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“We were known has Kunj & Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine & Sidhant” Episode 4

“We were known has Kunj & Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine & Sidhant” Episode 4

So damn sorry for the delay because school has started and I can’t post much. Also I am in grade 12 so I need to focus on my school work, just give me some time… Anyways Hey guys Nusz is back aha with your favorite Fan-Fiction of Twinj aka Sidmin (From Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so I wanted to give a try out for Twinj because I am big fan of them xx. I also love Tiwraj. Well I hope you will enjoy episode one today. I will try to make this Fan-Fiction longer I guess well it depends anyways if people like it I will continue aha xx.

Link for Intro and Episode 1, 2 & 3:


“We were known has Kunj & Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine & Sidhant” Episode 2 (First meet)

“We were known has Kunj & Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine & Sidhant” Episode 3



Near the office

Principal: Okay Sidhant can you please tell us what exactly happened?

Sidhant: Look I have no idea, these boys just come up and beat me up badly

Principal: There has to be a reason why they beat you up

Ravi: Excuse me sir, Sidhant doesn’t even know them

Principal: Do you guys know him?

Boys: No we don’t

Principal: Then why do you beat this boy up?

Boys: Because it’s fun to beat them up

Ravi: You guys are such idiots

Shravan: Ravi relax

Ravi: Hell no they hurt my best friend

Sidhant then manages to see Jasmine from the door and realizes she told those goons to beat him up.

Sidhant: Guys I want to leave home

Principal: Are you sure you’re fine Mr. Gupta?

Sidhant: Yes sir and I would love to go home

Principal: Now for you boys

Jasmine and Nia see them coming

Nia: Hurry we need to leave before they see us

Jasmine: Oh god

Ravi: Why did you punish them?

Sidhant: What’s their crime when someone else caused it?

Shravan: What are you trying to say?

Sidhant: You will see

Shravan: Sid you’re already hurt


Jasmine and Nia stop. Jasmine turns around and sees Sidhant limping towards her.

Ravi and Shravan walk after him.

Shravan: What the hell is he doing?

Ravi: I had a feeling she would be the one behind the beating

Sidhant walks towards Jasmine. Sidhant then starts clapping his hands.

Sidhant: Wah what a game Jasmine? What’s your last name?

Nia: It’s Bhasin

Sidhant: Did you mean basket of bullying?

Jasmine: You need to control your language

Sidhant gets angry and holds her neck

Nia: What the hell are you doing?

Shravan: Oh my god Sid

Ravi: No don’t do anything

Shravan: He will kill her

Ravi: I know what he will do

Shravan: Ravi

Ravi: Just wait and watch because I knew it was her the whole time

Nia: Let go of Jasmine

Sidhant: You will be next and I swear to god it will be worse than this

Sidhant then let’s go and she falls on the ground.

Jasmine: How dare you choke my neck, I will tell the principal

Sidhant: What about the beating you caused for me?

Jasmine: I didn’t do it

Sidhant: Oh really? I have prove against you

Jasmine: Look you dropped me on the ground yesterday

Sidhant: You’re so disgusting, just because I dropped you on the ground you had to get me beaten up… What kind of girl are you? I would literally slap you right now but I don’t have the guts to hit a woman but you do deserve a slap but I have my manners so I won’t do anything like that.

Ravi: Dude just let her go

Sidhant: I don’t even want to talk to her; I just came here to teach her a lesson

Shravan: And some people aren’t worth it

Ravi: Sidhant you need to go home and rest

Sidhant: No I am not done with her

Nia: I think that’s enough for today, don’t you think?

Sidhant: Oh shut up you’re the problem here

Nia: I didn’t ask for your information

Jasmine: Look I didn’t mean to hurt you like that; I didn’t tell them to beat you up like that in fact I just told them to hit you a bit

Shravan: But still they beat him up so badly look at his face

Ravi: And nobody hits his face

Jasmine: Look I know it was wrong

Sidhant: Just stop I don’t want to hear it anymore; I just want to tell you something before leaving… “Learn how to treat others well and then people will do the same”

Sidhant and Jasmine share an eye lock when he finally breaks it and walks away from there. Shravan and Ravi were about to go when Ravi stops and says.

Ravi: Nia I know this is your plan who else would think about something nasty like this?

Shravan: Ravi

Ravi: I am just clarifying my statement before leaving

Nia: Yes it was my plan but also hers too

Ravi: Mostly yours

Ravi then leaves and Shravan looks at them and goes along too.

