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“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile!” (SS) (Episode#1)




Hey friends! How are you all? I hope all are doing well! Well I am good as always and here with the first shot of your FF “When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile!!”

Well this may sound boring to you all that this story will be having that JANAM concept so if you dislike it so critics are acceptable but no ill language!

2 dil jo hue thay juda (Chappy 1 when Jasmin left Siddhant after finding her with Archana)…Milne ki ghari aayi hai (When Sidmin reconciled) …Jahan khatam hui thi Siddhant aur Jasmin ki kahani wahan ek nayi kahani suru ho gi…Siddharth aur Jasmine ki kahani!! (Sidmin dying in each other’s embrace is shown)
Siddhant and jasmin’s death scene is slowly observed with Hamari Adhuri Kahani playing in the BG…..
17 years later…..
The busy roads of Mumbai are shown, the running time and traffic’s noise is observed. An apartment is shown, with a tag on the house’s door saying “Jasmine’s house…Ring the bell…Or go to hell :P” A girl gets out of bed, wearing a white tee , and blue shorts, she yawns and says, “Ms.Jasmine Gupta get ready as a big day awaits you!” She gives a flying kiss to herself looking at the mirror. She goes straight in the bathroom.
The girl comes out of the bathroom dressed in a short pink crop-top and black fitted tights with her silky hair left open just a simple pink gloss over her cheeks making her look more adorable. She gets into setting her hair, when the alarm rings. The girl who was sleeping beside her wakes up due to the alarm’s sound and while rubbing her eyes shout, “Yaar Jasmine what is it??” the girl turns around and is the Xerox cope of Jasmin! (A flashback of 17 years back is shown of Jasmin) (Author: Guys please don’t get confused between Jasmin and Jasmine both are 2 different individuals Jasmine is in season 2 whereas Jasmin was in season 1)
Jasmine smiles and greets, “Good morning sweetie :)”

(The girl is Chinki)

Chinki shouts, “I am fed up of you Jasmine can’t you close your alarm?”

Jasmin closes her alarm and says, “So sorry dear but kya karron Aadat se majboor hoon!” (but what can I do I am use to it!)

Chinki also gets up from the bed and tying her hair in a messy bun hugs Jasmine and says, “Sorry” and breaks the hug!

Jasmine picking her mobile from the side table asks, “Now why are you saying sorry?”

Chinki replies, “For shouting on you early morning!”

Jasmine smiles and says, “You know what? You are mad! Totally mad! Now stop thanking and apologizing me on small things you are my friend cum sissy we have spent our entire life together so no sorry and no thank you! Okay bye love you!” she says giving a side hug to Chinki and leaving in hurry!

Chinki exclaims, “Jasmine!!!”

Jasmine stops and turns saying, “Now what?”

Chinki says, “Nothing! Best of luck!” passing a flying kiss to her!

Jasmine smiles and passes a flying kiss back and waves good bye!

Scene shifts to a mansion, a boy is getting ready in formals, he is revealed to be Zain (Author: Now look don’t compare Zain with the previous character in my story Yuvraaj) who is seen tying his shoe lace but fails to do so, he shouts, “Siddy!!!!!” a boy comes in with a cup of coffee and he is none other than Siddharth Bhasin the Xerox copy of Siddhant Gupta! (A flashback 17 years ago is shown of Sidddhant)

Siddharth asks, “What is it Zain?”

Zain replies, “Shoe lace!”

Siddharth smiles and places the cup of coffee on the side table and kneels down to tie Zain’s lace, he says while tying, “Old issue anything new and till your brother is here no problem can come near you!” he completes tying them and says, “DONE!!”

Zain and Siddharth both stand up.

Zain while placing his hand on Siddharth’s shoulder says, “Thanks bro!”

Siddharth while forwarding the cup of coffee says, “Anytime!!”

Zain gulps down a few sips and says, “Amazing!!” He keeps the coffee back and says, “Bye dude! I have to leave!”

He rushes out…Siddhartht shouts, “Aray coffee…” He sees Zain sitting in the car and waving him he smiles and gets back to study for his exams!


Precap: Jasmine and Zain meet…They be-friends…Zain tells about his brother Siddhanrth to Jasmine and promise her that he will make her meet his brother…How will they meet???

I know this update is short one but hopefully you all enjoyed sorry if you found the concept boring but thanks for your over-whelming response on the promo! That was really very sweet of u all ? If you want to read the season one so here are the links


Well good bye for now! Take care and stay blessed!
Love u all!

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