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Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 24 by ROSH

Chapter 24:
As i saw twinj dieing I was shattered as I know what true love means I couldn’t controll myself as my eyes started to water miss love came to me.

Love: rosh, y ru crying? It’s a game played by fate again


As we were sad Mr.arrogant fate came to taunt us.

Fate: heyyyyy looser…
Love:but u r not a winner
Fate:ya u ppl can’t say that I am winner coz u hv lost naa..hahaha
Love:stop it, it’s nt the end.
Fate:still u r challenging me
Love: i will win for sure

As they were fighting god came thr
God:y u ppl r fighting?don’t u hv any work othr than fighting
Me: Mr. Fate is too much,he killed twinj for no reason.
Fate:ohh who? I killed them? Sry I have many things othr killing them
Me:then who will kill them? Othr than u
Fate:ask miss. LOVE
Love:yes I killed them
She said with he head bent.
I was shocked

God:i don’t know wt I ppl r upto but in this war between love n fate, only fate can win. I assure that.
Saying this god disappeared.
Fate:(with attitude n smile)see god is with me,as no one can go against me it’s me who can play with u.
Love:but u can’t play with me. I am immortal n pure. Now just get lost.

As she shouted fate went away. She saw me sad.
Love: rosh what happened?
Me: how can u do this miss. LOVE? How can u kill them?
Love: i have to dear as they can’t be together it’s a game plan of Mr. Fate
Me: what? I didn’t get u!!
Love: to make love fail Mr. Fate made kunj n twinkle in different species. U nly think hw can a mermaid n a man can live together. Fate made me kill our twinj. I nly killed them
Me:but ..
Love: wait n watch,they will have thr rebirth.

Saying this she kept a hand on my head n disappeared.i thought;

Me: ya…love is correct,she did right attest next time twinj can be together. Love is nt liking eo it’s being with eo n supporting eo. Living fr eo (eo=each other)

I am waiting fr them again…..ru guys ready ????


Precap: janam 3


So guys sry I am late,told na exam pressure, next 2 months I can’t be regular.

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Twinj:expression of love

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