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Will you miss Sony’s Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania?

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania airing on Sony Tv is soon going to end. The show brings a tale of a sweet joint extended family, where all the family members are dependent on the only bread earner Abhishek, who they call Bade Bhaiya by love. Abhishek is very responsible and a selfless guy. He lives his life not to fulfil his own dreams and aims, but does responsibilities towards his family’s dream.

Abhishek believes his family is his strength. When he gets a good proposal, and the girl’s family dislikes Pant family, Abhishek was given a choice to either the girl by leaving his family, or lose the proposal. Abhishek chose his family over everything else, and shows his heart roots.


On the other hand, his fate has immense love which soon reaches his way. Meera comes to stay in Pant family house as a PG. Meera and Abhishek’s heart connection soon establishes. While Abhishek realizes his love earlier, and lets Meera live her life on her own terms, Meera too realizes her love when Abhishek is about to marry Radhika. Meera proposes Abhishek. Abhishek and Meera’s mutual love reaches the step of marriage. Abhishek accepts her proposal and soon the lovers will be getting married. The show will be ending on October 7th and will get replaced by the new show Beyhadh, starring Kushal Tandon, Aneri Vajani and Jennifer Winget.

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