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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (42)

Episode 42
Twinkle was shown lying on hospital bed pale. Kunj was shown struck in traffic with some medicines of twinkle with him n he was hell worried for her.. he was comming back to hospital after freshening up n bringing meds for her..
usha n family was sitting in front of twinkle hospital room hoping for her to get well soon.. everyone was silent n was sad seeing their lovable n bubby girl lying half dead on hospital bed but there was no improvement in her health n just 5-6 hours are remaining..
they cant see her loosing.. usha was only crying like hell…
on the other hand uv n mahi conditions was same n they were waiting for kunj to arrive soon.. uv was hell worried about kunjs reaction after seeing his family here.. (he dont know about kunjs marriage)
he is still not able to figure out the relation b/w twinkle n his family.. he was disturbed by this thought also… he couldnt ask his family as no one is ready to talk to him.. he just just one hope in his life that is his wife mahi.. without whom he is noone..

After an hour..
Kunj arrived hurriedly n soon reached towards uv asking him about twinkles health without noticing the surroundings..
k- bhai.. bhai!! twinkle.. usse hosh aaya kya?? koi sudhar hus uski condition me..
uv was blankly staring at him..one the one hand n his family on the other hand who were sitting just opposite to them..
k- why are u silent bhai.. tell me.. is she okk//
he was not responding..
kunj became hell angry..
k- okk fine.. mat bataiyae.. m abhi usse dekh kar aata hu..
he was heading towards twinkles ward.. just then a hand stopped him from going forward..
that was none other than usha..
u- kunj.. (angrily) slapped him..
kunj kept his hand on his cheeek where his maa slapped him..
k- (muttered) maaa..
almost silent for few seconds..
k- maa aap yha.. (fumbling) kaise?/
u- how dare u kunj?? aab kya karne aaye ho yha..
k- maa m yha.. vo tw.. twinkle..
u- kya twinkle haa.. kya twinkle(again slapped him)
Itna sab hone ke baad aab usse marta hua dakhne aaye ho.. shaadi ke din chodkar gaye tab nhi socha uske baare me.. ki kya hoga uss masum si ladki ka.. kitne sawal uthayange log uspe ..
tumhe kuch pata bhi h ki shaadi ke pahle din ek pati apni patni ko chodkar jaaye to samaaj me uski kitni badnami hoti h.. par nhi tumhe kya fark padta h??
kyu aaye ho tum yha.. aab iss haal me bhi uska mazak udane aaye ho..
k- maa ye aap kya khe re h.. meri shaadi aur twinkle ka kya lena dena h..
she is my friend.. mai uske liye aaya hu yha.. infact mere hi saamne uska accident hua.. i got her admitted here.. par aap.. (intrupted in between)
manohar- ohh to ye sab tumne karaya h.. uss bechari bacchi ne tumhara kya bigada h..
k- dad ye aap kya khe re h mujhe kuch samajh ni aa ra.. (crying )
adi- ohh.. to aab tum itne anjaan ban re ho jaise ki tumhe pata ni nhi h ki twinkle hi tumhar so cold wife h..(almost shouting)
These words were just ringing in his mind..
he sat on the floor with thud.. n was just mummering..
k- (mummering) Twinkle my wife.. she .. she is my wife..
oh god.. to i m the sole reason for her unknown sorrow..
he was remembering her words when he was in her flat for a night..

tw- ha.. okk.. i rembember.. twinkle taneja jab kisi se promise kartii h na to fir vo mukarti nhi h.. get that..
k- ha pokk okk.. samajh gaya m.. now hurry up… (suddenly he realised something)
k- (himself) taneja.. she is taneja.. is she the same taneja.. no no kunj what are u thinking… but she was also from amritsar na.. but her name was to angel na.. kya soch ra h kunj tu.. how can she be her.. but what if its her only.. no no no… itna kyu soch ra h khud hi puch le na…
k- sun twinkle,
tw- ha sid bolo..
k- tu kha se h ,.. i mean..
tw- haaww.. u dont know.. from amritsar only.. punjabi pataka twinkle taneja.. beauty with brains.. (showing attitude raising her coller)

remembering this.. he thought..
k- its means.. she is teh same twinke taneja.. omg what have i done with this innocent soull.. maa was right.. agar emri shaadi zabardasti karayi gayi to isme uski kya galti thi..(thinking in mind)
All this while mahi n uv were shocked listening this..
uv n mahi-(in mind) that means twinkle is kunjs wife.. n we didnt get to know anything after spending so much time with her..
both were looking into each others eyes n assuring themselves that everything is gonna be alright…
they moved towards kunj to give him some strength but kunj was to out of mind for sometime..
u- lakin tum twinkle k kaise jante ho.. (to kunj n uv)
kahin ye fir se tum logon ka plan to nhi use koi nuksaan pauchane ka.. bolo.. batao mujhe..(crying )
k- he was just numb listening all this..
Mahi n uv were consoling kunj..
usha n family were blaming uv n kunj for all this..
in short .. a big chaos is created in hospital corridor…
Screen freezes on their crying faces…
haash.. done with this part.. hope u liked it..
i could’nt make it more interesting.. i thought to make is much nicer but didnt het d words to express their inner tourmoil..
but i hope still i m able to convey their feeling to u…
episode kaisa laga bataiyaega zarur…
bbyee.. see u soon..

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