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What If TEI Ended Like This…

Just one thought….what if Tashan E Ishq ended like this….

The story starts off after Kunj is shot in Goa. Kunj (Sidhant, he didn’t have plastic surgery) comes back excited. He stops at his front door when he hears Usha and Bebe talking about Twinkle and Uv’s marriage. He leaves dejected. From there, Kunj decides to leave India and let Twinkle be happy. He moves to London. A few days later, Twinkle has a miscarriage. She decides to cancel nthe wedding with Uv. However, Uv still stayed with the Sarna family and helped them out. Uv and Twinkle managed the wedding planner company. One day, they got a huge contract from one of London’s richest businessmen. Uv and Twinkle flew to London for the wedding preparations. Finally the night of the wedding arrives. Twinkle is on her phone, busy with the arrangements. She walks into an empty hall.

Twinkle- Yes Mr. Kapoor I’ll call u back later. Thank You.
She hangs up.
Twinkle- Where are the flowers now?
Suddenly she bumps into a person and closes her eyes only to find out that she had not touched the ground. She slowly opens her eyes and is shocked to see Kunj holding her. Her eyes immediately tears up. She suddenly gives Kunj a bone-crushing hug. Kunj, also in tears, hugs her back. (Sajna Ve plays). Twinkle breaks the hug and touch’s Kunj’s face.
Twinkle- Kunj! Ur alive Kunj! Where were u all this while? Did u not think of ur Siyappa Queen even once?
Kunj looks at the ground. Twinkle hugs Kunj again. This time Kunj breaks the hug.
Kunj- Yes Twinkle. I’m still alive. It’s ok, I will leave from here. I won’t disturb u.
Twinkle is shocked.

Twinkle- Kunj…what are u saying?
Kunj- Sorry Twinkle. I didn’t want to come between u and Uv. I came back and heard about ur and Uv’s marriage. I thought u would be happy with him and I didn’t want to take away ur happiness. I’ll go now so u can be happy with Uv.
SLAP! Twinkle gives a tight slap to Kunj, leaving Kunj baffled.
Twinkle- That was ur love Kunj? U couldn’t trust ur Twinkle for one sec? U didn’t think about what I felt? U just heard what people were saying and all ur trust flew away just like that?
Twinkle starts crying and runs away. She bumps into Uv, who sees Kunj. Twinkle runs away.
Uv- Kunj…ur alive?
Kunj- Sorry yaar. I though u were out to kill me, but actually it was Anita auntie….
Uv looks around embarrassed.
Kunj- Please forgive me if u can. And please keep Twinkle happy and u guys have a happily married life.
Uv- No no Kunj! There’s a big misunderstanding here. Twinkle and I aren’t married.
Kunj is shocked.

Kunj- What?
Uv- Yea. Twinkle was pregnant with ur child. That’s why the whole family wanted us to get married but Twinkle always loved u and never wanted this marriage. But that poor girl, out of all that stress, suffered a miscarriage. Then she broke off the marriage. Kunj, not one moment did Twinkle not miss u. She always loved u.
Kunj- What? My child….OMG! What did I do? I was so stupid! What was I thinking? Uv, please tell me where Twinkle is please!
Uv- Kunj, Twinkle is more hurt than angry Kunj. It’s better if u leave her alone now.

(Mahi’s Flat…)

Twinkle is in the bed crying while hugging a pillow. A hand is placed on her shoulder. She looks up and sees Mahi.
Mahi- Twinkle di….
Twinkle immediately hugs Mahi.
Mahi- Di what happened?
Twinkle- Mahi…Kunj….
Mahi- Jiju? What about jiju?
Twinkle- Mahi, Kunj is alive!
Mahi- What?!
Twinkle tells the whole story to Mahi. The next day Twinkle wakes up and sees heart shaped ballon all around the room. She wakes up and sees a note on her bed. She opens the note and reads: “I’m Sorry.” Twinkle pops the balloons and opens the door and sees Kunj standing there pouting and holding his ears. Twinkle storms past her and out of the flat. Kunj stands there heartbroken. Mahi goes up to him.
Mahi- Jiju, I know that u realized ur mistake. But di is really mad now. U will have to do something extra special to pacify her.
Kunj- Mahi, I messed up. But now that I’m back, I won’t let my Siyappa Queen leave me.
Kunj leaves the flat. A few minutes later, someone rings the bell and Mahi opens the door. She sees Uv standing in front of her.
Mahi- Yuvraj……what are you doing here?
Uv- Mahi can I please come in?
Mahi- I don’t think…

