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Twiraj – The rain in Spain , stays mainly on the plain! (OS) (By Zuha)

So it ended…Tashan-e-Ishq ended…But it will always be remembered…A memorable show…touching out hearts…without any dragging…Engrossing us every night @ 8!
And as of I am writing an OS on our Tashan-e-jodi Twiraj (Twinkle-Yuvraaj) Although my most FFs contain Twinj as the couple but I love Twiraj more than Iove Twinj so I hope I am able to enjoy you all ?

Note: This OS is also written for Raglak (Ragini and Laksh from Swaragini) and that also by me!!


The journey begins……

In a dark rainy night, I was all alone on the road as my car’s tire was punctured, in hope of an aid I was praying to God, when I noticed a shadow lurking behind me, A thought came in my mind, “OH NO!!” This one word only comes when I see his face and listen to his stupid talks. I was not in the mood to see his face, but what can I do if destiny made me his! Yes,he was Yuvraaj, commonly known as Yuvi.

Y-Senorita need my help?
I-Mr.Luthra, please I want to reach home, pack my stuff, and fly back to India, well I am glad that I will be staying away from you!”
Y-Senorita, Yuvraaj Luthra gets what he wants and this is the case of true love!

Yes, he loved me madly like anything, and I was fed up of his words which only said, “I love you my senorita!!”
Literally, 2 years these 2 years were like hell for me to tolerate this mad person, he knows I am going to get married to Kunj when I will reach India but his MADNESS, Uffffffffffff!!

Y-Senorita aisay bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai!

And the most irritating thing was , he keeps on repeating SRK’s line and thinks o himself as Raj of DDLG and me as his senorita urf Simran! Uggghhhhhh!!

Y-Look, at least today accept my love, look you are leaving today, forever , I don’t care whether you will be mine or not, you will be my Simran or not, you marry me or not but just say that you love me, please……”

I know he is mad totally mad, crazy, stupid, idiot, psycho, whatsoever, but today I did not want to spoil my mood by shouting or fighting with him coz, this is the last day of mine
with him, so I was standing quietly and listening to his stupidty.

Yuvraaj puled me closer and asked me do I love him, I wanted to say no but something was stopping me to do so, I didn’t know why? But…then I realized that I am someone’s fiancee, Kunj flashed in my mind and I pushed him away from me. I started walking away, ignoring him. I heard him calling out my name but I had to control on my unknown emotions which I felt today….and what they meant I do not know and actually I don’t want to know.

Y-Go!!!!! But if my love is true you will never leave me, today I am challenging God, My love will win or your commitment which you never made!

I turned to reply him back,but was left shocked at seeing the sight , he was pointing a rifle towards himself, right at his skull, leaving me shocked.

I shouted, “Yuvraaaajjjjjj!!!!!!” he did not listen and he was about to pull the trigger when the emotions which were hidden somewhere deep down in my heart came on my lips and I shouted, “I love you!!!! I love you Yuvraaj! I love you to the eternity! I love you!” he left the rifle , I broke down into tears. He stretched out his arms and I ran in his embrace, the serenity of the environment, the twinkling stars, and the bright moon were the witness of our love, that day I found myself completed!

Yes, it is my story, which makes me complete. I am Twinkle, Twinkle who came to study textile designing in Spain but she did not know that she will find her Prince, sorry, Raj there. That rain, made me fell in love with him and the tress of love grow each day at the plain of our hearts! The rain , that night, that feeling I can never forget. And yeah about Kunj, he settled with my sister Chinki back in India ?
So our love story finishes here remember one thing , love can happen anywhere, any moment, but never stop yourself loving your soulmate or u will regret!!


So this one shot ends here! Sorry if it was boring! Well Love u all ? Keep Smiling ? Always ?

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