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Vishkanya 17th september 2016 fan fiction

Guys as i told i found time to continue this show part from now on..so let me continue from where they stopped,,so let me start

The episode starts with Apu and malay walks out to office.Apu thnx god for giving new life to her. She sits in bike. she keeps hand back and holds it..Malay smiles..he starts bike with jerk..she holds his dress..he smiles,,He takes his hand and blushes..she keeps her hand around his neck..he starts bike fastly..They both comes near office. Apu goes inside and sits there for an interview. malay also joins with apu.Apu gets a call from kalpana..kalpana tells her that she is leaving for kasi and will be back after some days..Apu tells kalpana to be careful and take care. Kalpana tells apu to make malay happy always..Apu blushes and cuts the call..Receptionist calls apu to go inside. Apu leaves..inside and answers all questions and gets selected.


Malay comes next and he also answers but gets to work below apu..He agrees..smiling..he comes out.Apu asks what?malay shows thumbs up sign and tells but i need to work below u..she asks how is it possible?he tells so what?U r my wife..so i am happy with it….she smiles..they both leaves from there and comes to house and sees house is fully decorated and smiles..Apu asks who did this work?Kumkum tells it is me..apu asks her why did she spend this much money wastely now?kumkum tells tmr is avi engagement..Apu tells sorry i have forgot..Tapur comes there..apu asks her how is she?she tells i am fine

Malay goes inside room and checks his draw and takes ring out and smiles,.apu comes there..he hides it..she asks what is it?he tells nothing..Apu goes inside washroom..malay locks water pipe..she opens shower but does not work..she shouts malay what did u do?he tells i did not do anything..she comes out in towel.He smiles and tells i was waiting for this moment..he comes closer to her..she falls on him..they both role on floor..

Avi knocks the door..malay tells him to wait for 2 min..Apu tells he came u leave..me..she tries to get up but he pulls her closer..sau aasmaan plays..He smiles..she opens pipe line and runs inside washroom..Malay opens the door and asks avi what he needs?avi sees floor is full of water and understands..he tells in my room water was not coming..i think it will be fine now and he leaves from there…malay closes the door.

Malay smiles..he removes his shirt and gets into another washroom and gets ready and comes out in towel apu also comes out in towel..both hit each other..Malay towel slowly falls down..apu turns aside..Malay takes towel and wears back and pulls her closer and falls on bed..

Precap: Avi wedding preparations and apulay dance..

guys hope u liked it,,whenever i am free i will try to update this..and it is open..whoever wishes can update this ff..pls post u r valuable comment below

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