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When two paths meets (OS KRPKAB)

Hi everyone!Hope u all remember me….I was the writer of Lecturer love….Maleeha….I assured u all that I will be coming up with a ff to torture u but wait for some more time….. For now I’m here with a OS(single shot) of Devakshi…..

Character intro….
Dev dixit : a young but successful business tycoon of India…..26 years old. He is somewhat Mr. Rude. Lives with her mother and love her to the core. Lost his father at the age of ten, twelve…so he faced many hardships to build up all his empire alone.


Sonakshi Bose : a medical student in last year and is 24 years old. Bubbly, chirpy, talkative, tomboy and headstrong as well. Lost her parents at a very young age, so she lives with her childhood friend Elena and do part time jobs to support herself. She has a dream to become a nutritionist but it couldn’t be fulfilled Bcoz of monetary Issues.

Ishwari dixit : mother of Dev…a kind woman???…….loves Dev and want to see him settled in his life with his wife?? but Dev doesn’t agree for marriage.

So here we go,

In a room, girl is shown from the back,combing her hairs. She was in her college uniform, them her lips are shown, then eyes and then her face…she sonakshi…( the beautiful). She tied her hair in a ponytail, picked her bag and left for the breakfast. Elena and sona both hug eo, did their breakfast and left for college

Another mansion is shown, a woman doing aarti and then a boy comes and touched her feet and took blessing from the woman. The face of the boy is shown….he’s Dev….

Dev : ma! Tou abhi tak tayar nhi hoi..main late Ho jaoun ga na……

Ishwari : acha….acha…tou jitni Der main nashta karta hai, main utni Der main tayar Ho kar Ayi….

Dev : Han theek hai….par jaldi karna… (going towards the dining table for breakfast)

Ishwari : Han Han…..nhi Der karon gi..(pats his back)

The college where sonakshi is studying is the same college from where Dev completed his education ~both business as well as a medical college~. So today, Dev planned a seminar in the college, in business education block ~u know for taking up employees and good students and…..many other purposes~.

Sonakshi and Elena reached the college on scooter and saw banners for the seminar…both see eo face and screamed……CLASS BUNK….yaaaayyy……. Actually, both were good in studies but for some fun they used to bunk the classes but it could not be possible in normal days of college Bcoz of fear being caught but whenever, there was a seminar…they used to bunk the classes and went and hide themselves in the seminar. They did the same this day also.

Sona and elena instead of going towards medical block went straight to business block and then in the hall where seminar was started, both sat on chairs and began chatting sitting there. Dev noticed Sona and elena quite a times, Bcoz they were talking and weren’t listening to any of his words but then he ignored. Ishwari also came with Dev to the seminar.

After the seminar finished and all started to go…Sona and Elena also got up to go but someone calls them from behind.

Someone : excuse me…u both

Sona and Elena turned to see, and they saw Dev behind them.

Dev to Sona : u r a business student…right..so tell me the points which I explained during the seminar as I saw u talking more than listening me…if my words weren’t important u wouldn’t have come here madam…

Sona to Dev : hey mister, who told u that I’m a business student????? I’m a medical student and I didn’t even understand ur words and business terminologies…and it was important to come here. If I wouldn’t have come here who would have saved me from my mam..???? ~says in a go~

With this Elena hit Sona head from the back……Sona realized what she did! And said

Sona to herself : omg Sona yeh tune Kya kiya yaar….. Kya zaroorat thi ziada Bolne ki….shyd iss din Kay liye ma bachpan main ziada Bolne say toukti thi….

Then to Elena : tou nhi bata sakti thi….stupid

Elena : tou kisi ko Bolne ka moqa day gi tou na…..shuru Ho jati hai machine ki garari ki tarh…

Dev was listening to their conversation with his one eyebrow up and said

Dev : u both r finished…so let me talk.. ~a bit irritated~

Sona : u aren’t tired of speaking sir….first such a long seminar and now again u want to speak….elena hits Sona with her elbow..

Dev : Go to ur class right now or else I will complain to ur mam or the principal…that two students of last year….medical block…Sona and Elena have bunked their classes

Sona : how do u know our names and classes……????? ~asked surprisingly~

Dev : madam…..u identity card ?

