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Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 13 (a mermaid story a new love starts) by ROSH

Note:guys i am nt hqppy with ur respomse fr my story r u ppl liking it or not, i wamt to know feel free to share ur views n cmnt plzzz even silent readers ur one minute of time fr cmnting will encourage me a lott so plz do comment.

Damini ur story is awesome I am waiting do continue dear…lovely make it too romantic plzzz fr me


Get ready fr one more new love story…..Happy reading♡♡♡

Chapter 13:

●Place:Atlantic oceans

Even I (rosh)also felt bad fr twinj tragic end of love so I was roaming alone in the Atlantic beaches as I noticed LOVE standing thr, hope she is waiting fr me, as she wanted to tell me othr story of twinj n narrate u ppl by me.

I went to her she said,

♡♡LOVE ♡♡:
A new morning for love, a pleasant sunrise as sun rays r kissing the blue water of ocean.
Clear blue sky is reflected by the water with waves running towards the shore.
HI frndss I am miss .LOVE. join me
Come lets move into water,I am able to feel the chill Ness of water ohh…my legs r chilling bt nice, ohh heart is beating yaar as water level is raising above me body level.

Come on dive, guys Wear ur oxygen masks as I am taking u into deep sea.

Saying this LOVE dived into water.
Come lets follow.

(I will narrate a story in direct way only)

A beautiful deep ocean,I believe of new world exist in deep sea. It was all dark at first bt it was beautiful, as a school of small fishes welcomed me with a warm love. Beautiful corals, sea weeds,
Porifera n all.
(Imagine scenes of zindagi na mileage dobara)

I was mesmerized seeing all that as I was lost thr, miss love came to me.

Love:hey cone we have to go still deeper
(She signed as we can’t hear anything in sea naa, only sign language)
Me:still deeper, is it safe?
Love:ya come i will show u twinkle.

She dragged me.
I was shocked to hear twinkle is in deep ocean I was amused.
With lots of curiosity I followed her.

As I was shocked to see a beautiful mermaid ohh..my…god..do they exist?? I was shocked.

A beautiful mermaid of half women n half fish with blue tail n long hair with a necklace n blue eyes was sitting, yess she was twinkle only.
(See dp of story)

Me: bt wt abt kunj??
Love:wait n watch dear

With lots of doubts like she is a mermaid wt abt the kunj hw they will meet ohh. .god like u even I am also confused bt curious wait n watch…!!


Next epi will be posted tonight
Hope u all like it plz share ur views…
Do cmnt it means a lott

Roshini rockstar

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