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Vampire love story (Episode 2)

Arjun is still staring Mouni but remember that he have to go to Laksh.

He gets inside car and leaves to meet Laksh.


Laksh is standing and waiting for Arjun.Arjun arrives there.

Laksh:Arjun how much time you took.

Arjun:Sorry Laksh now let’s go to forest.

Laksh:Forest why?

Arjun:I got a call from Vivian and Sharapova that there is a emergency so we have to go to forest.

Arjun and Laksh leaves from there to forest.

They reach forest and waits for Vivian and Sharad.

Vivian and Sharad comes there.

Laksh:Vivian and Sharad what is the emergency?

Vivian:Guys werewolf are going come to kill us.


Sharad:Yeah Laksh and Arjun.Shakti and Sidhant are looking when they will come.

Laksh:Oh shit then we have to be carefull because they know that how we can die.

Arjun:But call Shakti and Sidhant too.

Vivian:I told them they would be coming only let’s go to your house Laksh.

They all leave for Laksh house.

They go inside house but Laksh is standing outside waiting for Shakti and Sidhanth.

He is waiting when he sees that Ragini was driving snooty but falls down.

He immediately goes to her and helps her to stand.

Laksh:Are you okay?

Ragini:Yeah I am okay and thanks for helping me.

Ragini is taking her scooty and is going but she looses her balance and is about to fall but Laksh catches her and her scooty.

Both share a deep eyelock.

Laksh starts her scooty and Ragini thanks him and leaves from there with dilemma.

Precap:Sidhant and Shakti’s entry.

Sorry guys for the late update hope you don’t shout on me.

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