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Udaan 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vivaan being on the way and thinking of Imli. He thinks its not easy to let Imli go, but maybe she does not love me, its not right to cheat Chakor, if Chakor knows that I love Imli, she will be hurt, but I can’t hide my feelings from her. Imli is also on the way and cries. Kasturi consoles her. Vivaan applies brakes seeing Suraj infront of his car. He sees Suraj with blood on his clothes and neck, and asks what happened, did you meet with any accident. Suraj says no, I just went to meet with Imli, but… Vivaan asks what but. Suraj says Imli met with an accident. Vivaan gets shocked and asks how, where, take me there.


Suraj says you won’t go anywhere. Vivaan says take me to her. Suraj says why, you left her, now she stays alive or dies, what does it matter, let her

die. Vivaan slaps him and asks him how dare he say this, leave my hand, tell me where is she. Suraj says I won’t let you go. Vivaan asks are you mad, leave me. Suraj asks why do you care. Vivaan says I can’t live if anything happens to her. Suraj asks why, tell me. Vivaan shouts because I love Imli. Suraj leaves his hand and says I wanted to hear this, I had doubt and now I m sure, Imli is fine, don’t worry. Vivaan gets shocked and asks what do you mean.

Suraj says Imli did not meet with an accident, this blood stains are of my blood, I did this to make you confess your love. Vivaan asks him is he not ashamed to joke. Suraj asks him to think why I did this, I wanted to make you realize you love Imli, even Imli loves you, she is going away to give you happiness. Vivaan says you are lying, she would have not left me if she loves me. Suraj says its true, I m saying as she made me swear. Vivaan asks why are you saying now. Suraj says to unite two lovers. Vivaan says I don’t believe this, Imli tells me little things, how can she hide such big thing. Suraj says she wanted to tell you that day at river side, but that incident happened with her. Vivaan recalls Imli and Chakor’s words. He says you don’t want Chakor to be free of your clutches, she is golden eggs laying hen, but I will not leave Chakor and do what Imli wanted, I m going to meet Chakor at my shade. Suraj says you are doing big mistake. Vivaan leaves. Suraj says there is one way to bring Vivaan and Imli together,Chakor….

Chakor gets ready and smiles. She dances happily. She says it seems it will rain today, but no storm can stop us from meeting. She says Vivaan loves flowers and makes a bouquet for him. She tells Bijli that her hunger has gone today.

Imli thinks of Vivaan and cries. Kasturi pacifies Imli. Vivaan thinks of Chakor. He thinks he can’t be unjust to Chakor, he will make their meeting special. He calls Chandulal to get some arrangements. Suraj comes home and asks Chakor is she going to meet Vivaan.

She says yes, he called me to meet at shade. He says you won’t go there to meet him. She says you always give me reason to hate you, I told you I tried to unite Vivaan and Imli, but he does not love Imli, he loves me and I love him, this is happening by Imli’s wish, it has her happiness, if I united them, she would be not happy. He stops her by stepping on her dupatta. She asks what are you doing, leave me. He says one sided love is yours, not Vivaan and Imli’s, they love each other. She asks what are you saying, let me go. He asks her to understand, Vivaan is not hers now.

Chakor says you are lying, you are playing a game. He says no, I m not playing any game, Vivaan loves Imli, he did not tell you anything as he did not wish to hurt you. She says I don’t believe this, I will meet him, no one can stop me. He says Vivaan does not love you and throws the bouquet. She cries holding the bouquet, and says you are lying, how dare you throw this bouquet, I made this for Vivaan by love. He holds her and says I m saying truth, Vivaan has become Imli’s now. She says I hate you, you can’t snatch my happiness, I m going to Vivaan, you won’t stop me. He aims gun at her to stop her.

Suraj says before taking any step, find out Vivaan loves you or Imli. Imli stops the car and says I can’t leave from here, I love Vivaan, take me to him Maai.

Update Credit to: Amena

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