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Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 17)

SwaSan return home. Their family welcomes them very warmly. Her mother and father and Ragini also come and greet them. All of them sit together in lounge. DP is in office. They all are happily chatting when DP comes. Sanskar gives him a disgusting look and walks out. Swara notices this and goes out. He is sitting on bench in garden with closed eyes. Swara comes and keeps her hands on his eyes. He holds her hands and smiles.
Sanskar: Swara! I know it’s you. You can’t fool me.
Swara: (stunned) how do you always know?

Sanskar: (turns back and smiles) I feel you. (turns her hand in such way that she is compelled to sit with him) and secondly, only your hands are so soothing to touch. But what are you doing here? I mean you should go and enjoy with family.
Swara: without my chatterbox? No ways (shakes her head in no) why did you come out?
Sanskar: because it was suffocating inside.
Swara: I can’t get you man. It is a family get together. Come (holds his hands urging him to get up but he leaves her hand)


Sanskar: you can ignore him but I can’t. I can’t enjoy with a man who is the reason for all your tears and sadness.
Swara: Sanskar! He is your father and I have forgotten what he did to me because I got a friend like you who is very sincere to me.
Sanskar: but I lost all my happiness because of him. (tries to control his anger) look, it is all waste to argue. You go and enjoy.
Swara: (sad face) not without you.
Sanskar: Swara! Be used to of this loneliness. I will not be with you always. You always used to say that you will leave me after some time. I became habitual of you but you should not get habitual of me. It is not good for you. (stands up and goes. She watches him teary eyed. A drop of tear escapes her eyes and she looks at her hand blankly.)

Swara: (shocked) yes, I wanted to leave you. I felt that I would be happy without you but what is happening with me? It is totally opposite to what I thought. I thought to make your life hell but now I want your happiness. But why I am thinking like this. Love type thing is not my cup of tea. (jerks her head and goes. At night, she comes and sits on couch. He comes and sees her)
Sanskar: hey! It is already late. Why don’t you sleep? (spreads blanket on bed)
Swara: I will sleep on this couch.
Sanskar: (shocked) what? But you said that you trust me. Then what happened? Oh I get it. (tries to suppress his laughter) you want to go and occupy my dressing room. Oh sorry! Our dressing room. But you will not be comfortable there.

Swara: you are only thinking of mine. What about yourself. You also slept on floor.
Sanskar: how could I sleep peacefully when I know that you are not comfortable? Leave it and come.
Swara: (smiles) yeah! (walks towards him) you will have to sleep peacefully so that you can go office all fresh. (comes and occupies the corner of bed) right?
Sanskar: (smiles) right! Oh, I forgot to switch off the light. (gets up and switches off the light. Both sleep. Next morning, he gets up but don’t find her. He goes down and sees her on table.) oh, nice progress bestie! You also started to get up early in the morning.
Swara: oh hello mister! What do you think of me? Don’t take me for granted.
Sanskar: oho! Cool down baby! Cool down. I was just kidding.

Swara: (widens her eyes) listen to me you junior Maheshwari! Be in your limits. I am just your friend, not a girlfriend so keep your cheap behaviour with you only. (points finger at him) don’t dream with open eyes else they will be broken. By the way, I have prepared your breakfast. Come and have it. (walks towards him and makes him sit on table. She serves him)
Sanskar: ok, don’t spoil your mood. (thinks to cheer her up) what? (she looks at him confused) Did you add spices in it? (points towards the tea and both burst out laughing. AP comes)
AP: I feel so good to see you both like this. My son is very lucky to have you as his life partner.

Swara: but I am not lucky because he did not have any rest and going to office on his first day itself! Well, only five minutes are left. (turns towards him and smiles) now eat this. (places a big piece of apple in his mouth and makes him drink the juice. She then makes him eat sandwich. He tries to resist but she holds his hands. AP is enjoying the situation. She laughs at him)
AP: poor Sanskar!
Sanskar: (glares at her) oh mom! You are sitting and enjoying the situation? Tell her to stop else I will have to run from here.

DP: look who came! (DP comes and his smile fades. He gets up.)
Sanskar: bye mom! Bye bestie!
Swara: (runs behind him) hey wait! I will see you off. When will you come?
Sanskar: I will try to come home early.
Swara: ok! I will wait for you.
Sanskar: (smiles) bye!
Swara: (smiles) bye!

(He comes home late and finds her sleeping on dining table. He smiles and goes to her. He checks the dishes and smells them. Just then he sees a sandwich with a sad simile made by ketch up. He bursts out laughing and touches her face fondly. He goes to kiss her forehead but just then she wakes up.) hey! When did you come?
Sanskar: (moves back) just a moment ago. (touches her face) I am sorry!
Swara: for what?
Sanskar: you prepared all this for me with great hard work and I spoiled all the arrangements. I could not tell you.
Swara: no need of sorry. I know that you had a big amount of work. Ok! (starts to serve him) try this! I made it for the first time.
Sanskar: (holds her hand) did you eat?

Swara: (looks down and places a plate in front of him) you must try all this. I especially made it for you.
Sanskar: this is not the answer to my question. I am asking did you had your dinner or not. I know you didn’t ate. I am sorry!
Swara: no, you don’t need to be…

Sanskar: (makes her sit on the chair and starts serving her) now you also try all this? And what do you want to prove? You are not my servant and you can eat whenever you want. Don’t wait for me.
Swara: actually, I was having my food always with you for three months, so I got habitual. I feel good with you.

Sanskar: thank you mam! (both eat and sleep.)
Next morning, they wake up and come down. Their usual fight starts and AP comes there laughing.
AP: you both look cute while fighting. But I know that there is hidden love behind this. Do whatever you want, fight with each other but be with each other. (caresses her hairs) I feel very lucky to have you. You are my daughter. Thank you so much. (DP comes and Sanskar’s smile fades. DP notices it)

Swara: (without noticing Sanskar and DP) enough of emotional drama mom! Now concentrate on your… (sees DP) oh good morning dad!
DP: (fakes a smile) good morning my children.
Sanskar: I am getting late. (goes and Swara follows him)
Swara: hey Sanskar! What happened?

Sanskar: nothing! Actually, I did not complete my yesterday work so that’s why I need to go earlier. Ok bye!
Swara: bye! (raises hand to stop him but he is gone. She stands there confused) what was I trying to do? Why was I feeling sad bidding bye to him? Why I don’t want to live without him? No… this can’t happen. I can’t love him. We are just good friends and that’s it. (jerks her head) no… no ways. Oh God! I love him. Do I have started loving him?
So guys, how was it?

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