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Vishkanya 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Malay scolds Apu to be in her limits and not trouble her family members even if she is worried about his family’s safety. Apu says whatever he says, she will proave that black evil smoke.


Laila asks Mandira why she needs Malay and Apu’s child. Mandira laughs and look at her chuidail avatar in mirror says to get her youth back. Malay and Apu’s vishkanya and human mixed child’s blood will keep her youth alive.

Apu prays devi maa to protect Malay’s family from black evil smoke. She says black smoke killed her friend Vardaan and she will not spare black smoke. She determines to expose Mandira in front of Malay and prepares ladoos with sliver foil on it. She tells Malay that silver is poisonous to evil spirits. Malay does not believe her.

Apu serves laddoos to everyone. Laila sees silver foil on laddoos and says she is dieting and cannot have it. Apu then insists Mandira to have it. She says even she is dieting. Avi says she has to for his and Laila’s sake. Nandita also insits. Apu looks at Malay to prove her point. Mandira takes ladoo and drops it. Apu forces her t take one more laddoo. Mandira eats ladoo and starts coughing and runs from there. Apu looks at Malay again.

Mandira goes to her room and coughs up blood. She fumes that she will take revenge from Apu. Laila comes and knocks dooor. Mandira opens door. Laila says she brought her herbal powder to remove silver effect from her body. Mandira asks to mix in water and give it to her. Mandira drinks. Laila says with this her voice will be speechless for 8 hours. Mandira ges aphasic and she angrily tries to confront Laila when Apu enters and thinks she is sure they both are together.

Precap: Apu buys mirror studdded saree and asks Mandira if she likes it. Malay suggests Apu to try it. Apu wears sari and asks Mandira how is it. She sees Mandira’s chudail face in saree mirrors and realizes she is evil spirit.

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