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Why did you leave me (Edkv) epi 2

The epi starts with Sumo wakes up nd looks at a picture on d wall. She cries remembering something, bt den she sees Maria sleeping bside hr.she wipes hr tears. D kohl dat always made hr eyes beautiful coverd around d beautiful deep eyes. D lips wanna open up nd cry hard bt couldnt. The beautiful voice wanted to say many harsh word tody bt cant. The pain was visible on d beautiful face dat became dull. She sits on bed looks at d balcony. She remembered a incident.

Sumo: Shr…Shr pls wake up na, im nt sleepy.
Shr: den go to hell bt dont disturb me nw, let me slp….
Sumo: wen i will go away only den u will rea…
Shr waked up with a jerk nd puts his finger on her lips: dont ever say dat, i will never let u go….he realise wat he just said nd went silent…
Sumo: removing his finger, y u only want me to go to hell.
Shr: umm… Ummmm…u..u ….. I… I will nt let u go cs u will take me to hell also and laughs
Sumo gets a little sad, as if she was expecting something else….
Sumo comes to sense…she tried to hide hr tears, her sadness bt a thick tear fell frm hr beautiful eyes… She couldnt control hrself anymore….
So she got up and went to bathroom immedetly and cried hard
Sumo: “in mind” wat did u get after breaking my trust


aftr a while she controled herself, she went to d kitchen nd prepared breakfst nd after dat she got ready
she and Maria had bf…
Suddenly doorbell rings…
Sumo: “in mind”who could hv come nw.
Maria opened d door….
Maria: ji, whom u wanna meet

Maria: who Sumo…. Dere is no Sumo, go to China cs no Sumo stays here, nw go
person: no, im sure she stays here only and went inside d house forcibely
person: Sumo…. Sumo…
Sumo cms nd says: Maria who is at door
She saw d person: u,….here
d person smiles,
d epi ends here

sry I said I will itroduce d person in dis epi bt usual im sleepy hehehe:-P:-D
u must b thinking y nd where were Shraman sleeping together, r de married or de have some wala relationship? D answer is no never, de were doing project together in d balcony nd slept dere itself
nd as i said i can post during d vacation of Eid i posted it hehehe
waise after watching d precap who felt angry, so dat i can handshake with dem, hw Shr said Sumo ki jagha koi or and blah blah blah…. Den Shr calls evry1 meri huh nd dont have guilt also dat Sumo ws in dat condition only bcs of him huhh….. Bt mayb he didnt realise dat hw cheap words he said abt dere relation and didnt realise dat Sumo ws in dat condition bcs of d cheap words
nd Uffi di, Niki di agle sal cs my main exams r going to start and nw my cls tests r going on
ok wrote enough, nw bye frm d Leeti
nd mayb i wont b able 2 reply ur cmnts so sry in advance
Eid Mubarak in advance, may Allah listen to all ur prayer on d month of sacrifice….In Shah Allah u all have a long life nd my Muslim behno pehlei bata deti hu its In Shah Allah nt Inshallah cs d meaning gets wrong otherwise
Luv u all muahhh, many hugs nd kisses frm dis chutki- Neeti

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