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without you i am nothing chapter 10


Like, as usual arjun cracked the deal with ease. It was like video games to him were he wins always. Radhika was astonished. She was just staring at him. The way he talked…oh my god. Arjun noticed her staring at him. He just smiled at it.


After the meeting he went near her and whispered near her “did you enjoy staring at me. I never knew I am that hot that u can’t stop staring at me. At least please beware of public next time when you do so, otherwise people may think wrong about us. But anyway I won’t feel bad, even if they.” He winked at her saying this and walked away to talk to manager.

Radhika was so shocked. As he went she kept on staring at him with mouth wide opened like an idiot. While returning back none talked. Radhika didn’t had guts to see him. But arjun had smile on his lips. He dropped her at home. She was shocked and wondered “how does he knew my address?”

Arjun: it was given in ur bio data

Radhika was shocked and again thought “did he hear me? Did I speak loudly?”

Arjun: yes. Now go and take rest. Tomorrow we have party organised by them and Saturday another party organised by me. And hear take this packet. I want you to wear this tomorrow when u accompany me. He then shoved the packet to her and left without allowing her to speak.

Radhika frowned at his behaviour and said “too much attitude” today was a bad day for her. She got too much of shock all together. She sighed and went inside her apartment. It was dark. She switched on the light amd threw her bag and packet on the sofa. She then opened the refrigerator and took the bottle and started to gulp one whole bottle of water. She then sat on the sofa and closed her eyes.

Suddenly she heard some noise in kitchen. She got scared. She thought it may be thief. She took the toy knife of sam which was lying on the table and started to walk near the kitchen. The kitchen was full of dark. So she switched on the light and so a most funny scene.

Sam was lying on the floor with wheat flour on the floor. Some flour was also on her. Radhika seeing this started to laugh. Sam frowned at this and stood up. She then went near her and shouted “I planned to cook for you. And u very well knows I don’t know to cook. In spite of that I planned to make dinner. Instead of helping me ur sitting and laughing seeing my condition.

Radhika seeing her stopped laughing and said “acha sorry baba, but I couldn’t control….i am really sorry…and so sweet of u to cook for me “she said this by holding her ear. Sam felt it so cute and couldn’t stop smiling. Seeing her smiling rads too gave her a smile. She then saw wheat flour on her nose. So she brought her hand near her face.

Seeing knife on rads hand sam started to shout “please don’t kill me…I will here after will never try to cook…I promise. Hearing this rads said “relax stupid. This is ur toy knife…when I heard noise in the kitchen I thought it may be thief. I only saw this knife. So I took it for my protection. But by the way, why u didn’t switch on the light?

Sam: I thought to give u surprise and didn’t want you to see me. So, thought to work quietly in the dark. But the plan didn’t work properly.

Radhika hearing this slapped her forehead and said “first of all u don’t know to cook apart from making the toast and on top of that u were cooking in the dark. I really cant belive this. Sammy ur impossible.

Sam gave her a sheepish smile. Rasam both together made dinner and rads also thought sam how to make it. Then they both ate. After cleaning they both sat on the sofa. Sam who saw the packet asked radhika “what’s it?”

Radhika: I don’t know, boss gave me

Sam: oh my my boss gave you ….that too on the first day. OMG what am I hearing boss gave radhika a gift that too on first day…..MR. ARJUN MEHRA GAVE RADHIKA MISHRA A GIFT[SCREAMING] and then sam acted like, she was about to faint

Radhika: ofoo drama queen . bandh karo tumara natak. Don’t scream…my poor ear drums. Now if u keep quiet I will tell you everything. Hearing this sam sat down quietly.

Sam: so this is the matter…come let’s see what he has send for u. saying this Sam snatched packet from her and opened it. It had a black full gown with pearl belt. It was so beautiful. The dress was sleeveless. The packet also contained matching accessories too. It had one letter also.

Sam opened that letter and read it aloud:


RADHIKA: HOW DARE HE…ordering me…that man ..

Sam: common radhika…see the dress how lovely it looks. I am sure u will look like a princess tomorrow in the party. Everyone’s eye will be on you. I will make you ready in such a way. You wait and watch.

They then went to sleep in their respective room to sleep. Around 12, Sam knocked Radica’s room. She opened the door with half sleeping.

Radhika: what’s wrong sam. Any probs?

Sam: i..i want to sleep with …can I she asked hesitantly

Radika: U are always welcome and asked her to come inside. They then both hugged and slept peacefully like sisters.

Next day sam made radhika get ready for the party. She indeed looked like princess. At exact 5:30 they heard doorbell rings.

Sam: wow. Ur boss is very punctual. I liked it. Sam then opened the door. There stood arjun in black suit. His hair was gelled and combed backwards. He was looking handsome. He gave his signature smile to sam and asked for radhika. Sam then asked him to come inside and sit and said radhika will come in one minute. She then gave him glass of water and went to look for radhika.

Exactly after 1 minute, sam brought her. Seeing her arjun became mesmerised. He stood up and kept on staring. She had her hair in loose flower bun and nice pearl earring which even became less beautiful in front of her. They came near him. Radhika then introduced Sam to arjun and vice-versa. But arjun’s eyes were only on her.

Sam noticed this, had a naughty smile on her lips. She then coughed, which brought back arjun from his dream land. He then smiled at Sam and asked radhika to come as they will be late for the party. She nodded and gave Sam a tight hug and left with him. As soon as they reached the place, all cameras were focusing on them. Arjun asked radhika to just smile and not to open the mouth. Radhika nodded her head and walked with him.

Once they reached inside, arjun started to introduce radhika to everyone. She smiled at them and also answered wisely to their question. Everyone was impressed of her. Arjun too felt proud. He saw many men had their eyes on her. This made him angry and held her waist tightly and pulled near him. Radhika was astonished with his behaviour.

Then came the, dancing time. The manager asked arjun to join, at first he declined but due to continuous compulsion he accepted. He also pulled radhika along with him. The song turned into a romantic one. [ sab tera from baaghi] . ardhika danced sensuously. Radhika followed arjun’s step so beautifully as if she was hypnotised by arjun. Even after the song was over they shared beautiful and romantic eyelock.

The eyelock was broke by audience clapping. Radhika realised their closeness and pushed arjun and ran from the dance hall. Arjun cursed everyone for breaking their lovely moment.

Arjun excused to everyone and went near the bar and ordered drinks. Their moments were continuously playing in front of him. Due to this he drank one whole bottle and became drunk. He then went to search radhika and saw her standing in a corner. He then went near her and dragged her and went near his car. He then opened the door and made her sit. He then sat on the driver seat and drove the car. Seeing him drunken, she asked him to stop the car. But he didn’t listen to her and started to drive. At one point he got so angry that he applied sudden brake….TO BE CONTINUED

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