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U cant escape (intro)

Hai everyone..

I hope few might remember me its me rithu who wrote a boring ff happy life few months back. Now iam back with another boring thought to disturb u all. This is a just a small intro if u guys like this and time permits I’ll upload regularly . Here we go
It was very lovely mrng a very big apartment is shown. A girl about 18 years was sitting on a study table which faces the window of her room which allows the sunlight to enter into her room to make it more brighter. The room was quite messy which denotes that she had shifted there two r three days back. Admiring the beauty of the morning the girl starts to write her diary.
It was almost three days after shifting to this place and iam here to complete the important task given to me. I can’t say how much important as it means a lot to me and my kingdom . Yeah iam the princess of the kingdom uferla which means kingdom of vampires in uferian language and iam assigned to the job of increasing the population of my kingdom. I don’t know y I miss my sister very much it is almost 10 years that she left us.


Left us means in the sense we missed her in a crowd . And she was 5 at that time till now iam trying my level best to find her but I can’t . Though she is a princess of uferla now she will be a ordinary girl as there are few secret mantras to get vampire powers and she has no idea abt it as she was very young at that time. But after coming here my instinct says I’ll find her soon. Uff iam getting late for my college . By writing this she carses a small crown on her table on takes a bracelet kind of chain from the table drawer and thinks if you were wearing this on that day I would have found you easily. She keeps the crown in tge draw and wears the bracelet and stands in front of the big mirror . In the morning light her eyes is seen . It was very different as the eyeballs was not normal it was kind of mixture of violet and green . She murmers something and the eyeballs turn to black in color and the attire also changes to black jean and white tops . She combs her hair. She turns as someone calls alu her now the face is clearly seen in daylight . Yes that is aliya.

In some other block in the same apartment. A guy was shown sleeping by hugging his pillow and covering his face with a blanket as he don’t want to get disturbed by sunlight . He was holding someone’s hand with tears by saying pls don’t leave me I wanna live with you I love you so much . But he couldn’t see the face of the girl whom he was talking to but he could see the beautiful eyes of that girl with tears which conveys the same words that he said before he could see her face his sleep was disturbed by neruppu da song he woke from his sleep and attended the call by murmering who is that calling correctly at the wrong time

Caller: hello detective . How are you? Do u hav time to talk with me
Boy: hey akash iam fine. It has been a long time talking with u. How are you? How is rachu.
Caller: Both are fine abhi u know i hav got transfer to Chennai.( of course that is our abhi)
Abhi: tats great.
Akash: if u r free can we meet today.
Abhi: sure akash

After ending the call abhi thinks y did i get such dream . I have not got such dreams before but i dnt knw y i like tat. The eyes which i seen is quite familiar to me as if i hav seen that for so many years. Oops its getting late.i hav to rush to my office

Precap: abhi and akash meets in a mall. Aliya sees both of them at a distance and smiles evily.Who is the girl that abhi seen im his dream. Is that aliya’s sister or someone else? Will abhi meet the girl that he seen in his dream ? Will destiny unite them? Will aliya trap abhi for her mission? To know this stay tuned….

Ready guys start 1 2 3 u can throw rotten eggs,tomatoes and whatever u want. Most welcomed. Dnt forget to post ur valuable comments both +ve and -ve comments are welcomed. See you soon bye …

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