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Udaan 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kasturi and Bhuvan bidding bye to Imli and asking her to take care. Imli cries and the train leaves. Vivaan reaches the station and looks for Imli. He asks a man about the train. The man says the train left. Vivaan says no, I could not stop Imli, I lost you Imli. He sits upset. Ragini and Ranjana meet outside and discuss about Bhaiya ji. Ranjana tells about Bhaiya ji’s problem, he is under doubt and won’t get free. Ragini asks her men who got caught. A man says I got caught. She pushes other man angrily down the cliff. The other men look on. Ranjana thinks I have seen Kamal ji and Suraj, but Ragini is more ahead of them.


The man apologizes. Ragini says I m forgiving you as you have a chance, go and get that inspector here, no one should know. Ranjana says its not good

to fight with police, I mean will you manage. Ragini says you have just seen how I solved a problem.

Vivaan cries and thinks everything ended, if I told Imli my feelings, she would have stopped. Bhuvan comes and holds him. Vivaan gets surprised seeing Imli…..sitting at the other side and crying. Vivaan and Imli see each other and get glad. Ek duje ke vaaste…..plays………..

Vivaan and Imli walk to each other. He asks how did you not leave. She says I was leaving, and then Chakor called Bhuvan and stopped me. She asks you went to meet Chakor. He says yes, but I was doing mistake, I can’t give Chakor what I don’t have, I was cheating myself and her. Imli asks what do you mean. He says I mean my heart is with someone else. She asks who? He holds her hand and says stupid, its you, you have my heart. Imli gets shocked. He says my wife has my heart, I love you a lot. They both happily cry.

He says I could not say this to you till now, I m in love with my wife. He shouts I love you Imli. Kasturi, Bhuvan and everyone look on. A man says what a time, people are loving their wives. They all laugh. Imli says I can’t believe my ears, what did you say. Vivaan says you heard right, I love you, you are my life. Imli smiles with tearful eyes and says even I love you a lot. He asks what did you say. She says I love you Vivaan Babu, did you hear it now, I love you. He says the world should know this, say like me. He shouts I love Imli…. She shouts I love Vivaan Babu. They smile and he holds her face asking her is she ready to be his wife forever. She signs no. He worries. She says not just for life, I m ready to be your wife for every birth. He smiles and hugs her. Everyone clap for them.

Vivaan and Imli smile and take blessing from Kasturi and Bhuvan. They bless Vivaan and Imli. Bhuvan thanks Lord and asks Vivaan to take his Imli. Vivaan holds Imli’s hand and they leave.

Chakor sees her sketch and sorry written. She recalls Vivaan gifting it and tears it. She cries. She recalls Vivaan’s love confession and proposal for marriage. Suraj comes there and sees her crying. She burns the sketch. Suraj says its strange, we two are enemies and have same fate, we did not get our love, we have lost and accounting what all we lost, its good you burnt Vivaan’s memories, I have also burnt Imli’s memories. She says don’t know Vivaan got Imli or not. Vivaan calls Chakor and says thanks, Imli did not leave me, she is with me, we will not forget your favour, thank you. Chakor cries and says atleast one story had good ending.

Imli asks Vivaan to drive slow. Vivaan says no, this car will go fast as my heart, I m on 7th cloud. She smiles and says even I m on 7th cloud. Vivaan tells Kaka that he loves his wife and she also loves him. She asks did you go mad. He says I was mad before and got fine now, I love you, I will shout and tell entire world. Chakor says we have cried enough, now we should be happy and make them happy whom we leave, its big happiness that Vivaan and Imli got their true love. Suraj says you would be happy, I have lost today and I don’t like losing. Chakor says don’t create any problem in their married life, you did big thing by uniting them.

Ranjana hears them and asks Vivaan and Imli got together, but you and Vivaan were going to marry. Chakor says yes, but Vivaan loves Imli, he was marrying me on Imli’s saying, he has gone to get Imli from station. Ranjana says great, you both sisters are racing to sacrifice. She thinks to inform Ragini soon. Chakor says Suraj, whatever we did for Imli and Vivaan, we have to fulfil their dreams and we have to do many things. Suraj asks what else now, I have done much. She says we will welcome them by smile, I have an idea. He asks what idea. She says we will do their Grah pravesh, Imli has become Vivaan’s bride in right way, we will welcome them nicely by decorating haveli. Suraj asks her not to involve him, I m not interested in this love and related to lovers. She asks can’t you do this for Imli’s happiness. He asks by what right are you stopping me, I got nothing by being good, I m fine the way I m. He leaves. She cries.

Chakor says rituals are for people, people are not for rituals, we will do Grahpravesh, Vivaan, Imli has become your wife today. Suraj also comes to do the aarti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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