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vishkanya 21st September 2016 fan fiction

The episode starts with Malay sits on chair..md comes there and tells him to clean table and chairs becoz customers will be coming now..malay agrees..Apu sees this and gets stunned..she comes there and takes towel and cleans it..MD sees this and plans something and calls customer friend..he comes there and stands near counter..apu leaves there..apu tells malay not to clean everything..i will be back..she smiles.he nods his head..apu leaves to counter..Customer asks about new offer?apu explains them..customers starts coming..malay cleans all table and chairs..apu gets teary eyes and does computer work..Avi calls someone and tells i have done my work..he thnx him..Lady comes to temple and all fixes everything and leaves from there..

Shops gets closed.!…Apulay comes out..apu cries..malay wipes her tears..MD smiles..he tells this time their love will end..he smiles evilly..all leaves..MD tells another worker to romance at home and not here..they understands and leaves from there and comes to house..Avi tells them to come..Apu tells we need to get ready..malay tells her to be quiet.apu tells we are working and we are not sitting in house and eating food wastely..Avi tells i knew u meant me..i have arranged job..after marriage i will go..
Apu leaves inside with malay..Avi waits..


Apulay comes there and sits in car..all comes to temple..apu tells this is like new one..i did not even seen this before?Avi fiance tells this is our family temple..all gets inside..wind blows apu feels something is wrong..all goes inside..all starts praying god..pandit performs rituals..Apu prays for malay long life..malay prays for apu happiness..
Avi signs someone..all gets in..Veiled lady comes there with transgenders..they dance around apulay..all others leaves nicely from there..

Precap: Transgenders asks money..malay checks his purse is empty and gets shocked..Malay tells i have no money..transgenders laughs at him

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