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Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 25 by ROSH (silver jubilee wala janam 3)

It’s my Silver jubliee episode so I wanna thank my family of TU first…love u all guys.
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♡Chapter 25♡

Again rebirth occurs, as according to the holy sayings,man will take rebirth again n again to do his karma. I think here the karma is LOVE. This time it seems god had mercy on love so that both the lovers are born as humans, as love is merely meant for human beings. Even god is confused to separate people so he created love to make ppl together n to keep up the burdens of love , he will make ppl reborn again n again. To add some spices n to keep the things under controll specially human,god created fate also. To play games with us.

Seconds passed,days passed,months passed, years passed,a century passed.
“Welcome to the new era.”

(I am directly going into twinj aftr thy r born n thy r nw in clg)


The time when Indians lost thr identity and were under the control of British government. All kingdoms lost thr ruling powers n just had a ruling title.

Place:Hotel Marina,Bombay.

The beautiful hotel is glowing with golden heavy sandliers in the night beauty. It was full of golden screens it didn’t lose its charm even it had been captured by British. Looked like a heaven full of candles n lovely music being played in a background.

Some laughs were heard at a table. Beautiful girls dressed in saree are celebrating birthday party.
(Saree was the casual of that time as u ppl knw)
Chinki: hey come on Princess, let’s celebrate ur 19th bday come on ohh god wrs the match box…
She was searching fr match box
Mahi:wait I wil ask frm waiter..waiter!!!!(she called out)

Waiter in a white full shirt n black sleeve less coat with a black tie n black pant comes thr. N gives a match box
Chinki lites the candles
Mahi: let’s celebrate princess twinkle

Yes the bday girl is twinkle in a blue Saree with golden embroidery her hair were free with curls she had a red blush on her cheeks n diamond earrings with a pink lips stick she was sooo simple n was beauty of that night.

Twinkle: wt princess always I am tired of it. I am away frm my place so that I can be free
Chinki: okk ne let’s celebrate I am hungry
They all burst out into laughter n when twinkle was abt to blew the candles some1 stopped
Voice: princess wait…..
They all turned to see the Waiter
T:wt happened? ?? She asked
Waiter: it’s nt a good sign of blowing off light on bday as it may darken our life also we should celebrate bday with lights so that our life will also be full of lights n happiness

All girls: ohhhhh hloooooo

Twinkle smiled.
She turned to cake n cut it wt hour blowing the candles she turned to Waiter who was abt to leave.
T: wait
Waiter turned
T: u knw me??
W: yes
T: how?
W: I am also from ghorakpur, I saw u many times in festivals. I knw u r the Princess of our place.
T: ohhh. …Urr name?
W: kunj…
T:keep in touch kunj
K: as u say princess

He bowed n left twinkle saw him with a broad smile.
They had fun n left the place.

I suddenly came out of my feelings when I heard the military horn fr assemble. My frnd arjun (arjun of naagin)came n shouted kunj!!! Come soon, I composed myself n went to the camp.

Army general: here it’s a peak time as the German n Italians are to arrogant n merciless get ready fr war at any time.

We did a salute n dispersed.
I joined army as I had no choice to live in wanted to dedicate this life to my love twibkle n to this country.
All I knew was it’s a world war 2 which remains fr ever in history as a black mark.

Precap: flashback twinkle n kunj n love story if them

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