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Ye Dil Kya Karein??.. ~Episode 1

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Chitter-chatter can be heard all around, it’s seeming like a big business affair is going on. Lots of Media men and reporters are seen gathering around and anyone can easily make out that it’s a huge affair!!.. people are in hurry. The manager of the place is shouting to his employees to keep the things perfectly, whereas he himself is indulged in inviting the guests into the big sized room. He is waiting at the entrance as if to welcome somebody really Important!!… tension is easily visible on his face!!..


The Manager’s secretary- Sir why are you so tensed? Nothing will go wrong believe me!

Manager- I believe you Shan but then again I am afraid. You know how Raj Shergil is no? He can do anything… anything for his self-respect, his ego… if he doesn’t find anything perfect he’ll kill me alive..and I don’t want to die so soon.

Secretary- Don’t worry Sir nothing is going to happen.. relax… or else your pressure will rise high. Be calm I am sure he’ll like it!!… after all you did what you wanted. You have done all the arrangement as he wanted…

At that same time, sound of horn is heard asking people to make way for the celeb! Yes he’s the celeb, Mr. Raj Shergil!!….

Then we see a man of nearly 60’s coming out of a black Audi. He comes out and moves to the otherside opens th door and offer his hand. A beautiful young lady of around 20’s comes out. The crowd cheers and the lady smiles back. She is wearing a black gown with golden border, red lipstick and smoky hot eyes, looking elegant!!…

Raj then caught hold of the girls waist and they both look at each other and gives a knowing smile. The security guards block the way for the media but they keep on rambling and clicking photos. The Manager welcomes them inside the hotel and they follow. The interiors of the hall is magnificent and anyone would go ‘awe’ with it!!..

Raj goes up-to the stage.

“Lovely people out here thank you so much! For attending our reception today. I’m celebrating today with all my love towards this beautiful lady out here, Swara Raj Shergil. Thank you for coming in my life Swara! Thank you so much” Raj spoke and came down to Swara, he held her hands and asked for a dance she happily agreed.

The party started and all enjoyed.

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