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Who am I to you- Intro

A house is decorated very grandly. Swara is sitting before a mirror and Ragini is making her ready.
They listens a car sound out.
Ragini: didi, jiju has come…
She says and runs down.
Swara remains unreacted.

Ragini runs down and looks at the car. Laksh, Ap and Dp get down from the car.
“Wow, jiju is very handsome…” she says to her mom and dad.
Shekar and Sharmista receive them.


Ragini comes and stops them at door.
Ragini: mr. Laksh jiju, you are going to engage my sis. If I have to allow you, you have to give me any gift…

Laksh: arey Ragini, I’m going to become your jiju, this is a big gift to you…

Ragini: don’t tell me filmy dialogues, I want gift.

Then Laksh takes a teddy bear and puts it in plate.
Ragini: do you think I’m a kid??

Laksh: oh, come on… what do you want.
Ragini: my didi is very precious. You can’t buy her with money or gold…

Laksh: oh… I see…

Then laksh takes a lizard and throws in her hands. Ragini scares and shouts. She jumps and goes aside. Everyone laugh and come inside. Ragini realizes that it’s a doll lizard.
Ragini: jiju..!! did you carry all these while coming to engagement??

Laksh: I know how mischief you are. That’s why, I have to bring them…

Laksh sits on stage and Swara is also brought there. Laksh keeps looking at Swara passionately. She sits beside him.
Laksh slowly: hai…
Swara doesn’t reply.
Laksh: I really started liking you just seeing you in photo…
Swara is calm.
Laksh: plz, talk something…

Ragini comes in middle.
Ragini: jiju, why are you disturbing my sis. Can’t u be calm.
Laksh: can’t you leave us alone??
Ragini: no..! till marriage, I won’t leave you alone. I said know, she is precious.
Laksh: oh my god…!!

The engagement rituals start. Laksh puts ring to Swara and she too puts ring. They go back to their places after the function.
Evening, Laksh calls to Swara’s phone. But Ragini lifts it.
Ragini: why did you call?
Laksh: hmm…why are you coming in our middle always.
Ragini: you gave me hand without giving gift.. unless you give me gift, I don’t give phone to my sis.
Laksh: ok, what do you want??
Ragini: you have to take care of my sis always. I want nothing more than that…
Laksh smiles: oh Ragini, you are so sweet. I love your sister very much. I will surely take care of her…
Ragini: thnx jiju…
Then she gives phone to Swara.

Laksh: hai Swara, what are you doing…
Swara doesn’t talk anything.
Swara: actually, I’m sleepy. I will talk later.
She cuts the phone.
Ragini is amazed with her behavior.
Rag: swara, why are you not talking with him. He is your going to be husband.
Swa: going to be..! not husband right…!! Do your own work..
Swara sleeps.

Then Laksh messages Swara. ‘if you don’t like me, you can tell at least now also. I won’t force you to marry me.’

Ragini feels sad looking at the message. She replies. ‘Nothing like that jiju, she is feeling shy to talk with you. And she is really tired now.’

Laksh says ok. Ragini keeps thinking.

Next day is marriage day. Ragini asks Swara straightly, that she likes this marriage or not. Swara doesn’t answer her.

Ragini keeps thinking. Then Laksh calls her.
Ragini: haa jiju…
Laksh: ragini, I will send you a message. See it.

Ragini reads the message. She is shocked. Swara sends him a message that she doesn’t like him. She is in love with someone else already. She want to marry him.

Ragini soon calls him.
Ragini: jiju, didi might be kidding.

“Then where is she…??” asks Ap, Dp who just came there. Ragini shocks. Laksh is behind them. He is very sad.

Shekar and Sumi comes.
Sumi: I will bring Swara, then we can start all rituals.

Ap: she has run away already, she is not at home. You people don’t know this being in same house. But, we came to know.

Shekar and Sumi shocks. They run to her room and see a letter. That she likes Sanskar named boy and ran away with him.

Ap: this is your parvarish. You don’t know to bring up a girl.

Ap and Dp starts taunting them.
Laksh: maa, papa, it’s enough. Let’s go away.

Shekar: no…! one daughter has done a mistake, now our other daughter will rectify it.

Ragini looks shocked.

Shekar: Ragini will marry your son.
Laksh shocks.

Laksh: I have loved Swara not Ragini. I can’t change my heart as your decision. Maa, papa let’s go away.

Then Shekar holds Laksh’s hands. “Beta, don’t say like that. It’s our mistake not knowing her heart. She could have at least said us. She has damaged our reputation by eloping. For this, our second daughter has also to bear the pain. No one will come before to marry her.”

Ap: so, why we should come??
Sumi: Ragini is not like her. she is very good. Ap ji, however your reputation will also go down if this marriage will not happen. So, what if you make ragini as your bahu.

Ap thinks.

Ragini is about to speak something. But Shekar sumi closes her mouth. Ap, dp closes Laksh mouth. At last, Raglak are married forcedly.

next part is the actual story. This is just trailer…

RagLak OS—— who Am I to you…

Nxt part by tomorrow evening.

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