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Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 10 by ROSH

Chapter 10:

Kunj saw his kingdoms flag on the fort of Italy n had a broad smile.
Kunj thinks,”I love u twinkle…I am cming.”



With much excitement n with thousands eyes of love kunj left to London to see his lady love.He was travelling from 2 days and still only 1 more day to see his love.

As kunj arrived at the palace he saw twinkle in her balcony waiting fr him with teary eyes. As usual his routine he climbed up her balcony to meet her as soon as he entered a pillow came flying towards his face n hit him.
K: ouch
T:idiot , don’t talk to me go…
K:I knw u r angry on me bt sry…it was an emergency. Let me explain u first.
Again one more pillow bt this time he escaped. And gave a faint laugh at twinkle.
K: I am the prince of France. A very good warrior,don’t show ur war tricks with me as I am very smart.
By giving one eyebrow look he smiled at her. Thupppp! !!
Another pillow hit his face.
T:ya…here the great warrior!!
Kunj made a puppy face to which twinkle laughed looking at him. Even kunj smiled to see her happy.
He ran towards her n held her shoulders n made her look at him n spoke softly
K:I waited like a mad person to see ur smile,u r addictive and I am addicted to u. I love u.
T:i love u tooo kunj.
They had a romantic eyelock.

Before kunj could proceed to kiss her,
He woke from his sleep. (Lol)

Yes kunj wa still on his way n was dreaming abt his lovely beautiful love.

Kunj thought, ohh…god she is driving me crazy like anything, though I am a prince n to be king of my dynasty all my weirdness n naughtiness can’t be hidden in front of twinkle. I will be myself with her. That’s y I love u twinkle.

With a lot of romantic things in his mind n lovely thoughts he reached London. But everything seemed different thr. Everything was changed in all aspects. Kunj couldn’t believe his eyes. For once he doubted that whether he reached other place.
He slowly made his way towards royal palace. Some function is going on in it. Whole palace was looking like a beautiful bride. Full of roses it was decorated.
Kunj couldn’t believe his eyes.

As he entered he heard someone s talks.
‘Today is the best day of this Kingdom as the Princess is finally getting married’one man said
‘Ya..from nw on we all will be happy as the kingdoms pride gonna increase now’other person said.

Kunj was shocked to hear all this.

Precap:kunj finally meets twinkle bt in very bad condition that to end of their lives.

Hope u like it….next epi will be posted tonight as I dnt want to keep u ppl in suspense…

Thankq all who cmntd love u…n keep supporting

UR roshini rockstar

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