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Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 21)

Sanskar is trying to wake her up from trance but she does not react. He hits upon an idea.
Sanskar: swara! I you will not speak, then I will…. (gets up and brings vermillion box) put this on your head. I know you will not like it but I will only stop if you say so. (swara remains unreacted and he shouts) Swara! (she remains unshaken and he paces to and fro in the room.) five minutes, just five minutes. Speak to me else I will not only put this vermillion on your head but I will make you wear this mangalsutrah. (takes mangalsutrah from his pocket. He kept it when she broke it on the wedding. He makes her wear mangalsutrah and puts vermillion in her head. A tear escapes her eyes and she hugs him and cries. He gets happy that at least she reacted.) hey! Tell me what happened? Please believe me. We all trust you. ok, so now you are fine. You need rest. Now lay down.

Swara: Sanskar! I needed to tell you that I…
Sanskar: no! now you will only take rest. I cannot take risk on your health.
Swara: but….
Sanskar: no ifs and buts. Just do as I say!
Swara: (unwillingly lays down and he covers her with blanket and asks her to close eyes) ok fine!
Sanskar: don’t be tensed. What do you think that I don’t want to talk to you? no Swara! We will talk but later. (touches her mangalsutrah) by the way, for the first time, you are looking like Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. You look cute! (gets up and goes. On the way, he confronts DP)
Sanskar: don’t you have a heart?

DP: how is she now?
Sanskar: don’t show fake concern. She is fine now warna aap ne to koi kasar nahin chori thi use barbad karne mein. I am not fond of meeting you all the time. Excuse me! (goes out and DP is enraged)
DP: that girl! She is trying to snatch my son from me. I will show her. (enters room) hey you miss Swara Gagodia! What do you want to prove? That my son is blind in your love.
Swara: what are you saying dad? There is nothing like that.
DP: you will ask him for divorce tonight.

Swara: (shouts) never. Do what you want but I will not ask for divorce.
DP: you irritating girl! You will surely bear the consequences of your stubbornness.
Swara: I am not a puppet at your hands. Can’t you stop interfering in my life?
DP: if I had known it earlier, I would have never made him marry to you. but now I will rectify my mistake. You will ask him for divorce.
Swara: no!

DP: oh really! Then what about your family? As you know, I can do anything especially your poor little sister. Have you ever thought about your family? And I don’t think that you are this much selfish. After all, why would you destroy all the relations just for Sanskar! Am I right?
Swara: I am not this much weak.
DP: mujhe tumhari koi bakwaas nahin sunni. Meri ek phone call se tumhare pure pariwaar ka naam-o-nishan mit sakta hai or kisi ko pata bhi nahin chale ga. Choice is yours. Either Sanskar or your family.
Swara: (crying) dad please! I could not live without him.
DP: shut up! Kal ka suraj charhne se pehle pehle is ghar se nikal jao. (goes out and Swara cries bitterly.)
Swara: (crying) why it happens with me? Whenever I get some happiness, those moments vanish. Abhi to mein ne Sanskar ko kuch bataya bhi nahin. I am sorry Sanskar! But I can’t see my whole family dying in front of my eyes. (recalls her sweet moments with Sanskar and cries bitterly. She wonders what to do.)

Swara: what should I do now. Oh God! (goes to mandir sits to pray.) god! I never felt need to ask you for anything. For the first time I am asking you to solve my problem. I don’t want to lose my family and I also love Sanskar. I cannot live without him. Please do something. My mom always used to sing bhajan for you. I will also sing it for you but you will have to help me. (goes and wears red sari with black outline. She fills her mang and wears her mangalsutrah. She looks at her locket and keeps Sanskar’s photo on one side and her pic on other side. She closes it and goes to sing bhajan. AP gets happy and starts making her video secretly. She sends it to Sanskar. Swara comes to room and starts keeping things in her attaché case. she keeps all the things gifted by Sanskar. Tears roll down her cheeks and she takes marriage photo album and takes one pic.) I don’t know where will I go. I cannot go to my mom dad because it will hurt them more. Sanskar! (closes eyes) I wanted to tell you something. (sits with pen and paper and writes.

She looks at her cell phone which was gifted by Sanskar. she records something in it and keeps it on table above the note. She is in tears and holds her chain.) God! Don’t make me weak again. She steps out of room and all the talks of Sanskar are echoing in her mind. She reaches near the door and closes her eyes. She turns back and recalls her moments with Sanskar) I am sorry Sanskar but what could I do? Neither can I live without you nor I can see my family suffering. She slowly takes the steps and recalls her marriage day when she was brought with Sanskar. she recalls her ghar pravesh and wipes her tears. She holds her head and walks from there fast. Sanskar is at office busy. After some time, he thinks to call Swara but her cell phone is lying the room. He gets tensed and rushes home. She is sitting in taxi and thinks where to go. She directs driver towards the forest and gets off the taxi. She stands near a deep ravine and recalls Sanskar telling her that he not only loves her face but soul and everything. She recalls the words of DP and cries again. At home, Sanskar did not find Swara and gets tensed. He sees a note with cell phone kept over it.

So guys, how was it? hope you all like it.

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