Sona and Elena both see eo face with tension and ran from there in a hurry….. While running out from the seminar hall, sona slipped and…………..fell on the ground…no hero was there to save her from falling and then tucking back her hair….. Ishwari was coming from that way and she looks Sona like this. She rushed to her and helped her stand up. Sona stood up with the help of Elena and ishwari and brushed herself.

Ishwari : beta! Kahin laga tou nhi

Sona : nhi!……I’m ok. Thank u Anty…saying this she moved but then suddenly cried in pain….aaahhhhh.

Elena : I think there is a convolution in ur foot…

Ishwari : yes,…u r right..don’t strain urself and come with me. Ishwari made Sona sit on bench and then enquired about her

Sona and Elena both answered to Ishwari’s questions. Then ishwari called Dev and asked him to drop these two home….

Dev : u both…..u are still here. I warned u but still u r not listening.

Ishwari : u know them… ‘she even didn’t waited for Dev answer’
then that’s good. Go drop both of them to their home, she is not feeling well (pointing towards Sona)

Dev : ok ma.. Come both of u…~gives a fed up look~

Dev dropped Sona and Elena to their home and their scooty was brought by the driver. Sona sat at the back seat with Elena and ishwari at the front beside Dev. Dev didn’t knew why but he kept on looking at Sona reflection through the mirror.

Solena (sona&elena) reached home, bid goodbye to Ishwari and also said thank u to her.

Ishwari : u both r like my daughters…so no need to thank u…do u also thank ur mom the same way Han tell….

Sona got teary eyed but composed herself and smiled…ok Anty….Dev saw the tears in her eyes but he couldn’t guess.

Solena invited Ishwari and Dev inside but they denied and went to their home…

Devakshi lives were going smooth but some weeks later after their first meeting….But one day,. Ishwari came to Solena house without informing dev. Elena was out for some work and Sona was alone at home.

Ishwari : Sona, where r ur parents..??? I want to talk to them….. ~saying while entering the house and sitting on the sofa~

Sona : namaste Anty g….she touched her feet. If u want to talk to my parents, then u have to go to graveyard…I was joking, please don’t mind…

Ishwari : namaste..jeeti raho….and why graveyard……????? And I don’t mind ur jokes….I told u na u r like my daughter..

Sona : Umm……Anty g, my parents died when I was quite young…..and thank u….u r very sweet ‘says having tears in eyes’

Ishwari : oh!!!! I’m sorry….

Sona : why r ur saying sorry??? Kon sa aap nay unn ka katil kiya hai…..unn ki mout Ayi thi, mar Gaye…bas “laughs a little”

Ishwari was quite astounded hearing Sona talks and for her bravery…..they talked about eo and Sona got to knew….Ishwari has no daughter, no husband…only one son.
And ishwari explored the beautiful heart of Sona…..her pains and she was now adamant that Sona is best for Dev…. After sometime, Elena arrived and Sona excused Bcoz she has to go her job…

Ishwari and Elena talked and ishwari asked for Sona hand for Dev….

Ishwari : mujhe tumhari dost ka hath chahiye apne bete Dev Kay liye….

Elena : Anty…..I’m so sorry…..mujhe nhi pata tha Kay Dev ka hath Kat Gaya hai…….Sona hand will not look good with Dev…..aap koi mardana hath arrange karin… ~ says innocently~

Ishwari : “laughs” u both friends r naughty….Main poori ki poori Sona Dev Kay liye maang rahi hon…main Dev Kay liye Sona ka rishta maang rahi hon……

Elena : ik…I was just having fun, please don’t mind and from my side it’s yes….I will talk to Sona about it and will tell u then….

Ishwari nods and both hug eo…..Ishwari leaves….

At night, on one side Elena is going towards Sona room to talk about Dev and the other side Ishwari is going to Dev

Dixit mansion first…….

Ishwari in Dev’s room…. Dev was working on his laptop sitting on table…

Ishwari : Dev!!! I have fixed ur alliance with a girl and I want no arguments this time….this time my decision is final….do as I say….~says abruptly after entering his room~

Dev : ~stands up ~ but ma….no….I don’t want to marry….anyone…

Ishwari : just shut up Dev….I said na my decision is final…..now take some rest…… Dev nods disappointingly…
Now solena,

Elena turned on the audio recording in her mobile and went to Sona room.