Uv- Mahi please. I need to talk to you.
Mahi lets Uv in.
Uv- Mahi please forgive me. I’m really sorry for everything I did. I have changed now. I’m not that old Yuvraj. I have finally realized that Twinkle and Kunj love each other and I was only an obstacle between them.
Mahi avoids eye contact with Uv.
Uv- Mahi please forgive me. I did many crimes with you. I played with ur feelings…are I even tried to kill you. I know that was a huge crime and maybe u won’t forgive me. But I’m really apologizing from the bottom of my heart. Please Mahi.
Mahi- Look Yuvraj, I’m not that same Mahi anymore. Ur sweet talks won’t melt my heart anymore. I have changed also.
Uv- Mahi, I’m not…..uggg….what can I do to make u realize that I’m really sorry and that I actually changed.
Mahi- Fine. I’ll give u one chance. U have to get di and jiju back together again.
Uv- Fine. I will do that. If only then u can forgive me.
Uv leaves Mahi’s flat.
Mahi- I don’t know what to do. I saw truth in Yuvraj’s eyes. But those eyes are the same eyes that betrayed me once. How can I trust him again?

Next Scene….

Twinkle is walking on the street. Suddenly someone holds a flower bouquet in front of her. The person moves the flowers revealing their face. It’s none other than Kunj. Twinkle rolls her eyes and keeps walking. Kunj gives her chocolates. She throws them. (Love me Thoda Aur plays in bg). He gives her balloons but Twinkle pops them. Kunj gives her ice cream and Twinkle throws them also. Then he holds out a soft, cute teddy bear in front of Twinkle. Twinkle takes it and lifts her arm to throw it but then stops. She looks at the teddy bear. It is holding a little heart with its hands that says I love you. Twinkle looks at the bear and smiles a little but hides it. She takes the bear and walks away. Kunj smiles watching her leave. Twinkle goes back to Mahi;s flat and lays on the bed and looks at the teddy bear. She smiles. Mahi walks into the room and Twinkle hides the bear.
Mahi- Di, I’m going out. Don’t wait for me and have dinner. I’ll be late. Bye!
Twinkle- Bye take care!
Mahi leaves the flat and meets Uv outside. She gives Uv a thumbs up. Mahi and Uv wait in Uv’s car. It becomes night time.
Yuvraj- Thanks Mahi for trusting me.
Mahi- I just want di and jiju back together. I hope this plan works.
Uv thinks- Wow Mahi has such a big heart. How did I not notice this before?

It starts raining outside. Uv and Mahi go and cut the power line to the lights. Twinkle gets scared inside the flat as all the lights go out. She sits on the bed and hold’s Kunj’s teddy. Lightning flashes and thunder roars outside. Twinkle sees a shadow approaching her.
Twinkle- Who is it? Who…..
The shadow comes closer to her. As the lightning flashes, Twinkle sees Kunj’s face.
Twinkle- Kunj….
She runs to Kunj and hugs him. Kunj hugs her back. (Sajna Ve plays). A few minutes later, Twinkle breaks the hug.
Twinkle- Tum! What are you doing here?
Kunj holds Twinkle’s wrist and leads her to the living room.
Twinkle- Kunj. What are you doing? Leave me!
Twinkle gets to the living room and is amazed to see what was in front of her. She looks around to see the whole room decorated with candles and rose petals. In the center, she sees a heart shaped chocolate cake.
Twinkle- Kunj, what is all this?
Kunj- Twinkle please forgive me.