Nia: Forget about them

Jasmine: No Nia it was wrong to get him beaten up for something so stupid

Nia: I know but it wasn’t your fault

Jasmine: Ofc it was I told them to beat him up

Nia: But

Jasmine: Nia I want to be left alone

Nia: But it’s almost 6pm

Jasmine: I don’t care I will manage going home by myself

Jasmine leaves and Nia looks on.


At the temple

The woman is resting her head on the flat place where she prays to god.

Woman: Hai Kalima today I have feeling they will meet again

The woman holds the paper of the past

Woman: You remember this paper right? It’s the person who killed two lovers and I need you to kill that person

The women is praying to god and sees a vision

Women: Thank you so much Kalima

The women smiles and prays to god


On the road/Cliff (Around 9pm)

Jasmine is walking on the road. She is also remembering what Sidhant told her outside the college and regrets her behavior and attitude towards him.

Jasmine: I am such a horrible person, I just took revenge from him about something stupid

Jasmine looks at the view from the cliff and sees the whole city of Mumbai.

Jasmine: I don’t know but sometimes I feel like I am connected to this place in many ways

Jasmine picks up a stone and looks at it.

Jasmine: I feel like I am stone with a cold heart

Jasmine then starts walking away from the cliff when she hears something.

Jasmine: Who’s there?

Jasmine gets worried and panics


Near Shravan’s Farmhouse

Shravan: Sid listen to me for once

Sidhant: I need to leave my mom is waiting for me

Shravan: I know I am leaving my farmhouse too

Sidhant: Look I promised my mom I would go with her at the temple tomorrow

Ravi: Dude relax we will leave in a bit but first did you take your medicines the doctor gave you?

Shravan: Wait why did you take the bandage of your face?

Sidhant: Because I felt like it

Shravan: What the hell is wrong with you?

Ravi: Dude you don’t look good

Sidhant: I am totally fine okay

Ravi: Okay I think we should be leaving; did you grab all your bags?

Sidhant: We only stayed overnight not the whole entire summer vaction

Shravan: We know that but the day after tomorrow is when college starts

Sidhant: I don’t care anymore okay, I am tired I just need to reach home

Ravi: Sid are you alright?

Sidhant: No I am not… I can’t believe it someone would stood so low just because of dropping them on the ground even though you saved their live

Shravan: I know how you feel right now but I promise you will get over it

Sidhant: No way I can’t get over something that happened right in front of my eyes

Ravi: Sid life isn’t always easy for everyone

Sidhant: You know what Ravi? I am suffering everyday because stuff that I don’t even know

Ravi: I know what you’re saying

Sidhant: No you don’t

Shravan: Guys please stop fighting

Sidhant starts feeling dizzy and Ravi catches him.

Ravi: What the hell is your problem?

Sidhant: I am fine

Shravan: No you’re not fine

Sidhant makes an angry face while Shravan and Ravi look on.


Outside Sana’s House

Nia: Sana are you sure Jas didn’t come back to your place?

Sana: I thought she left with you

Nia: No Jas told me she’s going alone and your house too

Sana: But she didn’t come here

Nia: Oh god where did she go?

Sana: Nia this your fault and you know that

Nia: How the hell is it my fault?

Sana: Because you made an innocent boy get beaten up

Nia: I didn’t tell them to beat him that badly

Sana: That’s still rude and selfish

Nia: Okay I am sorry

Sana: Sorry we need to ask them if they saw Jasmine

Nia: Why them?

Sana: Because you idiot if we don’t find her on time it will cause problems for her

Nia: Oh shiit you’re right because she needs to reach home

Sana: Yes now hurry up

Nia: But do we have to ask them for help?

Sana: Yes hurry up

Nia: Great

Sana and Nia run towards Shravan’s farmhouse.


Near the cliff

Jasmine: This place reminds me something?

Jasmine holds her head and hears someone screaming

*Flashback 20 years back*



Twinkle runs towards Kunj and jumps

Twinkle: Guess what?

Kunj: What?

Twinkle: Guess?

Kunj: What?

Twinkle: I said guess

Kunj: You love me?

Twinkle: Ofc I love you

Kunj: Then why are you asking me this question?

Twinkle: Because I love you

Kunj: Twinkle why did you bring me near this cliff though?

Twinkle: I want our angel to see the whole city of Mumbai

Kunj: Angel? Are we dying already?