Elena : Sona….tujhe Ishwari Anty kaisi lagti hain…?.?~went near Sona and sat in the bed…Sona was lying down~

Sona : Elena! She is sweet and kind….and why r u asking this??~she has her full focus in her laptop but was just listening her~

Elena : wo sweet hain….ok…tujhe unn ki bahu ban na kaisa lage ga…. ~says in a hurry and then after saying this she bite her tongue~

Sona : acha lage gaaaa……wait……. what u said….~she stands up from the bed and takes a pillow in her hand~

Elena : no….Sona…no…Aab tu chahe jou marzi kar I have recorded that in my phone and ishwari Anty came with Dev alliance today…yippppeee u agreed ….now u gonna marry…..yaaaaaayyyyy…..

Saying this Elena runs to her room and locks the door and she kept her mobile at a secret place so that Sona can’t find it….Sona kept knocking at the door but Elena didn’t opened the door and says from inside..

Elena : Sona jani…u go and sleep well…and take leave tomorrow from college and I will tell Ishwari Anty to come and take ur bahu with u…

Sona : Elena! How could u do this?? U r friend cum sister and u r doing this to me….u know everything na…..~sits by the closed door side~

Elena : Sona! I’m ur sister na so trust me, he’s best for u and if u didn’t agree to this marriage, I will give this recording to Ishwari Anty.

Sona : ok….ok… I agree Meri maa…..but plz delete the recording…

Elena: no….not until ur marriage….now go and sleep…We will talk about the rest in the morning……….

So, Dev and Sona unwillingly agreed to this marriage…..Dev Bcoz of his mother and Sona Bcoz of that recording…….. All the marriage preparation was done by Ishwari and Elena….Devakshi took least interest in it….

After one week…….

A room decorated with flowers is shown and Sona was sitting on the bed with fully dressed up in a bridal attire…..having a veil on her face and was waiting for Dev….. At first, she was quite nervous, was playing with her hands and fingers out of nervousness but she said to herself

Sona : why r u so afraid?? Be a tigress….but how…????

Dev entered the room and locked it….he looked at Sona, Sona hesitated and then sits properly. Dev comes to bed, removes his Sherwani and sits oppositely facing Sona. Without removing his veil,

Dev : I don’t want to start this new relationship with any lies. I don’t love u, nor u do…it’s a arrange marriage. We hardly even know eo and……..I……

Sona : ~removes her veil, cuts him~ and u need some time….even I need…but Dev……..we both have boarded the same boat….and I hope this boat reaches its destination safely.

Dev : sure….make two promises with me
No. :1 u will never hide antthing from me….and neither I will….what ever is this we will talk about it.

Devakshi in a union : PROMISE

No. :2 whatever is going in our private life, it will never gonna trouble our public life….u need some time….I also need…please don’t tell this to anyone outside this room…

Sona : I promise..

Dev : anything u want to say? Any promise u want from myside

Sona : just one thing….always trust me,..more than love…I need ur trust, on me…on this marriage…and everything between us.

Dev : I promise…~he holds Sona hands~ Both share an eye lock..

Sona relieves her hands from his grip and felt awkward so, she went to change. Dev unknowingly smiled. Sona came back from washroom and Dev was already sleeping. She smiled and turned off the lights and went to sleep.

Next morning:
Dev woke up before Sona and went to washroom to get ready. He came out in his tracksuit shirtless. Sona was still sleeping. He went near her, smiled at her and tucked her hair back. Water drops were there on his body….he was looking really hot. He wiped the water droplets and wore his shirt and went outside.

In hall, Ishwari and Elena were talking and Dev to joined them.

Ishwari : u woke up…but where is Sona?

Dev : she’s still sleeping. I didn’t disturb her and I’m going office.

Elena : yeah, when she will sleep so late…..she will also wake up late..”laughs”…..and Dev why r u going today? Today is ur first day after marriage.

Dev : no! Actually I have some important work. Meet u all in evening. Bye
Ishwari : ok bye….take care and I will tell Sona to call u. Ik u will be waiting for her call.

