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Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 14 (a mermaid story a new love starts) by ROSH

Hi frndss I am having the biggest doubt whether u ppl r liking my ff or nt coz I am getting nly 7-8 cmnts nly if u r nt liking plz tell I will stop it, I wont continue coz I am making sme time fr u ppl to put up my ideas if u didn’t get response means it hurts a lott so plz tell whether I have to continue or not.

In all my Os I will give one gud msg here also I am trying to give nice msg at last so plz do support me.


Enough of my bak bak na let’s get back into story…

With lots of doubts like she is a mermaid wt abt the kunj?hw they will meet?ohh. .god like u even I am also confused bt curious wait n watch…!! All ur doubts will be answered my lovely frndss stay tuned!!!

Chapter 14:
Place: deep Atlantic’s..

Twinkle whose half body is of fish n other half is girl,her long hair is flying in water n blue ornaments of sea shells matched her. Her tail was sparkling and she is seen busy playing with the fishes. She is completely surrounded by fishes nly.
NEMO fish comes n directs her to come with her.
(Coz I love nemo as I used watch it in my childhood)
Twinkle : nemo wr ru taking me? Is everything fine?
Nemo nods in yes.
(Though it’s a fiction story Its better if nemo won’t talks as it’s a fish naa)
Nemo just points in one way showing twinkle to follow her.
Twinkle followed the nemo.
Nemo took twinkle almost near the shore bt twinkle stopped.

Nemo saw that n returned to her n was signing her to come.
Twinkle:no nemo I can’t cross this water as per fathers conditions. He will say that humans are nt gud thy will harm us. I know u r taking me to shore bt i cant cross fathers rules.

Everytime nemo tried to bring twinkle to shore to make her sea the human world bt everytime nemo failed as twinkle was scared of her father as well as the cruel humans.
This time nemo was soo stubborn.
Twinkle:nemo y ru soo stubborn,plz come back naa…!!listen. Nemo I said noo….

Nemo without listening to twinkle started moving towards the shore. Twinkle initially denied bt when suddenly nemo got vanished in water twinkle was tensed n she went in search of her.

Twinkle was initially scared but she dnt want to see her frnd nemo in trouble so she went in search of nemo.

Twinkle s pov:
Ohh…god I have came too far from home but I can’t find nemo any wr. I wamt to take her back home orelse I knw she will be in trouble.
I am almost near to shore I must be carefull if anyone notices me then I wil be in trouble.

As I reached the shore I was amazed to see the humans…Oh my God they have legs…hw nicely they r walking. Hope I too was a human. These ppl r soo lucky.
Before I could think of anything I noticed nemo.
I dared to call him,immediately I swam as fast as I could possible to catch nemo.

Hufff finally I caught her. As soon as I caught her u shouted on her.
U idiot, do u knw wt happens if these ppl catch u…r u mad or wt, these days u r soo stubborn I will complain to dad about u…se coz of u I came far away. Come.

I could understand nemo s expressions,she knew that I wanted to see this world but due to my restrictions I couldn’t but some hw due to nemo I was able to see this world.
As I came to know she did it intentionally I just hugged her, she was happy.
She jumped from my hands n moved someway that means nw I have to follow her, she took me near to an island, as we were approaching near to island I could listen a sweet music.

As I looked up I was utter shocked n my jaws dropped, as i looked at nemo who was sooo eager to see my face.As i think so,she wanted to show this to me from many days.


No Precap.

Hope it’s long enough!!!

Friends ss I am nt ready to continue as I am doubting whether u r liking it nt…do cmnt n share ur views I am writing these in nights aftr my studies without sleeping so dnt I deserve huge number of cmnts.

UR Roshini rockstar

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