Twinkle- I already told u Kunj.
Twinkle turns away.
Kunj- Fine! Then what is the reason for me to live anymore?
Twinkle is surprised and turns around to look at Kunj. She is shocked to see him holding a knife to his wrist.
Twinkle- Kunj what are you doing? Kunj put the knife down.
Kunj (in tears)- Twinkle, u are my life. If u are leaving me then what is the meaning of this life? Our story started with our tashan e shaadi. I don’t know when it our tashan turned into ishq, but trust me Twinkle. I have always loved you and I know u love me too.
Twinkle gets emotional listening to Kunj’s words. She runs to him and throws the knife away.
Twinkle- I love you Kunj. And I won’t ever leave you!
Kunj smiles and hugs her. After a few minutes, they break the hug.
Kunj- Tu kitni bari drama queen hai na?
Twinkle- Drama queen nahi, sirf queen.
Kunj- Meri queen.
Twinkle smiles. Kunj leans in towards Twinkle. Twinkle covers Kunj’s mouth.
Twinkle- Not now.
Kunj pouts.
Kunj- Kyun?
Twinkle- Shaadi ke baad.
Kunj- Shaadi? We are already married.
Twinkle- No Kunj. We were separated for five years. I want to start our life with a fresh start.
Kunj- That’s such a long time! Now what?

Twinkle- Intezaar ka fal meeta hota hain. Now I have to patch up with my break up.
Kunj- Break up? But we patched up already.
Twinkle- Not this break up.
Kunj (possessive)- Which other break up?
Twinkle- Are, this morning I had a break up with my sleep. Now I need to patch up with it. Why? What were u thinking?
Kunj- No…nothing.
Twinkle pulls Kunj’s cheek.
Twinkle- Awww ur sooo cute when u get jealous.
They touch their foreheads together when Yuhi walks in. They see Twinj in that state and smile.
Mahi- All good between u two?
Uv- Yaar Kunj looks like our plan worked.
Twinkle- Plan? So this was all ur plan?
She hits Kunj’s chest. Yuhi laughs. Twinj and Yuhi go back to Amritsar and Twinj’s wedding is fixed.
Bebe- Thank god everything is fixed between u two.
Usha- Ha bebe. Now Twinkle, u won’t be leaving us again. And Kunj…
She hold’s Kunj’s ear.

Kunj- Ahhhh ma…
Usha- Next time u try to leave my bahu, remember this.
Everyone laughs.
Mahi- Ok then I will take di and stay with ma and dad at Taneja mansion until the wedding.
Mahi turns to leave when Uv holds her wrist.
Mahi- Yuvraj…
Uv- Mahi I know I have done wrong with you. I want to apologize to everyone for all my bad deeds. But I think I have gotten my punishment Mahi.
Uv kneels down on one knee.
Uv- Mahi, I love you, for real this time. Will u marry me and accept ur Yuvraj?
Mahi is shocked. She looks at the whole family. They nod their head. She looks at Kunj who nods his head also. She looks at Twinkle. Twinkle smiles at Mahi. Mahi looks back at Uv and smiles. She nods her head yes. Everyone cheers as Yuhi hug. Anita walks in.
Anita- Uv! What is all this? U and Mahi?
Uv- Mom please. U always wanted to see ur son happy right? Look. I am happy with Mahi. Please mom.
Anita looks around at the whole family and then at Uv and Mahi. She lowers her head and folds her hands.
Anita- If it is possible, please forgive me. I only wanted to see my son happy. In that craze, I did many sins. Please forgive me.
Bebe- It’s good that u realized ur mistake Anita. Now we will have two weddings!

Twinj and Yuhi get married on the same day.
Photographer- One family photo!
The Sarna, Luthra, and Taneja family all stand together. Kunj slowly holds Twinkle’s hand as she stands next to him. Twinkle looks at Kunj. They smile as they look into each other’s eyes.


Tashan e Ishq ended with a beautiful note. Words cannot describe the emotion filled journey I had with this show. I may come across being too obsessed with it, but what can I do, this show had some magic that captured me and made me fall in love with it. Although deep down inside, I always wanted Mahi to come back for Uv. But it’s ok, if Uv is happy with Simple, then I’m happy. Sid may not be there for the end of the show, but he will always remain a huge part of it. But when he came at the celebration party…I fell in love with Sidmin all over again. Thank you TEI for giving us such a wonderful cast and obviously such a wonderful fan base. I really cried watching the last moments of my favorite show. ?Can’t believe I will never get to see Sid, Zain, Jasmin, or Naman together onscreen again. I’ll miss every member of the cast and especially miss Jasmin. She was amazing throughout the whole show. Hats off to her. Zain was the best villain shown and ever will be shown onscreen. Last but not least, the beautiful couple, Twinj (Sidmin) will never be forgotten. TEI will live on amongst us on TU and my hope is that all the writers will keep TEI alive.

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