Dev nods in embarrassment….as there was nothing in between them but still, Dev was slightly getting attracted towards Sona.

Days passed by….it’s 3 months of there marriage and they both were now very good friends…no more than friends. Both have realised there love for eo but no one didn’t confessed. They enjoyed eo company and Dev was changed……he laughed, smiled and plays prank with Sona….Ishwari and Sona both also shared a cute mother-daughter bond…..

Sona was feeling herself lucky, she got mother love from ishwari, and Dev loved, cared and protected him from this wicked world like a father do for his daughter, scolded, teased and laughed with her like a friend, but something was still missing in their lives.

Elena got married and now she was leaving for USA with her husband, Sona had gone to drop Elena to airport. Dev came home….no one was there. He went to his room and opened his cupboard to change clothes. He found a diary there..it belonged to Sona. She has wrote her whole life in that diary.

He started reading it after locking the door so that, if someone comes he gets to know. After 2 hours, Dev finished reading the diary and placed it where it was….. Sona hasn’t reached till now. He called her and she picked the call.

Dev : Sona! Where r u? U haven’t reached till now….is ma with u? And what about Elena…..did she boarded??? He started encountering questions not giving her the time to speak…

Sona : hold on…hold on…..I’m on his way back home, but the traffic jam….u don’t worry I will reach till 6pm .Ma has gone to her mama g home and will return after two days and Elena boarded the flight and she was wishing both of us good luck……

Dev smiled and thinks : u stay in traffic jam and I will arrange things till six…then says to Sona…ok take care and reach home safely and cuts the call.

It’s 6pm

It was winter so it was quite dark. Sona found the door opened and went inside. She sat on the sofa in the hall keeping her bag aside. Sona called for Dev but he didn’t answered. She got up but then saw a dress on the side table with a note.

The note was

I will love to see u in this, please change in maa’s room and then come to ours…I’m waiting.

Ur and only urs

Sona got happy and blushed and went hurriedly to ishwari’s room to change. She was looking charming and stunning. She wore the Jewellery that was kept with the gown. After getting ready, she went to their room. She opened the door and was stunned with the decorations as today, she got married….

Lights were off…..candles were lightened…….the fragrance of roses were so soothing and calm….. She stepped in and called Dev. Dev came from the back, locked the door.

Sona turned back and said : what’s all this Dev???

Dev pinned her to the door and came closer to her, he slid his fingers on her face and Sona closed her eyes with his touch.
Dev : it’s for u….for Mrs. Sonakshi Dev dixit. Thank u for coming in my life. I love u and I will also prove it today….now right there…~points towards the bed~

Sonakshi blushed so hard and hugged Dev to hide her tomato face in his wide chest and said : I love u to Dev…..I should thank u for accepting me and loving me~says all this while hugging~

Dev : it’s was my pleasure…dear ~kisses his forehead and detaches her from himself and again pins her to wall~

Both were looking in eo eyes and Dev leaned for a kiss….. This was a passionate one….which lasted for many minutes and they showed all their love through this one. They departed and Sona looked down to the floor as she was shying.

Dev : farash mujh say ziada pyara aur cute hai jou ussay dekhi ja rahi ho.

Sona: who said u r cite and beautiful…..????

Dev : my office female colleagues….~says teasingly~

Sona : liar…..no one said that..and no one will ever~ she holds his collar and kissed him on his lips~

Dev took Sona in his arms while still kissing and placed her on the bed….he removed her clothes and she removed his. He came over her….

And said : Sona……I have applied for ur forms in the best medical college so that u can become the best nutritionist, and if someone disturbed u there (any men, actually when Sona did her job some men used to disturb her) tell me I will sort out. Please throw that diary now, I don’t want u to cry anymore.

Sona: ~in a low voice ~ u read that diary…awwwww Dev…she hugged him and thanked him also and then both completed eo that night making intense love……


I hope this wasn’t a waste of ur precious time. Sorry for any typo mistakes Bcoz this auto-correct is? and it was so long so I couldn’t proof read it also. Do comment silent as well as regular readers. I’m so happy that u liked the last episode of my ff…..many silent readers commented and regular readers also. U all r my support….love u all????


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