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Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 15 (a mermaid story a new love starts)by ROSH

I wanna thank my faniky of TU first…
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Chapter 15:


Twinkle pov:
I was shocked to see that place. I just followed the music to see who it was. I saw a person holding some wooden thing in his hand, it had strings connected n music was coming frm it as he was moving his hands on strings.
(Obviously it’s guitar frndss as she isn’t aware of it)
I saw shining things all over (lights) n a table full of many different shaped things n bottles they all were drinking n eating them.

My mouth started watering as I saw them eating I wanted to try them,It’s all new for me as I never saw such things, I hugged nemo to thank her fr showing this world fr me.
Next day I again visiting that island again n again as I loved it a lot but one thing was pulling me thr again n again it was a boy.
A tall handsome gud looking boy, hs body was sculpted and most important his deep black small eyes was lovely, I wish I could spend rest of my life seeing those eyes n with a touch of his lips on mine.

He was the one who used to play that music which was soo cool n connected to my heart.
I don’t know what was happening with me but all I wanted was him. Only me n him in this world.
I observed him playing music(guitar playing), sometimes with ball(beach volleeyball)n sometimes with fire(cooking) he was soo lovely that he attracted me like anything only in one second I fell for him sooo lovely n cute he was.

(Twinkle is a mermaid so she isn’t aware of modern world so she couldn’t describe things properly)

Every girl wants a guy like him to spend her whole life.
But…….but…..I am…..I. ….can’t get him cause he is a human but I am not. I am meant only to be in water, ohh god why u did this with me?

End of pov.

With a tears in her eyes she left from the place n went back into deep sea.

Next day she didn’t went to see him as she was depressed completly. She cursed herself for developing feelings for him.


A guy iss seen sitting near the beach holding guitar n playing it.
He was lost in the beauty of this world, the sea, the blue sky greenery n all.
Another guy comes thr he is purvik. (Imagine purab of kkb)
Purvik:kunj come we have to leave.
(Yes it’s kunj twinkle used to saw him only, she loves him)
K:smething is thr here, I can’t leave this place i am too connected to this place.
P:wt? U r saying this…Oh God. ..
Remember ur words, u said that u wanna travell all over the globe.
Wt abt ur dreams fr voyage?
K:ya…man…I remember bt….
Hmmm….k leave we can’t stop here nly we have to finish this voyage naa..move I wil join u.

(Kunj wanna do a voyage thy stayed at island fr rest)
Purvik pov:
Wts kunj is saying?I never saw him like this,that to his words…smething is thr. Better I have to take him from here I can sense weirdness in his behaviour.

Kunj s pov:
I am able to sense some1 following me, two eyes r watching me i believe that those eye r beautiful it needs love not revenge from me. Am I sure? But who will be in isolated islands??

He was thinking fr longtime n finally left as he didn’t watch to stop on the way to reach his goal. He continued his sea voyage.

As he was going he had a smile that he was sure that he gonna see those beautiful eyes very soon he had a hope!!!!


So this story is being setup at the time when people were finding new sea routes. So here kunj is a sailor n our twinkle is a mermaid.
The connection thy had was water as he loved water voyage n twinkle s life was meant is water…will they meet???will miss.LOVE win???

Wait n watch.

Thing I want to say as I will give nice conclusion in my Os like this here also.

Message:for true love everything will support even this nature n panchabhutas(earth,air,fire,sky,water,as here water is making them meet)

Sry fr philosophy guys have a nice days ahead.love u all I knw u ppl r busy bt make smetime fr me tooo

Love u all
Roshini rockstar

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