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Vishkanya 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Malay and Apu search Kalpana. Apu says she knows her mom would be. They travel in a car and search Kalpana in a locaity. Laila calls Mandira and informss that Kalpana escaped. Malay’s car breaks down on a road. Kalpana escapes from Laila’s goons and hides. She sees car and hopes she gets into it before goons catch her again. Malay’s car restarts automatically and he is surprised. He moves car. Kalpana waves, but Mandira catches her and pulls back.


Malay and Apu return home sadly. Naani cries. Apu consoles her and thinks she knows who has kidnapped mom, but cannot tell anyone. Mandira returns back to Mittal house and seeing halwa says she loves halwa. Nandita asks what was she talking to Laila, who eloped. Mandira says her friend eloped from hospital.

Laila comes back with Avi and thinks she did not taste a man since many days, she should taste Avi at least now. Avi walks towards door. He then suddenly sees her in front of him. She says hugs him and says let us go out again. He gets nervous and says Kalpana is missing and Apu is tensed, he needs to help her first. Apu hears that. Laila’s eyes turn red. Malay comes an dpushes Apu. Abhi pushes Laila sees Apu. Apu says he does not have to cancel his date because of her.

Apu goes to terrace to dry clothes. Malay comes and clashes with her over a sari. Their romantic nok jhok starts.

Nandita serves halwa to Mansi’s daughter and says her mamma also likes it. Daugter says she does not like halwa. Mandira comes and tries to pamper her. She pushes Mandira and says she is not her mamma. Nandita gets suspicious. She goes to Mandira’s room thinking what is missing that she cannot see. She folds Mandira’s sari and sees Kalpana’s earring in it and thinks if Mandir and Kalpana fought.. Laila on the other side thinks she will use Avi tonight. Apu thinks she has to confront Mandira’s puppet Laila and know their plan tonight.

Precap: Apu slips and Malay holds her. Mandira says Nandita she will tell her who she is and shows her chudail face in mirror.

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