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Udaan 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suraj seeing Tejaswini and her friends. He asks the ladies did they not see Akshay’s new movie. The lady says no, Tejaswini called us here. Suraj says I will book your tickets, you all enjoy. The lady says Suraj said a good thing, we will go. Suraj asks Tejaswini to forget enmity with Ranjana for him, and sends them. He says now just Vivaan and Chakor have to leave. Chakor comes and Suraj asks her to leave soon.


Chakor asks did you not go to factory. Suraj says no, I m waiting for phone call. He sees Imli and Vivaan leaving and thinks if Imli goes, my plan will flop. He says Imli you can’t go anywhere. She says I m going with Vivaan. Suraj holds her hand. Vivaan asks him to leave her hand. Suraj says the road is bad, she should not go. Imli says I don’t care, I will

go. Vivaan says no, you rest at home, Suraj is right. She goes. Suraj asks Vivaan to take Chakor along if he is going to hospital. Chakor says no, I will wait for other car. Vivaan asks how do you know I m going to hospital. Suraj says I guessed so seeing you with Imli, take Chakor along.

Chakor and Vivaan refuse to go together and argue. She says I did not burn cradle. He says you are jealous. Suraj thinks their fight will ruin everything and asks them not to fight. He tells Vivaan that you loved Chakor and know her well, do you think Chakor has burnt cradle, Chakor go with Vivaan, if you get late, I will be at loss for factory, go and try to end this differences, I m not asking you to get friendly. He sends them and says everyone is gone, haveli is vacant, now just one thing is remaining. He gives money to servants and says you all have holiday today. He says its just me and Imli in this haveli, I will make Imli mine today.

Vivaan and Chakor are on the way. He recalls Suraj’s words and says maybe Suraj said true, you did not burn cradle, I should have trusted you. She says you know I never lied, I always say true, Ragini showed my ring and you felt I burnt cradle, all relations ended but did trust end too. He says it was there, but ended after all this. She says I still trust you more than me, its not your fault.

Ragini tells her goons that they have to prove their skills. She explains the plan and gives advance money. She asks him to be careful, no one should doubt on them. Goons ask her not to worry.

Imli thinks of Vivaan and smiles. She talks to her baby and feels a kick. She says you are naughty, I will call your dad and complain. Her phone gets off. She says I will go to Ranjana and call Vivaan by her phone. She says where did Ranjana go, and looks for Girja. She does not find anyone in the haveli.

She comes out in the hall and gets surprised seeing the decorations and I love you Imli written with candles/diyas in the heart made by flowers and candles. She smiles seeing the beautiful decorations. She says did Vivaan know my feelings, and tells her baby that his dad did this, Vivaan has done this decorations for her. Suraj walks in. Imli says whats happening Vivaan, are you playing hide and seek with me. She gets shocked seeing Suraj there.

Imli asks Suraj did you do this. Suraj says yes, I had to tell you, I love you a lot, I can’t live without you. He gets on his knees and opens his arms for her, asking her to come back in his life, there is vacant place for her and their child in his life. She looks at him shocked. Suraj gets up and says I have just seen the darkness, you were the ray of light, I did many bad things, you are the reason for my good deeds, your truth and innocence got in me, I realized my mistake lately, I m fool to know value after losing you. She asks why are you calling me knowing I went too far, I can’t return back to you, why are you doing this, what do you want. Suraj says I want to marry you. She asks what nonsense. He says I m saying truth, I want to marry you and give my name to my child, we will start a new life, I love you a lot and I know you also love me. He holds her and says love is that which does not start easily and end easily. She says it ends when person is hurt again and again, leave my hand, now my heart has no place for you. He gets shocked.

Imli apologizes to Chakor and says I got to know Suraj threatened you about me, you are free now, Suraj can’t do anything now. They cry. Vivaan looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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