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Hi everyone, I am new on edkv page! This is the first time I am writing an OS on Shraman. Actually I have recently started watching it and I liked its story so thought to write an OS. I hope you all will like it! And I don’t know much about the other supporting characters so will add some.
Shr and Sumo are best friends since childhood, they both love each other but have never confessed it. Both the families understand that but they don’t. shr thinks that sumo doesn’t love him and vice versa. Today is Sumo’s marriage with Aditya.

In the morning,
All the preparations are going on full swing. But neither sumo nor shr is happy.
Sumo: shr, are you happy? Today its my marriage with aditya.
Those words pierced Shr’s heart. He was left just as a body without any soul.
Shr: yes I know its your marriage. I am your best friend why will I be sad? I am very happy!
These words pierced Sumo’s heart. She didn’t want to marry anyone except Shr but her fate!
Preeti who heard all this was also sad, she takes Sumo aside.
Preeti: Di go and tell him that you love him!


Sumo: why are you telling me like this? You know na today is my marriage!
Preeti: yes I know, but if you marry you and Aditya both will be unhappy.
Preeti: go and tell him that you love him yaar.
Sumo: but he doesn’t love me!
Preeti: he also loves you, I have seen in his eyes!
Sumo: just now he told me that he is happy with my marriage!
Preeti: that was just for formality di! Please understand.

A voice is heard Sumo…
Sumo: I will be back, mom is calling me.
Preeti sees Shr sitting sadly in one corner. She goes to him,
Preeti offers him a drink,
Shr: I am not in a mood to drink it.
Preeti very well understands that why he is not in a mood! But she couldn’t do anything, she was helpless. She goes from there.
Varun(Shr’s friend) : Shr go and tell her that you love her.
Shr: its of no use she doesn’t love me and today is her marriage!
Varun: she loves you yaar, I have seen in her eyes. Go and tell her..
Shr:… No, she doesn’t love me otherwise she would not have agreed for this marriage.

In the evening,
Sumo is looking gorgeous in baby pink lehenga for her wedding. Preeti is standing beside her
Preeti: apko kisi ki nazar na lage di!
Sumo smiles a bit.
Varun comes and shows a signal to Preeti. She understands it
Preeti: I will be back di!
Shr enters Sumo’s room and is mesmerised by her beauty. Sumo sees Shr and has tears in her eyes. He locks the door and moves towards her.Sumo is confused and she moves behind, he pins her to the wall.

Sumo: Shr… Shr keeps his finger on her lips,
Shr: Only I will say today and you will listen. From the childhood we are friends, we shared everything our happy times, sorrows, we were each others support. We were like two beings but one soul. But when you agreed for this marriage I thought that our souls were separated. I was left with only my body.. you had taken away my soul with you. But I cant bear it anymore
I LOVE YOU SUMO! And I know you also love me!
Sumo is overjoyed, tears fall from her eyes.. She hugs Shr with happiness.. shr hugs her back.
Sumo: no..no.. she breaks the hug, I am going to marry Aditya.. I cant be yours.. she runs away from there. Shr is heartbroken.
Preeti and Varun come there and ask what happened? Shr tells them that they can never be united, Sumo wants to marry Aditya..

A flashback is shown,
When Varun and Shr were talking, Preeti hears their conversation,
Preeti: Shr you are wrong, di loves you a lot but she thinks that you don’t love him that’s why she agreed for this marriage!
Shr: what?
Varun: see I had told you that sumo loves you.
They make a plan to let Shr talk with Sumo before marriage.
Flashback ends…

Sumo is very upset, she is called down for marriage,
she enters the hall and was about to sit down for the rituals when Aditya stands up and says
I don’t want to marry you!
Everyone is shocked!
Sumo: Aditya what are you saying?
Aditya: I know you love Shr and he loves you too.. if I marry you we both will not be happy! You can marry Shr, I have no problem.
Sumo: how do you know this?

Aditya says he had heard Preeti, Shr and Varun’s plan in the morning.
Sumo is confused: what plan?
Preeti explains everything to everyone.
Aditya bring Shr and gives Sumo’s hand to him.
Aditya: Best of luck!
Sumo is very happy as well as Shr, they both hug each other tightly.. and Shr and Sumo are once again TWO BODIES ONE SOUL!
The end!

So that’s it, I think it was boring… but please do comment and tell me whether you liked it or not! ?

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