and check ragini
Doctor – check ragini
Doctor – god how can u neglect such things in this condition she is pregnant and need etra conern
Doctor went and all the family members tell this news to ragini
Ragini cry hardbut suddenly stop and scream I will not carry any child I will abort it at any cost I will start my new life ..
Swara- ragini yeh bache k kasoor nhi h laksh ka h ab is bache ko saza mat do plzz
Ragini- bas swara ab eik bar aur nhi Tum jao hame kuch aur baat nhi krni
She is very angry now she call doctor and inform tbats she want an abortion
Doctor- u should come with ur husband for this formality
Ragini- ok iwill
She talk to herself
I will make u sufer laksh what u do with me and I will do same this to u make u suffer for ur baby
She call laksh
Laksh shocked pick up the call
Laksh- hello
Ragini- hey Mr laksh just call u to inform that I m pregnant and going for abortion tomorrow doctor need u for some formality be on time
Laksh- ragini what r u talking r right mad u want to kill a child which is to born I m very shame for you
Ragini- ohh shame and vo who you it don’t suit u u have raied my character na now I will shw u what I m bye
Laksh angrily throw phone
He rush to gadodia house
He angily make ragini come in a separate room so that he can talk now
Laksh- what the f**k r u up to stupid
Ragini – don’t raise ur voice Infront of him Mr I m now divorcee so better I will not bare a child
Laksh forcefullytake ragini with him by takin into his arms
Laksh- u wouldn’t listen to me but I make my child not to suffer bcz of u better keep it in ur mind


He take ragini in mm
And make her lie on floor
Laksh- now uwillleave in this room o ly when will child born u will go
Ragini- r laksh I will not listen to you I m going
She run to open the door but get stabbed by amirh she shout in pain
Laksh worringly came and shout on her so being careless
Ragini – don’t touch me I will handle myself
Next day she somehow run to Gm and take dadi with her to abort the baby
Dadi somehow manage to give money and let r
ragini get an abortion ragini is resting in ward she s litle unconscious de to Medicine effect doctor is going to abort ragini baby just then ICU gate open and angryman is standing there he make ragini stand and slap her hard and ragini slaphim with her full force
Ragini- don’t u dare to raise ur and I front of me it’s a learning from me I m nothing to u and this baby also nothing to me better stay away and let dctor do her work
Laksh- ok u wan this na wait I will divore kavya ifront of ur eyes and make u my legallyweded wife just for baby happy
Ragini- no laksh u also apologise to mom dad me and swara pairo m jhuk ke mere aur Papa ke
Laksh- ok I willbcz of my baby
Ragini- and kavya ko usi taraf nikali jaise mujhe nikal jab mera gussa shan’t hoga
Laksh-nodded and carefully take ragini hand in his and make her it on carr and take her to mm
After coming in mm laksh forcefully take ragini in his room and make her lie in their room and mAke her to take Medicines as doctor prescribed her ..

In night
Ragini is sleeping facing laksh front and laksh is caring her belly

Laksh p.o.v
I know I love u ragini but I did this to revenge from you but now I realize how shekhar Papa realise when I ditch you I m very angry on you when u went to abrt ur child I know I did this to hurt me but what to do I m literally helpless tomorrow onwards I will give kaya divorce and marry you to potect my child
He then start talking to his child
Laksh- hello baby I m ur Papa ab ap jaldi se aa jao fir hum bhut masti karege mamma ko bhut pareshan karege ok jaldi se ana he kiss his belly and she put her hand on her belly
He smile and sleep beside her by putting hand on his hand

In morning
Ragini I wake up first and see laksh hand on her belly she smile and cares his hair and kiss him on his cheeks
Ragini- I love you laksh I did this just to prove u ur mistake and today if u will apologies to my father na I will definately start a new life with you and our little baby
Laksh wake up and smile seeing her
Cold breeze is touching her hair on face laksh make them tuck on her back o her ear
Ragini rush to vomit and laksh being worried went behind her to check her whether she is ok or not
Laksh- what happen ragini r u ok I mean
Ragini – shut up otherwise I will kill you u only is the cuprit of my situation
Laksh- what did I do u and me have relation in which u r also getting it interesting
Ragini I come and beat laksh
In evening
Laksh make kavya sign on divorce papers and make her get out of the home
lavya- soon laksh u will apologies me I m. Using you u will never see ur child
Laksh angry went to her and beat her( my imagination is veryworst ???)
Laksh fall on shekhar feet and apologies to him he also forgive him all the family members again became happy Nd make othmRry

In night their room door is close
Ragini is applying cream on her belly
Laksh- what r u doing ragini
Ragini make faces
Laksh- what happen now
Ragini- still silent
Laksh is angry now
Laksh make ragini see him by pressing her arm
Ragini- kya h apko
Laksh- kya hua tumhe baat kyu nhi kr rhe ho
Ragini- kyuki apne abhi bhi humse apology nhi mangi
Laksh smile and touch her feet
Ragini giggle
Thik h thik h ok I m ok
Laksh turn ragini to his side and they again get intimate

After 8 months
A lady is seen having big belly seeing her in mirror and making crying face
Laksh- what happen ragini I 16 time ur seeing this
Ragini- I think I m becoming fatty dy b day
Laksh- no baby yeh to bas pregnancy ke vajah se h don’t worry
Ragini smile

It’s uttara wedding
All r busy in their work In night utara wedding is going on just then laksh heard ragini screamlaksh rush to her fastly
Ragini is lying in the pool of blood and crying in pain
Laksh crying- what happen ragini
Ragini – kavya laksh she close her eyes
Laksh rush her to hospital and make kavya arrest he is very tensed what to do now suddenly ly he hear a baby voice
Laksh have a smile on his face
He think that it is his baby
Nurse come out and make him hold his baby laksh kiss him on his face
And murmur raksh soon he again hear a baby girl voice he became numb and excited. Nurse take laksh get in and laksh see ragini I is sleepi g wihbaby girland her eyes is close
Laksh – my family complete
Ragini open her eyes and see their babies beside her she and he cares them …
All the family became happy as well as excited

******The end*****

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