Twinkle: No duffer

Kunj: Then what are you talking about?

Twinkle hits Kunj’s head and says

Twinkle: Touch this

Twinkle makes Kunj touch her tummy and he gets shocked and laughs a bit after.

Kunj: You’re joking right?

Twinkle: No I am not

Kunj: I am going to be a father?

Twinkle: Yes

Kunj: Oh my god Twinkle you have given me everything

Twinkle: I always wanted you to smile like this

Kunj: This is the best gift ever

Twinkle: I love you

Kunj: I love you so much

Kunj kisses Twinkle on the forehead and cheeks

Twinkle: Kunj relax the baby isn’t even born yet and you’re happier than me

Kunj: Because you have given me the best gift ever

Twinkle: And I got you

Kunj: Well I need to tell you something

Twinkle: Yes what is it?

Kunj: I want a baby girl

Twinkle: No fighting over the genders

Kunj: Oh come on

Twinkle: I want twins one baby girl and another boy

Kunj: I knew you were going to say that

Twinkle: Yea right

Kunj: I promise I don’t lie

Twinkle: You always have

Kunj: Accha? (Okay?)

Kunj turns around Twinkle and hugs her from the back. They both let their arms out and let the wind go through them.

Twinkle: Kunj what are you doing?

Kunj: Now our baby will know the meaning of love

Twinkle smiles and Kunj hugs her tighter

*Flashback ends*

Jasmine: Why do I feel like I am connected to this place?

Jasmine tries to remember but fails to do so but then she sees a locket on the ground that looks pretty old.

Jasmine: This locket it seems so old

Jasmine picks it up and looks at it

Jasmine: I wonder what this locket is doing here.


Outside Shravan’s Car

Shravan: Okay can we leave now?

Ravi: Yea I finally got my books

Shravan: You’re such a nerd

Ravi: Are you dumb?

Sidhant: Guys I don’t want to hear your fights

Shravan: Why are you acting like this?

Sidhant: Because I am not in the mood

Nia and Sana reach there and sees them.

Sana: Shravan!!

Shravan turns around and sees Sana running towards him.

Shravan: Sana what are you doing here?

Ravi: Great the idiot came along too

Nia: Who did you call idiot?

Ravi: My uncle

Nia: I thought so

Ravi: Just shut up

Sidhant: What the hell are you guys doing?

Sana: We need your help finding Jasmine

Sidhant: Why me? So she can beat me up again?

Sana: No she just left the college after you bashed her that is what Nia said

Sidhant: Okay so?

Sana: I think she’s in danger… Please can you help out?

Shravan: Just this once

Sidhant: I am not helping

Shravan: Remember you’re someone who always saves others

Nia: Uffu

Ravi: Look you idiot

Nia: Excuse me

Sana and Shravan look on.

San and Shravan: Can you two shut up for once?

Nia: ugh he started it

Ravi: Hmm

Shravan: Okay where is she?

Ravi: Wait where is Ravi?

Sana: He was just here

Nia: He probably ran away

Ravi: Shut up will you

Shravan: Oh god his already injured

Sana: We need to find both of them

They all leave


Near the cliff

Jasmine then goes near the cliff and looks at the city.

Jasmine: I don’t why I get these thoughts but whatever I did today was totally wrong…

Jasmine was about to turn around and leave when she trips. She was about to fall when someone holds her hand. The guy was Sidhant he holds her hand she stares at him.

Jasmine: Sidhant…

Sidhant then pulls Jasmine back up and she falls on him. Jasmine holds his collar and looks at his face when he makes an annoying face instead. Jasmine looks at Sidhant’s cut and feels guilty.

Jasmine: Thank you

Sidhant then let’s her go and was leaving when he feels dizzy. She catches him on time.

Jasmine: Sidhant are you okay?

Sidhant looks at her for awhile and then jerks her hand off him.

Sidhant: Don’t try to win my heart just because I saved you.

Sana, Nia, Shravan and Ravi reach the spot.

Ravi: Dude are you okay?

Sana: Jas you okay?

Jasmine: Yes I am fine

Sidhant: I want to leave right now, I will be waiting near the car

Sidhant leaves from there and Jasmine looks at him.

Ravi: Dude wait up

Shravan: Take care.

Nia (In mind): Why is Jasmine so concerned about him?

