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Hey friends ……daamini here….actually I was bored of studying so thought to write an ff I mean it’s just only an intro to my ff ..actually it’s gonna be my first piece of writing n I’m hell nervous that whether it’s gonna be good or not …..so Plzz bear it ..☺n Plzz support me if u think that I will be able to entertain u all
So here we go ..
There is a girl which if full of life , bubbly , still lives in dreams n childish but know when to behave like a mature person in important phases of life when it’s required ……she lives with her small brother who is 12 years old n aunt n lost her parents when she was 13 years old ……..she is poor but earn enough to feed her brother n herself n also manages the little requirements to fulfil…she have big dreams ………(ya ya ya she is twinkle only ) but the main part is that…she was rich once a time but now its all changed but …..no no if I will tell everything right now so what will u read further ….now the present is that she is getting married to the most famous business man manohar sarna’s son kunj …………kunj is a a kind hearted person but most of the time he behaves rudely coz of his dark past n really dont want to involve in a relationship of marriage n don’t believe in love like thing…………….
Manohar Sarna is a successful business man but still only believes in profit n want to take revenge from ………? (I will tell u this later from whom he want to take revenge) ….no one matters in his life except money n revenge ..he doesn’t even shows love to her wife Usha n son kunj….he thinks that kunj is useless who just want to build his own empire but can’t coz kunj is nothing without him …this is all his thinking ….

Usha Sarna ,wife of manohar is a helpless mother who is not able to give happiness to his son n curse herself to be such a helpless mother ………. loves her son kunj a lot


Sonal….aunt of twinkle n (u guys can imagine shruti ulfat as sonal ) she loves her a lot……she also lost her child in past n treat twinkle n his brother just as her own children …….

Kunj also loves her mother a lot n want to take her n himself away from such cruel world as per to him his father is the most cruellest person in the world n can do anything for his mother …………

Twinkle as usual also loves her brother n aunt n believes in love …True love n have many expectations from her life regarding love ………(guys u can understand what girl should Want her life to be ….obviously a loving husband who can do anything for her n loves her more than anything …….galat sense mein mat lena ki end mein apne pati ko uski family k against krde u guys r enough to understand my point )
Others character will be add on only if u guys will support me otherwise I won’t be able to continue

A big mansion is shown n now a big lavish room
A lady is standing in a room crying vigorously…….she is trying to say something to the other person who is standing in front of her ….
Lady (in a choked voice …she is crying ): Plzzz don’t do this ………he is ur son ..how can u be so cruel to ur son ….u know everything about him n his past ….so why don’t u let him live his life on his own ….
Suddenly CHATTAAKKHH!!!!

THE man slap the women n says
Man (angrily with blood red eyes ): how dare u speak like this in front of me ….aaj tumhaare mein itni himmat aa gayi ki tum mujhse meri aankhon mein aankhen daal kr yeh Sab bologi…….how dare u…..now u will tell me what to do n not !!!??
The women’s lips were bleeding ….she was not able to response anything …….she was becoming weak …
Man : u r asking me to let ur son live happily……( now the man acts n shows his fake concern to the lady n goes to her ……..he softly hold her shoulder n says )
Man ( with fake concern which is visible n making him look like a maniac ): im sorry usha im really sorry (now holding her face softly ) u want ur son to be happy …..say na u want ur son to be happy or not

The lady didn’t respond as she was hell scared ..oh sorry now no more lady it’s Usha……
Now the man was back to his anger again n tight his fist against her mouth which was soft before
Man ?: u want ur so happy…ha ha ha ha …..u r an insane ..ur son was always useless……he never did anything for me that could make me happy ever …..bnow it’s time for him to make me happy…….
The man left the room in anger n sudden a voice came like a wood is hitting against wall ..ya ya the man slam the door ….at first listening the sound Usha got scared bit again she started crying
Usha to herself : when, when manohar u became so cruel, when became such a bad husband , a bad father …………( now she was completely broke down n crying )
Usha to herself :im ……sorry ….beta ……again I fail to give u happiness ..again I fail to be a good mother ……I’m sorry kunj …im sorry
( so guys the man was non other than manohar n parents of kunj)

Scene 2
A room is shown ..simple small room …..a girl near age of 23 age is talking to a person ….she is wearing simple white top on which pink red flowers r printed n a black jeans …….
Girl : maa u know that I’m too small for a marriage then why r u …….(saying all while making a pout )
Lady : twinkle don’t be a stubborn …….u know that ur father made a promise to him that he will make u marry to his friend’s son ….
Twinkle ( cutting her words ) : so u mean that I should live my life with a person whom I don’t know…..who is tasteless…….( biting her lips as it means something else )

The lady widen her eyes
Twinkle: I mean who is so sadu …..Plzzzzz Plzzzzz
Lady : Plzz twinkle don’t say like this …u know that u r my responsibly……ur parents left u N ur brother with me leaving u all my responsibility…..so now it’s my turn ..I want to fulfil them…..
Twinkle ( having tears in her eyes) : ya u r right im ur responsibility ….im liberty on u …….u r right i should marry …altleast than u will be happy that now u r free from me
Lady (too having teary eyes ) : twinki bachha mera Matlab yeh nahi tha …..main tujhe apni jaan se bhi zyada pyaar krti hun ……..tu meri baat……..
Twinkle ( cutting her down ) : maa aap meri baat ni samajh rahe ……….aryan ….u could have thought about aryan …he is just 12 ….I have so many dreams ….a dream to give u all luxury all happiness of the world to u N aryan …..still so many things r pending …Plzzz ……
The screen freezes on twinki Usha sad faces

Guys plz plz comment
I don’t know what I wrote
It’s just came in my mind randomly …………..plz guys do comment I need ur support …..if u will comment then only I will be able to continue n sorry if I bored u but still there are many things which I want to tell u in the further story ……….critiscm is welcome but Plzzz comment……n give ur suggestion or any thing which u want to see …guys I will only continue if u will support me …..I’m only inspired by u all ..inspired by all the writers like jisha di , sayu di , Monica di , sameera di , mannat , romaisha , ayu , sunehri, akansha , anya, anchali, joonu di, yashu n so many ..I know I missed many names…but sorry if I missed someone’s name coz I randomly wrote some names ……….Plzz guys Plzz drop ur comments in the box n Plzz tell me was that good or not or j just bored u plzzzzzzzzzz
By the way if I will continue so only after my exams coz it’s difficult for me otherwise firstly it depends on u all …love u guys ???
By the way twinj meeting is waiting ……..???
Love u all ?????

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