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Vishkanya 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Laila is about to bite Avi’s neck with her sharp chudail teeth when Apu enters. Avi gets up seeing her. Laila angrily thinks Apu spoilt her dinner. Malay also comes and they all 4 get into car and leave from there. On the way, Apu asks Malay to stop car as she needs to go to washroom. He says it is very dark outside. Apu says Laila will accompany her. Laila asks she..Avi asks Laila to go. Laila follows Apu hesitantly.


Nandita tries to escape from Mandir and Mandira strangulates her neck. Kumkum rings door b ell. Mandira thinks she should not know about this. Kumkum continues ringing bell. Nandita escapes and tries to open door, but Mandira comes and starts strangulating her neck again and yells she troubled her a lot asking to eat this, that, etc.. She reminds all her sins an says even she will get some punya for killing Nandita and kills Nandita finally. Kumkum realizes duplicate key is in her bag itself, opens door and enters calling Nandita.

Apu takes Laila/Yakshini near her tree, removes her neem tulsi beed anklet and gets into her vishkanya form. She asks Laila to tell where her mom is ad strangulates her neck. Laila pushes her hand and says she cannot harm her. Apu says she will not kill her via her poison and brought her here to burn her tree. She gets torch. Malay and Avi come to check seeing them not returning yet. Laila sees Avi and Malay and acts. Malay asks Apu if she was trying to harm Laila, why is she in vishkanya form. Laila cries Apu wants to burn her. Apu says sh ewill not any evil spirit in her house and not let Laila marry Avi. She snatches tortch from Malay and burns tree. Laila also burns and vanishes. Malay and Avi are shocked. Apu informs them that Laila was yakshini chudail and Mandira is also a chudail.

Precap: Precap will be posted soon.

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