Sana: Jasmine you should be thankful he saved you again

Jasmine: I know I am, I need to talk to him

Sana: I am afraid his long gone with his friends

Jasmine looks on.

Jasmine: I feel guilty

Sana: We should get going it’s already past your bed time because tomorrow your mom is coming to pick you up

Nia: What the hell

Sana: Nia you coming?

Nia: Yea I am

They all leave too


Sidhant’s House (Morning)

Deepika: Welcome back

Sidhant: I came back home yesterday

Deepika: Sid what happened to your face?

Sidhant: Don’t worry Ma I am totally fine

Deepika: No you’re not

Sidhant: Ma stop panicking I am fine I promise

Deepika: But what happened

Sidhant: I will tell you on the way

Deepika: We can go another day

Sidhant: No Ma I promised this day

Deepika: Are you sure?

Sidhant: Yes I am sure

Deepika: Okay you get ready and I will get some medicines

Sidhant: Oh Ma I am totally fine

Deepika: If you don’t take the medicine we’re not going anywhere

Sidhant: Okay fine

Deepika: By the way where did Ravi and Shravan go?

Sidhant: Somewhere and will be back tomorrow

Deepika: Okay you hurry up and get ready and I will bring the medicine

Sidhant: Fine


Outside Sana’s House/Near the car

Jasmine: Well my mom didn’t come today either

Sana: She’s probably busy again

Jasmine: Like always

Sana: Remember when college starts in two days first thing you do is?

Jasmine: Say sorry to Sidhant

Sana: Yes

Nia: Can we go now?

Jasmine: Are you sure?

Sana: Yes I can manage; Ammi is coming back today anyways

Jasmine: Okay I will see you in two days

Sana: Bye

They hug while Nia is waiting in the car for Jasmine. Jasmine arrives and leaves with the driver


Mansion of his/her


Maid: You can’t just kill that lady at the temple

Person: She knows too much

Maid: But

Person: Then I will kill her myself

Maid: You can’t kill her

Person: Why not?

Maid: Because someone else is telling her things

Person: What do you mean?

Maid: The story you caused 20 years back

Person: How do you know?

Maid: I just do

Person: What are you trying to say?

Maid: Your real face

Person looks at the Maid very confusedly


At the temple

Deepika: Okay I will be right back

Sidhant: I am going inside to pray to Guru Ji?

Deepika: Accha Baba I will be outside giving some food to the poor

Sidhant: Ma you’re the sweetest

Deepika: I just loving sharing

Sidhant: And I love you

Sidhant enters the place to pray in front of guru while Deepika leaves from there.


Outside the temple

Jasmine: Driver stop the car

Nia: Why what happened?

Jasmine: I promised Sana I would pray to god for good luck

Nia: Really?

Jasmine: You still here while I am gone

Nia: Okay then

Jasmine closes the door’s car and puts a scarf around her car. She climbs the stairs on the temple.


Inside the temple (Guru)

Sidhant starts praying to god and says.

Sidhant: I just hope my family and friends always stay safe like always and I hope I never see someone selfish ever again

Jasmine enters the hall and sees a guy sitting there but doesn’t is face. She sits near him and starts praying.

The song Ishq Risk starts playing.

A dialogue is said from the movie

“Aaj ki farmaish Billu Munni aur Shamp ki Raampur Meerut aur Itava se, sangeet hai Sohail Sen ka, bol hain Dr. Irshad Kamil ke, pesh karte hain, har aashiq ke dil ko kuredane wala gaana, kaisa ye ishq hai, ajab sa risk hai.”

Jasmine is praying and gets up while Sidhant is still praying. The wind blows her dupptta and gets stuck on Sidhant’s face.

Tune plays.

“Koi bole dariya hai
(kaisa, kaisa hai isq)
Koi maane sehra hai
(kaisa, kaisa hai isq)”

Sidhant gets memorized by the touch of her scarf.

“Koi bole dariya hai
(kaisa, kaisa hai isq)
Koi maane sehra hai
(kaisa, kaisa hai isq)”

Sidhant pulls the dupptta and Jasmine turns the other way. Sidhant turns around doesn’t see her face because it’s turned the other way. Sidhant then gets up.

“Koi sone sa tole re
Koi maati sa bole re
Koi bole ke chandi ka hai chhura
Hota aise ye mauke pe
Roka jaaye na roke se
Achha hota hai
Hota hai ye bura
Kaisa ye isq hai…
Ajab sa risk hai
Kaisa ye isq hai…
Ajab sa risk hai..
Ajab sa risk hai…”

Jasmine covers her face with her hands while Sidhant covers the dupptta all around her.

