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Twinj Reunite (OS)

Hi guys, my name is Fashion10. I actually do not feel comfartable telling everyone my name, but maybe in the future i will tell everyone. Anyways, I am I huge fan of Twinkle and Kunj aka SidMin, so i decided to write this One shot. This is my first Fan Fiction. So please don’t hate.Lets start the One shot.

Background Information: Rocky confessed that he is Kunj. Leela And Usha decided to get them married again.
A girl is shown looking at 2 lengha, and is in deep thought
Girl: “Why is it that every time Kunj comes close to me, I feel so uncomfortable?”
While she was thinking a woman calls her,
“Twinkle, Puttar come down.”
She comes out of thought,
“Ya ma, coming.”


The girl is revealed to be Twinkle.
Twinkle goes downstairs and she sees Leela and Bebe.
“Twinkle have you chosen what lengha you are going to wear on your shadi?” Leela asks
“No ma still thinking.”
“Twinkle your shadi is tomorrow and you still haven’t chosen which one to wear.”
“Ma, I want you to pick for me.”
“Why Puttar?”
“Because, I um- like both a lot” She lied.
“Ok, then I will pick.”
” Ok ma, I am going to go meet Chinki.”
“Ok, you go and meet Chinki.”
“Bye, ma.”

Twinkle goes outside and gets in the car.
” I have to find the truth out about Kunj” She says to herself.
She is about to back-out when she sees Kunj. He is coming out very suspiciously and gets into the a car. Twinkle decides to follow him. About 20 minutes after they reach a warehouse.
“Why has he come here?” Twinkle thinks
As Kunj gets out Twinkle hides behind a bush.
“I have to get to the bottom of this”
She sees Kunj going into the warehouse and she follows him. She went and hid behind a box. She sees Kunj talking to a person that is tied up, she couldn’t hear him so she went closer. When she went closer she couldn’t believe her ears or eyes.
“See Kunj today I won my challenge. I told you that I will make twinkle mine. See, now Twinkle is mine, we are getting married. I Rocky Singh will marry Twinkle.”
The person in the chair tied up is revealed to be Kunj.
Twinkle couldn’t believe what she saw Her Kunj is alive. Twinkle wanted to go and hug Kunj and tell him how much she missed him
“I made Twinkle believe that I was her Kunj, so your ma and Twinkles ma decided to get us married, now your Twinkle will be mine.”
Kunj’s mouth was tied up so he couldn’t do anything.

Once Rocky leaves his goons all decide to go out and eat.
After the goons leave, Twinkle comes out Kunj couldn’t believe his eyes. His Twinkle was in front of him. Twinkle went to him and untied him and took him to the car immediately. Once they got into the car they went straight home neither of them talked to each other. They finally got home and Twinkle helped him out of the car (Kunj was wounded). The whole time Kunj looked at Twinkle with love. They shared an eye lock as well. Twinkle took him to Sarna Mansion. Twinkle opened the front door. there Bebe and Usha were sitting on the couch talking.They turned to see who it was and they too could not belive there eyes, it was their son, their Kunj.

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