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Udaan 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Udaan 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


The Episode starts with doctor saying you can’t force me, patient’s husband will decide whom to save. Suraj says I will decide to save Imli, and threatens doctor. Doctor agrees. Suraj leaves. Inspector gets Bhaiya ji to jailer, and says we were coming here, some people attacked on us and many policemen got killed, the car which has evidence against Bhaiya ji was blasted, and all evidence got burnt, I don’t think those attackers knew of evidence, they were Bhaiya ji’s enemies. Jailer says its good Bhaiya ji does not know this, else he would have said that in court, no one should know this. Bhaiya ji is put in cell. He smiles and thinks I will be saved in some days.

Doctor asks Kasturi and everyone what did they decide, if we have to save either of Imli or baby then… Vivaan comes and says

save my wife….. He asks doctor to save Imli. Ranjana asks Vivaan are you thinking well, you loved that baby, you were waiting for that baby…. Vivaan says if Imli is alive, baby can be born again, if she is not there, then…. He requests doctor to save both Imli and baby, baby is Imli’s life. Doctor says sure.

Bhuvan says we will go and pray for Imli and her baby’s life. Chakor cries recalling doctor’s words and prays to Lord for Imli. Kasturi consoles her and says I know what you are going through, Imli is lucky to get a sister like you, I know you love Imli more than yourself, everything will get fine. Chakor hugs her and cries, asking why does Lord test us like this, he gives us happiness for 4 days and then snatch it, how can we choose between Imli and baby, that baby is Imli’s life, if anything happens to baby, we can’t manage Imli, pray that both of them stay fine. Kasturi says they will be fine, trust Lord. Chakor hugs her.

Doctor treats Imli. Imli gets critical. Ranjana asks Vivaan not to worry, doctor will come out and say Imli and baby are fine. Vivaan cries and says don’t know how long will operation take, go home, driver is outside. She says fine, you keep me informed, take care. She leaves. Operation continues. Chakor and Suraj ask nurse about Imli. Nurse says doctor is trying his best, patient is critical and survival chances are less. They get shocked.

Suraj is angry. Vivaan says Chakor, this nurse meant our Imli will not survive. Chakor says no, Imli will get fine. Suraj says nurse said she won’t survive, and takes vase to throw. Chakor says keep it down, its hospital. He goes. Chakor cries. Kasturi and Bhuvan pray for Imli. Suraj comes there and prays for Imli and his child, asking Lord to save them, he did not pray ever in his life. He thinks of Imli. Chakor recalls Imli and cries. Vivaan also thinks of their moments and smiles.

Bhaiya ji laughs and says I will be out soon, what will happen of that lizard Chakor, she has worked hard and collected evidence against me, all got burnt now. It’s a warning for everyone, Kamal Narayan is coming. He laughs.

Doctor comes out of OT. Suraj holds his collar and says I told you nothing should happen to Imli, tell me is she fine. Doctor says leave me, nothing happened to Imli. Chakor and Vivaan smile. Vivaan asks is she out of danger. Doctor says operation was tough, she got saved by your prayers, Vivaan your wife is fine. Vivaan and Chakor tell each other than Imli is fine. Suraj thanks doctor. Suraj and Vivaan ask about baby. Chakor asks doctor to say. Doctor says I m sorry, we tried out best, but we could not save baby. They get shocked and cry. Chakor consoles Vivaan. Suraj asks doctor to say this is lie and raises hand. Chakor stops Suraj. Suraj leaves. Doctor says we gave her anesthesia, so she is unconscious, you can meet her later, we did not tell her, her stress level can get high, wait till tomorrow. He goes. Chakor hugs Vivaan and they cry. Vivaan says everything ended Chakor.

Kasturi and Bhuvan come there. Kasturi asks is everything fine. Chakor says Imli is fine, but baby …… Kasturi asks what happened to baby. Chakor cries. Kasturi asks is baby fine. Vivaan signs no. They cry. Bhuvan asks Lord why did you do this with Imli.

Ragini meets Bhaiya ji and says someone helped me in burning cradle and breaking people. He asks who. Someone comes. Suraj tells Chakor that I m taking Imli with me, I will give her so much love that she forgets all her sorrows. He goes to see Imli in ward.

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