Sidhant: I am sorry

Jasmine realizes his voice

“Kaisa isq hai
Kaisa isq hai
Kaisa isq hai”

Sidhant starts leaving the temple and Jasmine runs after him.

“Musqilon mein ye daale
Jo bhi chaahe kara le
Badle ye dilo’n ke faisle
Mann ka mauji isq to ji
Albeli si raho’n pe le chale”

Sidhant starts leaving the place while Jasmine runs after him. Jasmine scarf falls on him again.

“Musqilon mein ye daale
Jo bhi chaahe kara le
Badle ye dilo’n ke faisle
Mann ka mauji isq to ji
Albeli si raho’n pe le chale”

Sidhant stops and says to himself

Sidhant: This scarf again? Why is this scarf only falling on me?

Jasmine: Oh no it fell on him again

Jasmine runs towards him but trips on the carpet and they both fall on the ground surrounded with people around them.
“Koi peechhe na aage hai
Phir bhi jaane kyun bhaage hai
Maare isqe ka isqe ka dil mera
Iske uske ye hisse mein
Tere mere ye qisse mein
Maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikha
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai”

Jasmine falls on the top of Sidhant while the scarf falls on top off them. They both share an eye lock. Sidhant holds on her waist tightly while she hugs his neck because of the tight pressure around them.

“Naina laage to jaage
Bina dori ya dhaage
Bandhte hain do naina khwaab se
Na ataa ho na pata ho
Kore naino mein koi aa base”

Sidhant gets shocked seeing and tries getting up but she falls back on him again because of the tight pressure and this time their faces are really closes to each other.

Sidhant: You were here the whole time?

Jasmine: I didn’t know you were here and I want to tell you something…

Sidhant: Sshh…

“Naina laage to jaage
Bina dori ya dhaage
Bandhte hain do naina khwaab se
Na ataa ho na pata ho
Kore naino mein koi aa base”

They both share an eye lock again. Sidhant finally gets up but their bracelets are stuck to each other so they come closer again.

“Iska uska na iska hai
Jaane kitna hai kiska hai
Kaisi bhaasa mein bhasa mein hai likha
Iske uske ye hisse mein
Tere mere ye qisse mein
Maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikha”

They both take it off and stare at each other while the wind blows.

The woman says

“The first step of falling in love again”

They stare at each other

“Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..”

The song ends with their eye lock breaking apart.

Sidhant: What are you doing here?

Jasmine: I didn’t know you were here and also I came here to say sorry

Sidhant: I don’t want to hear anything

Jasmine: Sidhant wait

Sidhant: Just stay out of my way or I will tell the office everything about your dirty game

Jasmine gets shocked and Sidhant looks at her with an angry face.

Episode ends.

Moral – “Sometimes love can happen twice if you give another chance”

Recap: College has started and Jasmine is trying to get Sidhant to forgive her. Jasmine dances in front of Sidhant which makes him flawless. The women is kidnapped because of the person who killed Twinkle and Kunj also three new characters to enter in the upcoming episodes which would causes problems and make some better. Ravi gets angry with Nia for her behavior towards other and bashes her. Sana and Shravan find out something shocking about the goons. Jasmine gets romantic with Sidhant. Sidhant says Twinkle which totally shocks her and lastly flashbacks of Twinj’s story.


Characters of the Fan-Fiction (More revealed in the upcoming episodes)

Jasmine Bhasin (Known has Twinkle Taneja in TEI)

Sidhant Gupta (Known has Kunj Sarna in TEI)

Nia Sharma (Known has Roshni Khurana in Jamai Raja)

Ravi Dubey (Known has Siddharth Roshni Khurana in Jamai Raja)

Shravan Reddy (Known has Aryan from Krishnadasi)

Sana Amin (Known has Aradhya from Kirshnadasi)

Deepika Amin (Known has Usha Manohar Sarna in Tashan – E – Ishq

Woman a temple (Will be revealed later)

Twinj love destroyer (Will be revealed soon)

Surbhi Joyti (Known has Mallika from Ishqbaaz)


(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)

Btw I’ll post the next episode when I have time aha xx.

Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy Episode 4!! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work so Hmm aha xx.)

Love you guys by Nusz aha xx.

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