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Why did u leave me (Edkv)- epi 3

Story continues:
Sumo sees d prsn: u,…. Here
prsn smiles nd hugs Sumo: yeah…… Me here
Sumo brks d hug: ‘acting as if shocked’ d grt Raunak Trivedi came to my… I mean ‘MY’ house
Raunak: I am not Rau Tri bt only Raunu fr u, understood
Sumo: ok ok baba Raunu, is it fine?
Rau: yeah, better.
S: only better, y???
Rau: yeah, u dont even remember me, u didnt even welcome me nd ur maid says go to China still u ask me y better?
S: who maid…
Rau points towards Marie
Sumo laughs hard nd says are sh…
Bfr S could say anything Mar inturrupts: hey u, hw dare u call me maid, i will cut u into pieces…
Rau: u Ms.Maid, dont raise ur voice infront of me, I am frnd of ur madam…
M: shut up u fool, monkey, donkey….. Suman u hve such a FOOL frnd…

Rau says bfr S: hw shameless r u to call ur master by name, dont u hv fear… Sumo hw do u bear such illmannared prsn!
Again Mar inturrepts: oye y r u talking to Suman, if u have guts then talk to me… Suman y dont u say something!!!!!
‘Dis time S didnt utter any word cs she knew de will nt let hr talk so she enjoys d fight btwn d dog nd d cat trying to hide her laughter’
Rau: den u dont hv guts cs u r d 1 who is talking to Sumo
M: shut up, I have a mouth nd I will speak
Rau: dat doesnt mean u cn talk any rubbish…
M: nd wat r u doing, hah!
Rau: I am just teaching u manners, u dont even know hw to talk to ur master!!!
M: nd wat abt u, u make any1 anything huh!!!:[email protected]
Rau: wen did i make any1 anything…. Ohh I understood, u r talking abt Sumo, she is my frnd nd i will call hr anything: Sumo, momo, pehelwan, terhi. jo mera man kare
M: wah wah kya dimag payahe… Huh!
Rau: nw u came on line, u spoke smething ri8 nw
M: ha nw u also think u have a gadhe ka dimag
Rau: wen did I say…??!!!

M: Just nw, u agreed with wat I said
Rau: wat do u mean, u were talking abt gadhe ka dimaag
M: yeah Mr.donkey
Rau: shut up u Ms.MAID
M: dont u dare call me dat Mr.DONKEY
Rau: I will call u dat only: Ms.MAID Ms.MAID Ms.MAID
de continue d wrd fight
Suddenly S laughed so hard dat MaNak got shocked nd looked at hr
MaNak together: wat!!!!!!:[email protected]
screen frezzes on Sumo’s laughing face nd MaNak’s angry/shocked face

Precap:Surprise (hint: romance, comedy, emotions ka tarka)

I know it is too short bt nxt prt is surprise so dis prt hd to end here. I cant arrange d prt so it will take time nd my exams r coming pls pray fr me
SORRY TO MY MARO DI, my acnt got hacked so i deactiveted d acnt so cant talk with u bt ur nt uploading nxt prt vry bad!!!
Hah toh lst time evry1 guessed it wrong mst of u said it is Shr or Push bt it ws a new entry, so I am giving u all another ques wat does d precap mean? Dis time u could easily ansr bcs todays epi described many thing.
pls dis do cmnt nd silent rdrs too (I dont think any1 is silent rdr here bt still doing a formality)
luv u all, bye take care, Shraman dreams (jo ki ajkal mujhe a raha he) – Neeti, Leeti (late+Neeti)

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