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Unspoken journey of love – chapter 3

Chapter 3
8:00pm mumbai…india

Maheswari co.limited
As we enter 29th floor we can see a young handsome man is talking on phone wothout any emotions ……like he is seriously..deprieved of any kind of emotions.


Man…yes mr dixit
Mr dixit….sir congratulations …as the world business union has launched a project which can give us billion times profit…its a 3 men partnership project n they have selected you along with oberoi’s n shinghania…its decision will become final when u all three will agree to it.
So there is meeting in udaipur next week.

All this was listened by man without any excitement.
Man …ok make all arrangements then
Saying this he hung down d phone.

After 15 minutes
same man is indluge in his works so much dat his phn is ringing continuously n he is least bothered abt it.

Finally getting annoyed he picks up the phn without checking caller id.
Man ….hello who d hell is calling me this time…
Lady …baby its me…saying all this witj extra sweetness?

Man ….whats u want kavita….

Kavita ….while sobbing or i say acting….SANSKAR….i m ur soon to be wife how could u talk to me like dis.

Sanskar….u r not yet my wife …do u get dat..n what is issue with u.

Kavita….baby i m in hospital.


Kavita…what hmmm wont u ask why…

Sanskar …asking rudely…..why
While his all concentration is on his work.


Kavita….because of dat golddigger..idiot girl….
………..YOUR. EX. LOVE. …..who ditched u or i must say betrayed u kicked me brutally.

Sanskar ….let out a shout….what..
Is she back …………

Kavita ….why it bothers u.

Sanskar ….it doesnot …n pls dont call me again .

Call disconeected
Kavita..but atleast ask me how i am….arghhhhh.

Sanskar….is she back .no ….it doesnot affect me anymore it doesnot ….he was saying all this things in mind where deep down in his heart he known it really effects him a lot.

ScReen changes.

Same time udaipur
A small yet beautiful house.
We can see a girl peeping in room.n .scenario of d room made her satisfied.
In room
Ragini after hours of weeping was sleeping in his love embrace peacefully.
It was looking like they both are different sharing single soul …laksh was hugging ragini as his all life depends upon her.

During dis someone phn rung n it was of d girl
So not letting dem get disturbed moved towards terrace grabing a beer can.

At terrace..
Girl…yes j
J….what yes …what d heck …here my life is messed up due to u n u r sipping beer calmy.
Girl …done with it …i miss u
J… hey shona kya hua hey my sweety…

To be continued

Precap…..decision of family regarding raglak…n face off of swasan

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