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Udaan 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Udaan 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


The Episode starts with Vivaan making the men do the decorations of the dinner date. He asks the men to leave. He says I m doing all this to make Chakor happy, but how to love her, when I don’t love her now, why did Chakor not come till now. Suraj says I won’t let you come in between Imli and Vivaan, you have to tell him that you don’t love him, and ask him to go to Imli. Chakor stands close and he points gun at her. She says you can’t threaten me at gunpoint, will Imli be happy when she knows this, I love Vivaan and I m going to meet him, I will do what I want, you shoot me if you want. He says listen to one thing before leaving, whatever step you take, find out am I saying truth or you, Vivaan loves Imli or you. She cries. He says if I m saying right, you have to free Vivaan for Imli. She recalls Vivaan. Saware……plays………. She says you are lying Suraj.

Vivaan thinks to call Imli and ask did she reach there, no I have to think of Chakor, I can’t show Chakor that I love Imli, I have to pretend that I m happy. Chakor comes there and thinks if Suraj is saying true, I will come between Imli and Vivaan, how to find out whether Vivaan loves me or not. Vivaan calls Chakor and her phone rings. He turns and sees her. They both smile seeing each other. She thinks I will show I don’t love Vivaan then I can know his feelings. He thinks I have to start new life with Chakor, and have to show my happiness. He asks her to come, I got all this decorations and flowers for you, I was waiting for you, there is no one between us. She thinks of Suraj’s words and thinks is there no one between us Vivaan, are you really happy or is Suraj saying truth.

He makes her sit and says he loves her. She thinks time is changing and my heart is shaking right now, who is saying truth, Vivaan or Suraj. Vivaan shows the ring and says I have waited for this moment since long, there is no one between us now, forward your hand, I will seal our love today. She recalls Imli and Vivaan. Imli thinks of Vivaan and says stop the car. Kasturi asks what happened. Imli says I can’t go anywhere, I love Vivaan, I can’t love without him, I don’t want to go away, take me to Vivaan. Chakor thinks of Suraj’s words and says no…. She takes her hand back.

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