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Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 18 by ROSH


Chapter 18:


Place: Atlantic heavy storms

The ship sank…kunj lost his balance n drowned in water. As he fell he became unconscious as he was about to hit a rock in the water,two hands wrapped him around n held him, yes it was twinkle the mermaid.

Twinkle was happy as well as sad to see him as she was happy to see him again but ever expected him in this stage.

Twinkle carried him to her private place inside the water into the deep sea,which was nly fr her.
As they entered a cave inside the deep sea,it was almost a sea bed.
The temperature was smewt warm thr,she made kunj to sleep on a rock bed. She saw him n caressed his hair with love.

(Imagine guys as it’s a ff anything can happen so imagine kunj in deep sea I knw man can’t live thr without oxygen,excuse being a science student I am writing such hilarious things,enough of my bak bak back to story)
T:wt if I want thr? Why u r soo daring my love.

She imagines what happened a few minutes ago.

As it was heavy storms nemo n twinkle were on the island nearby. It was a forbidden place as it was kilometers away from the shore, they were observing the nature’s horrible reaction. Nemo saw a boat n signed twinkle as soon as twinkle saw that ship she remembered leela something.

T:nemo,I have seen that ship,I think…..it’s of kunj nly…. (trying to remember)hmm…ya…it system him nly I remember well in island wr thy stayed I saw that ship….Oh god (panicked)is he stuck thr…cme nemo. We can’t leave him like that.

They both rushed to the place with much difficulty as it was a storm the waves wee too heavy but some hw twinkle managed to save him.

She come out of her flashback n eyes kunj lovingly who was unconscious. She places a kiss on his forehead n spoke softly.

Nemo came n signed her saying to treat him as he can’t stay long here as it’s nt meant fr living suitable for human.
Twinkle hurried up,she medicated him n took him back to the island wr they were a while before. She arranged everything for him.

Precap:kunj gains conscious n let’s see wt gonna happen….will he see twinkle??

Hope u all liked it….plz comment….it’s a compensation fr being late

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